Chronicles of Andy

6/21/2014 Session Log

- After discussing a great deal of things over breakfast, for which they were joined by Radiance. They go to the Sahara, where Radiance makes a Trump watch of the area. He puts a shield over it so that it can’t be affected. He then makes Trumps of that pillar with an eye on it. He puts a bowl of lemon curd at the base as a part of the Trump.
- Meridian, Sand, and Amy go up to the Wave. Amy sets up the Pattern construct and they get going.
- Sand mines Amy for info about the Pattern Room floor. They also discuss the idea of Amy walking the Logrus. They get a ping that’s intermittent, so they stop the Wave and investigate. An older fellow with a beard and a wine glass. Sand greets him as Dworkin. Meridian considers the Destiny and discards the notion of killing him. Dworkin requests they ride him to Amber. Meridian takes him leaving Sand and Amy where they are on that Shadow.
- Meridian tries to collide Dworkin in the Wave with the Primal Pattern seconds from impact and then walks into the castle.
- Amy contacts Random to warn him Dworkin’s on the way.
- Sand Trumps Delwin to tell him Dworkin visited. They come back through to the Sahara and fill him in.
- Radiance attempts to contact both Meridian and Dworkin, but neither answer. He tries harder but nothing.
- They discuss the party Flora mentioned was going to Tir, they contact Random and go back to Amber.
- Amy leaves to go check on Osric.
- Sand arranges a meeting with Crisus via Trump.
- Delwin asks what Random thinks about the Dworkin situation.
- Radiance goes for a patrol around the castle by air. He warns Dmitri and also suggests that people might freak out because his dragon might look like a unicorn. He then goes to the courtyard and commands the bustling masses to move before pulling his dragon through.
- Sand is on her way to the cafe to meet Crisus when a giant unicornish dragon launches from the courtyard.
- Meridian puts up a magical sign saying Welcome Home Dworkin. He then flies up further and patrols.
- Delwin and Random go to investigate the Bright Pattern, along with Andy. Delwin suggests that they look at linkages from the Primal Pattern to the Fire Pattern. Random goes through his office to a Primal Pattern overlook. They discuss attunement. Random pulls up a chair and a stand for the Jewel and they look through the Jewel at the Primal Pattern. Delwin bends his will to get that in his head.
- Sand and Crisus off-screen.
- Amy finds Dmitri near Osric’s cell and she analyzes a data crystal from him of Osric’s activities. She examines the data and attempts to make sense of it.
- Crisus off-screen.
- Meridian arrives (finally) and lands in the courtyard. Nobody pays him much mind. He goes and gets lunch. Flora and a few others are there, such as Caine.
- Radiance opens a Trump to Meridian, who answers. Radiance asks where Dworkin is. Meridian is evasive. Radiance cuts contact and tells Random what Meridian told him.
- Meridian continues to the kitchens and gets lunch.
- Radiance continues his patrol.
- Sand came through to the Primal Pattern. It is super-awkward for her. Sand wonders aloud what would happen if she walked the thing. Random brings Sand a chair. They discuss Bright Pattern as Delwin works. Sand suggests using Logrus on the Bright Pattern to see what happens, she and Random discuss it. Random doesn’t think this would hurt anything they have a relationship with.
- Radiance continues patrolling as night descends. The Pattern-walking party goes to the Tir steps from Kolvir. Radiance flies over to them. Radiance trumps the dragon back to Castle Amber and tells Dmitri that he left him there.
- Dmitri leaves Amy to attend to that.
- Radiance sees lines drop from the sky. A person swings by and knocks one of the older Andies off of the staircase. Radiance engages in the fight, and saves a newbie, but the melee continues. Radiance steps up to engage the next one, but the werewolf keeps the other Amberites between them and Radiance. The older Andy is bleeding out, the younger Andy get thrown off the stairs. The werewolf jumps at Radiance and Radiance casts a spell, the werewolf dodges off the stairs and falls a good thirty feet safely, but he’s not attacking anymore… For now. Radiance shields the stairs to block it off. He gets the spell down, and the werewolf jumps, hits him, rends the armor as Radiance opens a Trump. He contacts Amy for help. She heals him, pulls through, and teleports to the stair. Amy unleashes some nasty sorcery at the werewolf, but it is resilient. It switches targets to Radiance.
- Radiance contacts Sand, explains, Andy overhears and demands to join. He pulls through.
- Amy teleports away to the dinner, grabs Meridian and teleports through.
- Meridian armors up, casts flight and goes up the stair to Tir.
- Sand comes through as Andy pins a werewolf with his bow.
- Amy teleports up to the top of the stair. Meridian joins her in moments. Meridian casts a tracking spell, but encounters weird resistance. Meridian runs off to check the Tir Pattern. Sand catches up and Amy hitches a ride with her.
- Meridian makes it down to the Pattern Room, which is deserted. Meridian returns to Andy, throws a shield up, and takes an imprint from the werewolf. Issues with that.
- Amy and Sand arrive. Amy realizes that she would kill him to remove the belt. Amy asks Andy if he wants the beast for questioning. He does. Sand reads him, and finds put more about the belt.
- Amy mind-links and gathers info, including a man in a black robe.
- Amy asks them to get Dmitri for full processing.
- Meridian forces through the gap and asks where the guests. Oberon is alive in where he got. He storms through and demands to see the King, then pushes past the guard. He heads to the throne room. The guards stop him in front of the throne room, but he overcomes/incapacitates them. The guards behind the door argue but Meridian casts an invisibility spell and goes by servant paths. As he walks through one of the sculleries, he hears that His Majesty has packed, so he goes to the stables. No horses are packed to go… His Majesty is likely gone. Meridian interrogates a servant and then flies in pursuit of His Majesty. He abandons pursuit after looking and pops back to Amber
- Delwin is working on attunement with the Jewel. When he focuses on the Pattern, he sees echoes of other places. He focuses on the other Patterns and how they interrelate. He discovers that if one Pattern were destroyed, it would destabilize the whole matrix. Osric’s overlay is not fundamental, but an overlay. Also, nothing is weird about Tir’s Pattern. He pulls out and trumps Sand, gets an update.
- Delwin explains what he found. They discuss the situation.
- Dmitri gets all the info out and gives it in a crystal to Andy.
- Sand and Radiance and Meridian leave to track the werewolf that left.
- Amy and Delwin are on the stair, discussing security.
- Sand tracks the werewolf by scent. Two blocks from the docks she loses the trail, but Meridian uses the Vitae to continue the trail. He realizes the imprint reminds him of something, but he files the thought away for later. He tracks the trail back to an inn, he circles around, but no trail leaving. Meridian gets hit by a crossbow so he abandons subtlety and enters. More bolts but he dodges them. He kills one of them as an example, but no one stops, so he and Sand kill them all.
- They break into a room in time for Radiance to block a trump gate opening, leaving three people stranded staring at a card. The werewolf springs at Sand and starts mauling her. Sand gloms onto his back and clings out of reach of his claws, and shifts into some decoy mass while buying time for Meridian to show up.
- Meridian shows up and engages the other two. He casts a vacuum on the armored one. He marshals the Pattern as a defense but does not succeed. The remaining one pulls two knives and engages. Meridian has a handy edge on this guy. Radiance appears, gets taken hostage, Meridian shields Radiance, the knife-fighter flees, Meridian pursues. The armored fighter recovers enough to get better.
- Sand morphs into mites and invades the werewolf’s body, so it starts clawing itself apart.
- Meridian chases the dagger fighter outside, and casts a darkness illusion around him. He slows down enough that Meridian takes him can take out a leg with a sword swing. He sprawls in the hallway, throws a smoke bomb. Meridian switches to Vitae, chases him, gets a really great hit in, and kills him.
- Sand shifts to electricity, and the thrashing stops as the werewolf hunkers down. She’s trying to break the belt.
- Meridian returns and engages the armored man. Meridian runs him through non-fatally (for now) and the man’s blood vaporizes. Meridian tells him to surrender or die. Meridian wears down the armored man and defeats him. After ensuring he’s not dead, Meridian pulls Amy and gets her to heal. Amy recognizes it’s Dalt’s crest.
- Radiance takes the werewolf captive in the cage.
- Amy heals Meridian and then takes custody of Dalt.
- Sand contacts Delwin to notify him that she captured the werewolf.
- They all gather in the situation room and start to compare notes.
- Radiance opens the tavern trump, the place is a mess but no one there.
- Amy starts combing through Dalt’s brain for details, after protesting.
- Delwin takes a look at the Pattern infused werewolf belt, which looks familiar. It feels like Oberon’s creation and less than a decade old.
- Meridian removes Dalt’s armor.
- Amy delves in and gets a bunch of information from Dalt, he was in collusion with the Thule invaders, by not much is there.

End state: Sand and Radiance went through one of the Trumps.
Meridian stuffing his face
Amy downloading.
Delwin supporting/peanut gallery.



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