Chronicles of Andy

Entertaining quotes from 6/7/14

At least, Sand finds them entertaining

“Maybe I should study necromancy.” Delwin
“It doesn’t make for great birthday parties.” Meridan
“Come on, who doesn’t love zombie clowns?” -GM

“I’m gonna be a princess of Amber that causes a diplomatic incident in Rebma, it won’t be the first time.”
“It’s the first time IN REBMA.” Amy

“So we have this carefully crafted effect that’s going to just take out the one target, and now she’s going to nuke the whole Shadow.” Carisus

“Two Logrus masters crafting a bio-toxin to aerosol across the Golden Circle, why would that bother Random?” Sand
‘Best to be diplomatic.” Carisus

“I never accidentally depopulate entire Shadows.” Sand

“You took over the Vitae wave and turned it around, parked it in front of Amber Castle.” Sand
“Yeah, can’t everyone do that?” Darren

“Oh, I can trump Dad, now that I know I don’t have to jack off first.” – Meridian

“You should never accidentally erase Shadows.”

“No kill like overkill.” Amy

“It was free!”
“And worth every dime.”

“Your targets seem to have not combusted so much as… burst.”



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