Chronicles of Andy

10/25/2014 Adventure Notes (raw notes by Prince Delwin)

Just the facts

Meridian notices Yrho has a connection to the necrotic Vitae. “Leaking sad faces into the mana” and it seems two way. The way Osric gathers power, through Yrho? Meridian thinks Yrho might be able to diffuse himself in the Vitae even.

“Osric’s man” did the ritual to let Yrho take the higher initiation. Yrho met him early on. He was the one who introduced the bigger plan. Up until then it was parceling out bits of power. Then the plan of building the invasion force. Oberon was involved but not driving events before the plans for the invasion were executed. 25 years ago Oberon was around. Osric’s man first met Yrho in Thule. Other intermediaries first.

Go back to Amber, Sand Logrus encapsulated Yrho. Amy, Viktor help Dmitri interrogate Yrho.

We go down to the basement. Patty and Bleys with guards, relaxed, but paying attention.

Have Meridian set up a monitoring system. Hour or two. Spend the afternoon to tune it.

“Hey brother, how’s life?”

I talk to Osric, poke him many different ways.

I walk off. Catch a message from Osric. An imperious summoning, call for attention. Broadcast. It originates just outside the shield, though the shield interferes. It is a construct inside the rock surrounding the cell. Meridian finds a “passage” at right angles leading to Tir. In it a projection of Osric.

I pop out ten veils, I’ll Trump Sand to stay in touch and do differential time triangulation of the response message.

Meridian creates a shadows wide timing clock. Bleys goes out twenty veils. I Trump Sand, Bleys Trumps Meridian, Sand and Meridian touch each other.

Hour later supplicant’s reply, hour later hits me, hour later hits Bleys. Very close or an Amber mirror. Bleys goes to Rebma, I Trump through to Sand, have her open the Trump to Tir, go there.

I walk to the castle. Through a ghost town. People scared looking out of the window behind drapes. I Teleport into the Great Hall. People scream, “It is happening” and run. I drag one back with an Air spell, ask him. This is Oberon’s Tir and invader was Meridian earlier. I imply I’m worse than Oberon, ask him to be quiet, and let him go. He collapses.

I go down to the Pattern.

I’m still going there. The Dark Lord (Osric) is asking for an update on progress on the plans for his release.

Main thrust wasn’t working, energies they were going to collect did not happen, some of the allies were jettisoned. It’s not Tir, it’s not Rebma: Bright Pattern. I Trump Dmitri ask who is guarding Bright Pattern. Fiona, Cassidy, Kady. I go through to Sand. Meridian is Trumping Fiona. (Bleys stays in Rebma). Fiona brings us through. Meridian tells her how to scan for the Vitae. Fiona pops out. Kady offers to help: she is a sorcerer of sorts. Teleports away. Meridian scans as well. Three point triangulation. I cast the Bright Pattern Imprint scan and the Thule magical items scan.

My scan doesn’t show anything imprinted with Bright Pattern. No living things with it. I catch the Broken Pattern items. They all agree. Sand Trumps Meridian, brings him through. Fiona stays in Trump contact. I Teleport us 7’ above him, drop on him. Meridian hits him.

He rolls away, gets up, throws the cloak back. Nordic, looks like a dead, burned Viktor. He’s poised, waiting, drawing mana. Meridian flattens the mana. Little like Yrho, deeply enmeshed in the mana, more broad band. Sand cuts him off with Logrus. Fiona Trumped me and is in contact. He agrees to come with us. Fiona asks if we’ll secure him. Meridian steps into the Logrus bubble. Doesn’t want to give up his weapons. I get cranky about it.

His name is Viktor. When Sand says we have a Viktor and call him Viktor 2. He says it’s the other way around I’m afraid. Sand Trumps Random we captured Osric’s #1 flunky, to have security at the Trump-in room in 10 minutes and he’ll let Sand know.

Asks what message we want to send Oberon. “That I have a good understanding of the underlying realities and an idea of what he is trying to do. That we can do this at large and for everyone if he wants to work together.” “That will appeal: he thinks big.” “He thinks small: he is a Shadow.”

“Oberon introduced himself to Osric. Before Osric was imprisoned. All the way to the beginning.”

Random Trumps, asks for order of coming through, and description and build of prisoner. Meridian and the prisoner Trump through. We Trump after. Upon appearing the prisoner they are grabbed immediately. He is held by Gerard. They take him to a cell. Gerard strip searches him.

They were planning to successfully invade. Had ancillaries: blue dwarves, centaurs, werewolves (shadows of the Elders). Yrho and Oberon did experiment on the Andys, link to necrotic energy to bring it onto Rebma’s pattern. Others are stashed somewhere. Places all over. They are in Arden. I Trump Andy and let him know. He signs off and is running. Oberon is tough, fast, strong, reads situation well, took injuries without caring that would have taken me down. He is physical. He is material. Doesn’t use powers so he doesn’t leave a trace. No purpose to the invasion, just let it go as Osric intended, because he could handle Osric. His vision is not just thinking about the Bright Pattern, several things to turn things to his advantage. Not as dependent on the Bright Pattern. Says he is not dependent on Bright Pattern anymore: I walked the Tir. He says Osric said he walked Primal Pattern first.

I studied him. Compared to Yrho, Yrho looks much more like a construct, and Viktor2 is more like a person with a Bright Pattern imprint. Has Tir Imprint as well. He helped Yrho get through. Not much made it through. Instructions from Osric. He thinks Osric needed one of the Jewels (they correspond to the Patterns: Random has all of them). Relationship with Viktor: he is a reflection of me. Our Viktor took the Pattern. This Viktor started working for Osric before the scuffle with the Oleai.

I prep the cell to hold Viktor.

Ask how he thinks he would elude us. His shape is fluid, can go immaterial (needs mana). Side effect of Bright Pattern initiation.

I spend a day on the cell. Let Meridian know.

I Trump Random. He’s in his office, with Dworkin, who’s napping. I come through with Sand. Caine and Bleys sitting, talking, drinking. I join them, drink, catch up. Have some food brought up. Wait for Dworkin to wake up, with his favorite food/drink there.



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