Chronicles of Andy

8/3/2013 - Session Log

End State:
Jack: Guarding Master Makepeace
Amy: Bored.
Crisus: Initiating herself with the Horn

- Jack receives a large crate of rum bottle sfrom Radiance. Radiance comes through with the OTHER package. Everyone in Julian’s camp gets wasted. Jack’s men prank Julian’s men and then Shadow-Walk to the slaver Shadow. Jack stops them from using the rum, puts it at a crossroads, and they go to get kegs in town (leaving the rum as a trap). In town, he trades arrows for kegs and camp food. A caravan loads up the drugged rum.
- Radiance Trumps Crisus. They converse in the Embassy. Radiance returns a button left behind at the lunch. Asks what she thought of the performance. Asks if she’s seen the Zesh recently. Crisus mentions Amy’s peculiar Pattern. They converse for a while longer, then Radiance leaves. Crisus scans the button and then disposes of it at the docks.
- Amy begins searching for a dyer’s catalyst before meeting with Jordy. She flubs the meeting, showing no sense of tact or capable dissembling, and probably manages to offend Jordy as well. After that frustrating meeting, she experiments with the void inside the Broken Pattern, and then experiments with the dyer’s catalysts. Realizing she can’t possibly handle transport of catalysts from remote Shadows, she contacts Random and fills him in on what she’s been up to. She gives the location, while Random sends her after Gary, an eyewitness to the Embassy bombings, who is in Cauldron, an adjacent Shadow. Amy leaves for Cauldron by the Ways.
- Crisus’s mother sends her to pick up Dalt. Crisus meets an encampment at the Shadow that she had shunted him to in the previous session. The mercenaries in the camp are belligerent, but after deft maneuvering, she gets brought in, albeit wearing an ineffectual sorcery bond. She converses with Dalt and locates the demon seed in him, but can’t remove it. She contacts Mandor to assist. After Mandor performs the surgery and leaves, she chats and provides the troops with Chaosian wares.
- Jack scouts around the slaver Shadow, decides there’s nothing to do, so goes back to Julian’s Camp. There are 10 dead, 50 injuries, camp’s a mess. Julian advises Jack not to allow Radiance to deliver anything more. Lord Finn hires Jack to protect a Master Makepeace, an associate of Finn’s father.
- Amy arrives in Cauldron, flaunting her ability to teleport when she uses it to admit herself into a locked down city. She apprises Random of the situation, and then considers the Priesthood and what she ought to do.
- Dalt awakens Crisus. They discuss his contract with Chaos. He says he’s interested in talking, but that his desired payment would be tutelage in the Pattern. Crisus Trumps her mother to fill her in. Suggests engaging the royal family.
- Jack arrives at the gate to the estate of Master Makepeace. He meets the Master, and mentions what protections he has planned. He then examines the entrances and perimeter and begins setting up noise traps before Finn arrives. Finn has hired a Ward sorcerer as well, who works his craft. Jack takes extra precautions and ensures that not even he could break in without being detected. They work on response tactics for a few hours.
- Amy appears before the city in Cauldron’s Temple and demands an audience. She claims to represent Amber, and claims that Amber is displeased with Cauldron’s behaviors. She tells them to send a delegation to Amber within three days’ time. After that, she returns to her rooms, and then goes out to see what’s happening in the social circles.
- Crisus makes nice in the Amber social circles.
- Amy and Crisus discuss the trade of Amy’s goods in Chaos. Exchange pleasantries. Amy takes her leave. Experiments with the Flaw some more. A servant interrupts her, asking on behalf of the Seneschal if something is wrong. She asks if she should make the Seneschal aware if she’s going to do experiments. After a brief wait, the message returns from the Seneschal that she should use a basement laboratory, and provides Amy with a key. She continues her experiments down there.
- Jack makes conversation with Master Makepeace. He keeps a high level of alertness. He gets a sense in the night of a trump call of presence, and checks up on Makepeace, who is fine.
- Amy checks on the New Tokyo zaibatsu. Talks to church recorders. Talks to the Heralds’ guild. No progress on the first, dead ends on the other two.
- Crisus gets a message from Chaos saying Merlin is absent. She comes through to Merlin surrounded by Logrus tendrils with the Horn. They discuss other candidates for subduing the Horn, but generate no ideas. Finally, Crisus contacts Merlin and gets him to pull away. She then makes contact with and attempts to initiate herself with the Horn.
- Jack talks to a messenger asking Lord Finn to inspect the Wards. He reveals in conversation with Lord Finn that he has an affinity for Trump. Finn sends to Castle Amber for a consultant.
- Amy is that consultant. She makes several suggestions for how to improve the wards around the premises, provides a trump-dampening blue crystal, and leaves her contact information in case of further questions.



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