Chronicles of Andy

11/22/2014 From the Notebooks of Prince Delwin

Radiance and the Zesh

Radiance looks to reconnect with the Zesh to look for Tir-Oberon. They figure it would take a few days, a few weeks.

Radiance at Flora’s

He then goes to see Flora who is talking with Llewella, she peps up Radiance, informs him of Yrho’s arrest, and says she will have to cut connections with Yrho formally, and to Llewella she will follow up.

Delwin and Amy

Amy Trumps me, I sense something on the Trump, go through to Amy, in the dungeons. I tell her about the feeling on the Trump; she Trumps me again, senses something,

Amy finds the Zesh

Pattern Lenses scans for it, then Abyss Teleports to follow it. She finds a Zesh nearby, to Forest Arden. They talk, she Abyss Teleports back.

Amy and Delwin at Benedict’s

Amy Trumps Benedict. He takes it (the squirrelly weasel), she mentions Tir-Oberon and he agrees to bring both of us through. Benedict is in a tent in the field, but it’s not lived in: it’s staged. We talk about the old days, Tir, Tir-shadows, Benedict’s copy-werewolf. Benedict promises to be available.

Darren and the shamans

Darren studies with the shamans in The Colony. They feel 75% certain he is affecting Vitae (shamans … how you can use probabilities in a non-deterministic universe with people who can shape it is beyond me). They have Darren try to shape something infused by Pattern (user – David) and it impedes his influence.

Darren, Sand, Delwin, Amy, and Meridian convene in Amber

Darren Trumps Sand and she brings him through to Amber. They see Meridian in the dining room where Meridian has been loading up on food.

I Trump Sand and she brings Amy and me through.

Meridian goes see Random to tell him about having the Zesh hunt for Oberon.

Sand, Amy, Darren, Meridian, and Delwin at Suhuy’s

Sand Trumps Suhuy. He arranges for more normalized reception space when he hears she wants to bring guests. Trumps again, brings Amy, Darren, Meridian, and me through with her. We sit and talk. Radiance Trumps me, Suhuy knows, “Can be prevailed upon to let him join” but Radiance bows out. Says to give Suhuy his finest regards and that he will see him soon.

Suhuy mentions it is a change to the pattern the reflected Shadows is in. And that the Eye of the Serpent was split in the four Jewels. And that the Eye must have created the four reflected Patterns.



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