Chronicles of Andy

Session Log 9/28/2013

End State:
Crisus: Soup
Amy / Dmitri / Radiance: Big reveal

- Radiance travels the Waves with the Oleai. INvestigating the strange energy of the WAves. He tours the place, takes some sample items and returns home. David remains non-committal but says they might teach him about Vitae.
- Dmitri has a mesage from Bleys & Caleth. He checks in on Caleth first. Caleth tells Dmitri about Caleth’s sire and the shadowy man that Caleth’s sire had met on another Shadow, noting that somethign was odd there. Dmitri trumps Bleys. Bleys says its time to get back in the game and asks for Dmitri’s help. Dmitri comes through to Bleys’ room. Bleys wants his hand healed, so they get started on that with the use of a magical item Bleys made. Bleys triggers off the talisman while Dmitri temporarily numbs Bleys’ fears and tells Bleys he can recover from anything. The treatment succeeds. Bleys’ hand is healed. Dmitri withdraws. Goes to his messages in Castle Amber. Finn, Random, Bleys. He discards Bleys’ letter, since he’s already met with Bleys, indicates he’s willing to meet with Finn and Random. Random contacts him first and pulls him through. They discuss Osric. Dmitri offers a bevy of informational spells around the cell. Jumps back to his own Shadow to get supplies, and then sets up his spells to check Power Soruces, sorcery, technology, everything.
- Amy puts together a timeline of Embassy Bombings and discovers an anomaly in the explosions. Asks Dmitri, who says its odd, but that they already noticed it. He mentions the Trumps and trinkets related to the bombing that the Ambassador has. Amy contacts Crisus and asks for them. Gets them. The identifying signature was edited out.
- Crisus caught sight of Caine. She tells Dmitri. Amy trumps back to her quarters and teleports to Makepeace Manor. She pulls Dmitri through outside the trump wards.
- Edward talks to his spies. Checks up on things.
- Radiance trumps home and finds Jack’s planted scare mines. He contacts Crisus who pulls through and finds Broken Pattern and PAttern on the mines. Crisus finds another proximity mine in the flowerbeds. She gets the landmine out and safe, leaves it with Radiance, and then contacts Amy asking what she was thinking using those on Radiance. Amy can’t keep from laughing, but says that she sold them to Jack, and she’s not responsible for what people do with her munitions. Radiance contacts Amy on the subject. She apologizes and said she didn’t know that Jack would use the mines on Radiance. Radiance contacts Random, makes small talk. Then they talk about deeper subjects including the Unicorn Horn, Osric, and finally Jack. Radiance asks if Random needs anything, gets an evasive answer. Radiance then complains about Amy’s prank. Random tells him that anything related to Amy or Jack should be resolved with Random present, and gets Radiance’s word that he understood and will abide by that decree. Random then gives him the True Trump that Radiance had made of the Horn of the Unicorn. Finally, Radiance leaves for his Castle Amber room. He trumps his people and asks if they saw anything on the surveillance replays. They found one person moving very, very slowly.
- Amy and Dmitri are at Makepeace Manor. They meet Lord Finn in the first floor study. He (Finn) says that MAkepeace had a dream of Dmitri in an obelisk in Chaos. Amy and Dmitri both recognize that Makepeace is one of the faces on the Trumps they were just studying. Amy blurts out something that tips off that they’ve got a Trump of Makepeace.
- After they leave the house, Radiance contacts Amy and asks if she wants to walk the Pattern. She says she could make time in the evening. Then Radiance suggests to Dmitri that he help with the Horn, using Amy as a power sink. Dmitri defends Amy as the device’s creator, but Radiance is adamant that she is culpable for what she created. Amy suggests that if they’re going to use her as a power sink, they ought to do it before she walks the Pattern. Dmitri says she shouldn’t plan on doing anything before or after it for a while. Amy says that they should finish the investigation first, then. Radiance investigates the Trumps retrieved from Crisus earlier. The Trumps are trapped to notify the card’s recipients, and oh, also, the Trumps are all disguises of Caine’s.



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