Chronicles of Andy

11/22/2014 From the Notebooks of Prince Delwin

Radiance and the Zesh

Radiance looks to reconnect with the Zesh to look for Tir-Oberon. They figure it would take a few days, a few weeks.

Radiance at Flora’s

He then goes to see Flora who is talking with Llewella, she peps up Radiance, informs him of Yrho’s arrest, and says she will have to cut connections with Yrho formally, and to Llewella she will follow up.

Delwin and Amy

Amy Trumps me, I sense something on the Trump, go through to Amy, in the dungeons. I tell her about the feeling on the Trump; she Trumps me again, senses something,

Amy finds the Zesh

Pattern Lenses scans for it, then Abyss Teleports to follow it. She finds a Zesh nearby, to Forest Arden. They talk, she Abyss Teleports back.

Amy and Delwin at Benedict’s

Amy Trumps Benedict. He takes it (the squirrelly weasel), she mentions Tir-Oberon and he agrees to bring both of us through. Benedict is in a tent in the field, but it’s not lived in: it’s staged. We talk about the old days, Tir, Tir-shadows, Benedict’s copy-werewolf. Benedict promises to be available.

Darren and the shamans

Darren studies with the shamans in The Colony. They feel 75% certain he is affecting Vitae (shamans … how you can use probabilities in a non-deterministic universe with people who can shape it is beyond me). They have Darren try to shape something infused by Pattern (user – David) and it impedes his influence.

Darren, Sand, Delwin, Amy, and Meridian convene in Amber

Darren Trumps Sand and she brings him through to Amber. They see Meridian in the dining room where Meridian has been loading up on food.

I Trump Sand and she brings Amy and me through.

Meridian goes see Random to tell him about having the Zesh hunt for Oberon.

Sand, Amy, Darren, Meridian, and Delwin at Suhuy’s

Sand Trumps Suhuy. He arranges for more normalized reception space when he hears she wants to bring guests. Trumps again, brings Amy, Darren, Meridian, and me through with her. We sit and talk. Radiance Trumps me, Suhuy knows, “Can be prevailed upon to let him join” but Radiance bows out. Says to give Suhuy his finest regards and that he will see him soon.

Suhuy mentions it is a change to the pattern the reflected Shadows is in. And that the Eye of the Serpent was split in the four Jewels. And that the Eye must have created the four reflected Patterns.

10/25/2014 Adventure Notes (raw notes by Prince Delwin)
Just the facts

Meridian notices Yrho has a connection to the necrotic Vitae. “Leaking sad faces into the mana” and it seems two way. The way Osric gathers power, through Yrho? Meridian thinks Yrho might be able to diffuse himself in the Vitae even.

“Osric’s man” did the ritual to let Yrho take the higher initiation. Yrho met him early on. He was the one who introduced the bigger plan. Up until then it was parceling out bits of power. Then the plan of building the invasion force. Oberon was involved but not driving events before the plans for the invasion were executed. 25 years ago Oberon was around. Osric’s man first met Yrho in Thule. Other intermediaries first.

Go back to Amber, Sand Logrus encapsulated Yrho. Amy, Viktor help Dmitri interrogate Yrho.

We go down to the basement. Patty and Bleys with guards, relaxed, but paying attention.

Have Meridian set up a monitoring system. Hour or two. Spend the afternoon to tune it.

“Hey brother, how’s life?”

I talk to Osric, poke him many different ways.

I walk off. Catch a message from Osric. An imperious summoning, call for attention. Broadcast. It originates just outside the shield, though the shield interferes. It is a construct inside the rock surrounding the cell. Meridian finds a “passage” at right angles leading to Tir. In it a projection of Osric.

I pop out ten veils, I’ll Trump Sand to stay in touch and do differential time triangulation of the response message.

Meridian creates a shadows wide timing clock. Bleys goes out twenty veils. I Trump Sand, Bleys Trumps Meridian, Sand and Meridian touch each other.

Hour later supplicant’s reply, hour later hits me, hour later hits Bleys. Very close or an Amber mirror. Bleys goes to Rebma, I Trump through to Sand, have her open the Trump to Tir, go there.

I walk to the castle. Through a ghost town. People scared looking out of the window behind drapes. I Teleport into the Great Hall. People scream, “It is happening” and run. I drag one back with an Air spell, ask him. This is Oberon’s Tir and invader was Meridian earlier. I imply I’m worse than Oberon, ask him to be quiet, and let him go. He collapses.

I go down to the Pattern.

I’m still going there. The Dark Lord (Osric) is asking for an update on progress on the plans for his release.

Main thrust wasn’t working, energies they were going to collect did not happen, some of the allies were jettisoned. It’s not Tir, it’s not Rebma: Bright Pattern. I Trump Dmitri ask who is guarding Bright Pattern. Fiona, Cassidy, Kady. I go through to Sand. Meridian is Trumping Fiona. (Bleys stays in Rebma). Fiona brings us through. Meridian tells her how to scan for the Vitae. Fiona pops out. Kady offers to help: she is a sorcerer of sorts. Teleports away. Meridian scans as well. Three point triangulation. I cast the Bright Pattern Imprint scan and the Thule magical items scan.

My scan doesn’t show anything imprinted with Bright Pattern. No living things with it. I catch the Broken Pattern items. They all agree. Sand Trumps Meridian, brings him through. Fiona stays in Trump contact. I Teleport us 7’ above him, drop on him. Meridian hits him.

He rolls away, gets up, throws the cloak back. Nordic, looks like a dead, burned Viktor. He’s poised, waiting, drawing mana. Meridian flattens the mana. Little like Yrho, deeply enmeshed in the mana, more broad band. Sand cuts him off with Logrus. Fiona Trumped me and is in contact. He agrees to come with us. Fiona asks if we’ll secure him. Meridian steps into the Logrus bubble. Doesn’t want to give up his weapons. I get cranky about it.

His name is Viktor. When Sand says we have a Viktor and call him Viktor 2. He says it’s the other way around I’m afraid. Sand Trumps Random we captured Osric’s #1 flunky, to have security at the Trump-in room in 10 minutes and he’ll let Sand know.

Asks what message we want to send Oberon. “That I have a good understanding of the underlying realities and an idea of what he is trying to do. That we can do this at large and for everyone if he wants to work together.” “That will appeal: he thinks big.” “He thinks small: he is a Shadow.”

“Oberon introduced himself to Osric. Before Osric was imprisoned. All the way to the beginning.”

Random Trumps, asks for order of coming through, and description and build of prisoner. Meridian and the prisoner Trump through. We Trump after. Upon appearing the prisoner they are grabbed immediately. He is held by Gerard. They take him to a cell. Gerard strip searches him.

They were planning to successfully invade. Had ancillaries: blue dwarves, centaurs, werewolves (shadows of the Elders). Yrho and Oberon did experiment on the Andys, link to necrotic energy to bring it onto Rebma’s pattern. Others are stashed somewhere. Places all over. They are in Arden. I Trump Andy and let him know. He signs off and is running. Oberon is tough, fast, strong, reads situation well, took injuries without caring that would have taken me down. He is physical. He is material. Doesn’t use powers so he doesn’t leave a trace. No purpose to the invasion, just let it go as Osric intended, because he could handle Osric. His vision is not just thinking about the Bright Pattern, several things to turn things to his advantage. Not as dependent on the Bright Pattern. Says he is not dependent on Bright Pattern anymore: I walked the Tir. He says Osric said he walked Primal Pattern first.

I studied him. Compared to Yrho, Yrho looks much more like a construct, and Viktor2 is more like a person with a Bright Pattern imprint. Has Tir Imprint as well. He helped Yrho get through. Not much made it through. Instructions from Osric. He thinks Osric needed one of the Jewels (they correspond to the Patterns: Random has all of them). Relationship with Viktor: he is a reflection of me. Our Viktor took the Pattern. This Viktor started working for Osric before the scuffle with the Oleai.

I prep the cell to hold Viktor.

Ask how he thinks he would elude us. His shape is fluid, can go immaterial (needs mana). Side effect of Bright Pattern initiation.

I spend a day on the cell. Let Meridian know.

I Trump Random. He’s in his office, with Dworkin, who’s napping. I come through with Sand. Caine and Bleys sitting, talking, drinking. I join them, drink, catch up. Have some food brought up. Wait for Dworkin to wake up, with his favorite food/drink there.

9/27/2014 Adventure Log (with notes by Prince Delwin)
Foiling the last of Tir-Oberon's Thule-related plots and picking up his no longer useful pieces

Saturday, September 27, 2014 10am-4pm @ Cort & Rodney’s

Amy Meridian Radiance Sand Delwin Victor

I supported Dmitri (he’s a psionic, only a Epic-class D&D-style mage, the piker: these current-day family members are so … small, so self-limiting) searching Bleys, Fiona, Caine, Amy, Henry’s personal rooms as their wards on them blocked my scan for the casings of the necrotic energy batteries.

We started with Caine’s quarters. Dmitri used a Pattern-style mental construct to unlock the wards and sent in a servant. There was a click, Dmitri pointed and the man froze. Dmitri has another man drag the frozen one off. I scanned and found no necrotic energy, no casing. The place looked typical for Caine: trap triggerss, tripwires, pressure plates, and more. Considering the number of Caine’s shadows involved I decided to search thoroughly (and, honestly, Caine being his usual little snitty one-upping ass earlier had nothing to do with it). I cast a spell to summon and control water: it’s like someone set off a high pressure sprinkler water hose. There was a large number of clicks and darts flew out of various places, a large, make that a very large, pile of sand dropped down, poisonous dusts billow up. Considering the better part of valor, I have Dmitri have his men search Caine’s room.

Radiance had been working on one of his major endowment events at his mother’s urging. Once he was done with that he spent some time preparing Trump traps to bring with him.

Meridian went to check out the two spots in the city he could not scan into. He went out to the first place, a warehouse near the docks, punched out the lock with two punches, and found one of the necrotic batteries. He took it into a Vitae Wave aimed for an empty Shadow (as in, no life he recognized as intelligent) and detonated it. He went back to Amber and Trumped Random, to let him know where he found it and that he detonated it, though, to Random’s question, not actually where.

Meridian found the other empty space at a mansion in town. It was owned by one of the families involved in the conspiracy. Meridian went up to the gate: the guards asked for papers. Meridian Trumped Random and asked if he needed papers. Random informed his as to the actual status of the Royal family, but, in case Meridian was uncomfortable, to provide some sort of “papers” for the plebes. Random sent through a Lieutenant of Amber’s Royal Palace Guard. Meridian told the guards they would let him in or he would kill them as the guard watched. One of them ran. Meridian shouted to him to stop, and when he didn’t, hit him with a throwing knife, without killing him, then chained him down. Meridian walked up to the door, but nobody opened it, though he heard voices. He drew his sword and cut a square opening into the door. He told the people inside to put down their weapons. They told him they were guards, set there by Lord Sadeem and put on high alert, to guard the Estate of lord Sadeem. Meridian told them about the bomb. He scanned and found the warded space in the basement. He went there and found the place warded, warded quite well: the ward was set to electrify the room, and notify someone. He figured it would take 15 minutes to take down, so he sent the guards away (he told them to go a mile away). He had the Lieutenand of the Royal Palace Guard evacuate the surrounding area. Meridian put up a Shield spell while working on the wards, going for speed taking it down, even if it took down someone inside.

I started going through Caine’s stuff. He was old school: no papers of note, but I find lots of Trumps, including two sets of decks of Shadow Caines (only Caine … he’s a one-trick pony when it comes to “disappearing” but a remarkably sneaky shit). I tucked all the Trumps away.

The rest of ’em we did nicely. I Trumped Amy to ask her to take down the wards on her room. Sand was getting concerned and Trumped Meridian, but there was no answer. Sand dove out of the window in the hallway, Shapeshifted and flew up to scout the city.

Amy took down the wards to her room and we checked it: no necrotic energy, no battery.

Dmitri took down the ward on Henry’s quarters with his passkey trick and found there was another ward behind it (it’s funny, it’s almost as if people didn’t trust Dmitri with the key to their wards …). I checked out the ward: it was just an alert, so I walked through it, activating it, but not suffering any ill effects. I check the room: tediously tidy, with no room to hide a battery. There was no necrotic energy either. When I walked out Dmitri was in a Trump contact, sort of apologetic, and said next time he’d let him know. I figured it was Henry, complaining.

I Trumped Bleys, explained the situation and brought him through. Bleys walked over, deactivated his wards and showed us his room. We found no necrotic energy or battery.

Viktor and Amy went down to check on Andy and Osric.

As we walked up to Fiona’s quarters, Bleys tagging along, I Trumped Fiona, explained the situation and she told me she gave me (she emphasized that) personal access. I tell everyone that Fiona provided access and walk in (but Bleys, obviously neither a current day member of the family, nor fallen on his head since I last saw him, doesn’t walk in with me. Pity. It would have been funny to see what Fiona’s wards are like). I check her room, but find no necrotic energy or battery.

In the meantime, Meridian took down the wards and cut his way into the secured room. He didn’t find necrotic energy or a battery, but tons of paperwork and Broken Pattern weapons. Meridian was shuffling through his Trumps as Sand Trumped him, still in her Shapeshifted flying form. They talked and exchanged information. Dmitri asked for the bureaucratic sorceror (Sand figured that was Dmitri). Sand went through the list of families she had investigated until Meridian recognized the name Sadeem. Radiance was riding one of his black dragons around Castle Amber when he noticed what’s going on around the manor of House Sadeem. Radiance noticed an expanding circle of ectivity spreading out from the estate of Lord Sadeem. He swooped down and interrogated the Lieutenant of the Royal Palace Guard as to what was going on. He was told Lord Meridian had said to evacuate the area because of an explosion and that Meridian was in the basement of house Sadeem. He told Radiance they had evacuated to two blocks away. Radiance put a shield over the whole house. Meridian recognized a shield spell and recognized it was Vitae-backed. Meridian Trumped Radiance. They too talked (we really need a Trump bulletin board or Trump selective broadcast ability). Radiance stopped the evacuation and had all the Sadeem folks arrested and sent to Castle Amber. Sand stayed to take care of the estate and send the paperwork through to Dmitri. Meridian Trumped to the castle to look for Delwin.

Viktor Trumped Random to ask what is going on. Random told him his last info was that Andy was in the basement but not at the dungeon talking to Osric. Viktor asked if he should take care of Viktor permanently. Random explicity said no, that he was concerned Andy would get himself in trouble with the sorcerous wards around Osric and that Viktor might want to use his area of specialty (Warfare) to try and kill Osric as that would drift into Osric’s area of specialty (Necromancy). Viktor and Amy heard shouting. Amy Teleported them down. Andy was shouting at Henry and Patty (sp?) that he wanted to go in and tear Osric’s head off. Amy shuffled Benedict’s Trump into her front pocket. Viktor used his command voice to tell Andy to come upstairs to a conference room and talk this through. Andy went up the stairs. Amy checks the wards: they were unchanged. Henry said he and Patty walked down with Andy and the wards had not been touched. They all followed Andy up the stairs and went to Conference Room #6.

Andy said Rory and Tony (sp? two of the five abducted ones, one child of Andy – he raises them one at a time – two grand children and two further down) were found dead in Rebma at the Pattern. They had been zombified and were puppeteered, to what end nobody knew. Andy suggested a group mind rape of Osric or using that Osric can’t die and torture it out of him (very out of character for Andy: he sounded like my siblings, I mean any of them, even Gerard on a mediocre to bad day, would go that way: pick a sibling, any sibling).

Dmitri was taking large amount of papers by Trump from Sand, who then went searching for Lord Sadeem. I Trumped Meridian who was two hallways away. We exchange info, decide to hunt Jonathan. We needed a Trump artist, so I ask Meridian to come over. I Trumped Radiance and asked him to help, and suggest he put the dragon away to avoid trouble with Meridian then Trump me. Radiance landed in the court yard of Castle Amber, gave the dragon to the servants of the stables to take care of. The dragon was not happy and sensed other dragons he wanted to check out (I think Dmitri’s dragon force?). Radiance took a scale from the dragon and sent the dragon to his cage back at his home. Radiance went in and found us feeding ourselves (“preparing for a fight” as we call it, and really, it was a toss up between that, drinking, and insulting family members, which really covers 99% of the entertainment in Castle Amber). Radiance gave the scale to Meridian as a gift, when Meridian asked if the dragon gave it, Radiance said so, when Meridian asked if Radiance asked (the dragon presumably), Radiance said yes (the boy’s gullible and not a little bit).

I hand Radiance one of the two duplicate stacks of Shadow Caines Trumps. Radiance tried to get an impression. They were made by Caine and they were locked to avoid getting people an impression. Radiance thought he couldn’t remove the lock and get an impression without using it to get the impression from the target person or place. Caine had personalized the Trumps to make them not transferable. The Trumps were quite well made and it seemed no significant effort would be needed to use them (to allow mundane Shadow people to use them?). Radiance thought Caine would be at least aware we use them, maybe even able to listen in. Dmitri overheared us talking and said Caine’s talking to Random: apparently he’s pissed (teach him to try and get one over on his betters).

Radiance extruded a Trump dart to bring the target here and started the contact with Jonathan. Meridian and I went into the contact to help. It was refused,w ith a surprising amount of strength, definitely blocked by the target, a well-educated refusal. We pushed back, nothing terribly trixy: Radiance brute forced it, quickly wearing him down. Then Jonathan got reinforcements from outside the connection. It was a truly shocking level of strength. Meridian and I started pushing. And, never one to not use overkill when it is available, I asked Dmitri for help, then I asked Bleys for help. Bleys suggested it might be a trap, and had Meridian drop out, so he’d be available for physical protection, and Bleys helped. We started pushing through as they tried as hard as possible to disengage. Radiance figured we could not push through in time. Meridian sent a servant for Amy to help, I sent another for Viktor, to relieve Meridian from his physical protection duty so he could join in again: he may be gullible, or naive rather, but he has good raw power. Amy Teleported to us and helped out (good power! her raw power put her well beyond Dmitri). Viktor took the Trump trap dart and Meridian told him to hit the person on the other end of the Trump contact with it. We pushed through and find Jonathan falling, surprised he no longer had a contact. Viktor punched him, Meridian pulled himself through the contact to Jonathan. Viktor threw the dart, trying to kill Jonathan … (note to self: next time don’t leave it to Meridian to brief people) Fortunately he could only hit Jonathan in the front of his throat. Jonathan appeared in the hallway and Amy threw a Healing spell on him.

I asked Dmitry and Amy to scrape Jonathan’s mind to find who was helping and where the necrotic bomb was at. Amy held down Jonathan’s mind down, as Dmitri poked about in it, while Viktor used his Negotiation skills to ask Jonathan about it to trigger stimuli. Jonathan said he had been thrown under the bus by Oberon and he was sick of his ploys. He asked for asylum and mercy. I grant it (I figured it wasn’t necessary to mention I actually never swore fealty to Random as king of Amber and it has no standing beyond my personal protection, and of course asylum in my realm. Still, I’m certain I can get Random to back me up on this one). I asked Jonathan to tell us. He tells us what he knows, as verified by Dmitri. He told us Oberon wanted to release Osric to do something with the patterns. He had this multi-pronged attack and we blunted the two prongs. Oberon was currently improvising, likely off of personal backup plans. He told us about the necrotic engine in the warehouse district. I thank him, not acknowledging we had found it already. He told us the second engine was being smuggled to shadow of Imnahof (sp?) to the bug people. I asked him to check the Trumps to see if he recognized any. He does: “You got The Shadow. Cinder (sp?) sort of a resource, not in great shape, tied to his life support apparatus. Supposed to look out for Jack: he’s on a killing spree, and we’re his favorite targets.” Jonathan got involved after being contacted by an agent of Osric’s, one of Oberon’s subjects. He set up supply runs for his allies and built up an organization in the city. I ask about his abilties, seeing if there’s anything related to pattern manipulations. He said he has some mechanical stuff in his head and one eye, some sorcery mechanical necrotic components enhancing him, that between them made him immune him from environmental difficulties (breathe, eat). The mechanical stuff was Bright Pattern necrotic infused, the work was done by Yrho, Flora’s husband. He’s with Oberon. Yrho was more an apprentice, providing Bright Pattern imprints. He used to work with Osric (really? the one my dimwit brother the king says is safely tucked away in the basement dungeon cell, say it ain’t so, bro!), but these days Oberon told him how to use stuff, and Yrho just does the work. Oberon was not using his own pattern abilities. Oberon had several of the werewolves with him, one was a shadow of Benedict and “scary.” When we Trumped him, Jonathan had there: Oberon, Yirho, Benedict-werewolf, Carl-werewolf (not as scary as Benedict, but serious trouble), Ranger Caine (path finder, main go-between Nazis and Osric’s people).

Meridian turned around on the stairs that Jonathan was falling down. He saw closing Trump connections, faintly. Meridian was still in contact with Radiance, and brought him through. Radiance tried to recognize, trace, track the Trump contacts. Meridian ran off to check out the area: it was an underground, dug-out warren. Meridian went out and saw guards up high watching him. Meridian went back in, turned himself invisible, moved out, flew up. The guards were ceremonial ape people (name? Silver Circle Shadow), in groups of three or four per platform. Meridian knocked one out, disabled the rest of them all: the really were not martial capable. Meridian Trumped Delwin (I know Meridian needs to be sexually attracted, perhaps excited, by the target to use a Trump – thanks Viktor – and he Trumped me twice in short order …) and sent through the unconscious ape creatures. I recognize them: they’re from the Shadow, now in the Silver Circle, Oberon had me do the unusable Shadow Path. They don’t like me much (okay, in fact they refer to me as The Dark Lord) for the change, and the subsequent invasion of microbes, changed their culture and shapes it to the current day. Meridian scrapes the site, collecting biological samples as he’s heard that some people can do something with that. He even takes a sample from the toilet (my sister’s going to be … considering Meridian as a special project). Radiance could not get anything on the closing Trumps. The place had no artwork, no pictures, no personalization of any kind, no personal effects: very much, am on the lam feeling. Radiance sensed no use of Vitae, only very faint Pattern traces of very powerful Pattern artifacts here recently. Tir’s pattern, likely the Tir-Pattern infused belts the werewoves use. Radiance Trumped both of them back to Castle Amber.

Delwin, Amy, Viktor, Meridian, and Radiance discussed the info about Yrho. I shared that Tir and the Bright Patterns were overlaid, not changed, and that Amber’s Pattern does not look damaged, as least as seen from the Primal Pattern through the Jewel of Judgment. Amy shared that Osric was more active at full moon and pulled in power when people aren’t watching (wonder how she knows then …). I told them Jonathan told us the other bomb was being smuggled to Imminghoff (sp?). Sand came strolling in. She had been investigating the resource network behind the invading force. House Sadeem had been pulling the strings for the last thirty years. Jonathan, and the Clacks (sp?) from Imminghoff (sp?) had been his favorites. Lord Sadeem and staff left at the beginning of the invasion and Sand had been unable to find him. I brought up the bad thought that the “Tir Oberon” could have been the real Oberon, either not died on the Primal Pattern as thought, or died and interacted with the Bright Pattern and is like Osric. Which is why he wanted Osric, to put all Patterns on the same level as the Bright Pattern, or to take Osric’s place in relationship to the Bright Pattern, or both.

Meridian set up a new Vitae Wave scan, he wove in the search for necrotic energy and I wove in the sympathetic magic search for the Thule cases. Meridian started the wave in Amber, we found nothing there. We moved through the Golden Circle, found nothing in all five (count?), then the Silver Circle, found nothing in the first two, nothing in the outermost Miraway (sp?), or the three after that. We get a ping in the Shadow I built a Shadow Path to from Imminghoff (sp?).

Meridian manoeuvred the wave to near the bomb and dropped us in the Shadow. Amy Teleported over to the necrotic bomb, opened a largish gate to the Abyss and dragged the bomb into it. A moment later, Amy steps back out without the bomb. I Trumped Random, to tell him we found the second bomb in the Clack (sp?) Queen’s Chambers (I figured I’d give him a chance at doing the right thing, show some balls, be all kingly, and mostly, so I have someone to take the fall in case I need it). Random said to find the extent of the tribe and its involvement and to prune the involved tribe(s) root and branch. Meridian asked the queen. She said she was doing it because the Lord Oberon commanded it, and that, even against Amber, worship of him superceded all other loyalties. She gave the tribe’s name (which I store in my memory), and after some pause, the queen said not all serve Lord Oberon with the required devotion. She said it was only her clan that were that devoted and that they would now sacrifice themselves. I hang up on Random and relay the essence of his communication. Sand reaches out with Logrus Tendrils and cut loose the ovipositor from the Queen and attacked her with Logrus tendrils. I cut away the Shadow Ways to the shadow, and started working on the Shadow Path to Imminghoff, but it was well made (fuck me! next time I build a Shadow Path I’m building in a back door to toast the puppy fast). Meridian summoned a Shadow Army that didn’t seem to affect the Clacks (sp?). Radiance Trumped twenty feet over the queen, dropped an Abyss dart (Trump Trap to the Abyss) that missed the queen and hit Sand’s Logrus Tendril, which cut off. Radiance dropped more Abyss darts until he hit the queen and dropped her into the Abyss (I like Radiance, apparently, like me he feels there is no such thing as overkill: just dead and insufficient force used). Viktor waded into the Clacks (sp?) and fought them hand to hand, piled them up around him, and the Clacks (sp?) separated him from the rest of the party, a wall of dead bodies building up around him. The Clacks (sp?) are simply wearing him down by sheer massive numbers. Amy Trumped Viktor, accepting it distracted him a bit (he might have been hit even!), then left the Trump open, so Viktor could receive Healing magic from Amy. Viktor still ended up at the bottom of a pile of corpses until Meridian shouted “Category Five” and cast a hurricane to clear dead ones around Viktor. I’m getting fed up with this (and we need to make an example of these, old-style Amber that is). I cast an Air Ward around us, then started Editing the Shadow to remove oxygen from the air. Radiance and Viktor came into the ward. Radiance cast Change of Scenery (an illusion) of a ring of fire expanding to hold the Clacks (sp?) back a bit. After two minutes or so all the Clacks are down. Sand checked how long they’ll last and figures a bit more than a man, but a few more minutes will kill them. I kept at it, to drive the change to expand to the whole Shadow.

Amy Trumped Random to tell him the involved Clacks (sp?) had been pruned. Random instructs her to get the name of the tribe to Dmitri, and some bodies as well. Sand identified the priesthood by their shoulder plating. Meridian read back the impressions out of the Vitae. Radiance looked for any eggs, but none survived Meridian’s tempests. Meridian saw the tribe’s happiness at their religious fervor being rewarded. The hive moved in here just before the invasion, through the Shadow Path.

Along the way of discussing what’s next, Radiance offered he had a Trump of Yrho. We talk about another Trump mass assault and Radiance opened up the Trump. There was no answer: Radiance said it felt like a dead or inactive Trump.

We decided to wrap up this round. Radiance sent the Clacks’ (sp?) unique for their senses artwork to his castle. Then we all Trumped back to Amber. We found Jonathan, still in the room with Bleys, snacking. I asked him if he knew where Yrho was. He said he didn’t know where the others went, but that they were in running for their lives mode. They used some prepared stuff. Osric’s main man was a “shadowy man” who was disguised and never saw him with anyone, only by himself. Jonathan provides addresses of all their safe houses in the city, all the people in the minor houses involved. He was only involved until they were deeply enmeshed with the conspiracy. It seemed Yrho was working for Osric. We sent Castle Amber guardsmen to secure all the houses in the city and have all members of the minor houses involved arrested and brought up to Castle Amber for Dmitri to dig through (okay, I was fed up with the half-assed pansy way the family’s dealing with this and pushed for it).

The rest of us decided to go and push a Trump contact on Yrho (okay, we may have had some food and drinks first). I innocently asked Bleys if his sister would want to help kill one of Flora’s lover (okay, I admit it, I think Fiona’s really handy to have around if you want to fry someone’s brain). He said she would: Fiona hated Yrho, for he was a pest, always asking questions. As we’re waiting, I created two more of the Pattern imbued shuriken Viktor used (few minutes) and Radiance created a Trump trap dart to this room. I asked Dmitri to send some serious family (as in non-Andies) down to guard Osric’s cell. I even Trumped Random to give him a quick update (and did I get brownie points for that? Hah!).

But then it was time to do the Trump deed. We all joined forces and pushed, and still got no contact. Radiance thought a barrier perhaps or a place where its nature that doesn’t let connections form. Radiance felt there was a texture to it. Radiance goes into funky chicken mode and over the next eight hours run through every possible permutation of thinking inside the box, outside the box and ends up “trying everything.” He ends up being “65% sure it’s a condition of the place” and “65% sure it’s not a change in the target.” (That was something! Actually, all kidding aside, I mean, you try and hold a fucking Trump contact for eight hours, it meant Yrho was alive, hadn’t become a Trump monster and did’t have others around to help block him. It was enough: places and natures, well, the family sort of specializes in that).

Amy and I walked the Patterns in our Mind, separately, not connected. Then Sand took hold of both of us with a Logrus Tendril. Amy aimed for “the Trump-blocked place that hides Yrho,”" and I aimed for “where the other end of the Trump connection is meant to connect to.” We then instructed our Patterns in our Mind to send us. We both disappeared, Sand’s Logrus Tendrils didn’t stay connected. Radiance felt we both went in different directions. Radiance dropped the Trump link and tried to Trump Amy as Sand tried to reach Delwin with a Logrus tendril.

Amy found herself in a cave with blue crystals. There were no strange conditions, no guards. Amy stepped one veil over and waited. She took Radiance’s Trump call. They exchanged information and Radiance went through. They were in a desert-like place. Radiance tried to Trump Delwin without success.

I found himself in a castle room of some sort, stone walls, narrow set windows. I put up a personal ward. There were chunks of blue crystal hanging in each corner of the room. At the end of the room was sort of a platform, person shaped-ish: a sarcophagus stand or really crude bed with a lot of ritual imagery inscribed around the floor. It looked like a necromantic setting, workshop: the inscription had much in common with Thulish sorcery. Through the open doorway I heard someone moving in the other room. I moved towards the door opening and see a study, with in it, a cadaverous, slightly tattered looking gentleman. I went up and he put up a personal ward. I recognized him as Yrho and we talk (I had no doubt I can take him, but fighting a sorceror on his prepared home ground is hard work and I also gave some consideration to how the Bright Pattern ate Meridian’s Vitae and how that interacts with my Pattern-backed sorcery and Pattern use: I figured Sand would find me and then we’d steamroller him, take him alive). So I talked to him. He wanted to know how I got here, I didn’t give him anything but the impression it was so easy it wasn’t worth discussing. We talked more: he was megalomaniacal, felt left behind, and was easily annoyed (really it was like talking to several of my siblings when they were young, like Brand, Caine, or Julian, easy to wind up, easy to distract, it’s like taking candy from a baby, well, except Random, he was distrustful and bit). Yrho was desperately eager to impress, totally unwilling to take the risk of rejection. I kept him talking about how it was his plan to take his armies to Amber and fight his way in and take over from Random (really? wow! apparently Oberon wasn’t involved in that part: I mean, a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of Oberon would have known that would never have worked). Along the way we talked a bit about the magnificence of his change and he told me how he is essentially a spirit and uses his necromancy to control the body and how life energy, though closest to necrotic and easiest to convert, is inimical to his state.

An hour later (it doesn’t sound like much, but it was a trial that required some booze to right me: nex time in a similar situation I’m just toasting the fucker, destroy the Shadow, and call it good) Sand reached me with the Logrus Tendril. We communicated through it. I told her Yrho was there, and to bring everyone, pull them in on her Logrus Tendril. Viktor Trumped Amy, who came through with Radiance. Yrho felt the Logrus Tendril, obviously didn’t recognize it, and asked what the pulsing energy was. I told him: “Plan B … You’re not going to like it!” His face fell and the next moment Sand pulled herself through with Viktor, Amy, Radiance, and Meridian. His body collapsed and his spirit floated up. (Remembering the few gems in our lengthy chat) I cast a ward, infused with Healing, around it, as he passed into a wall, holding him. Meridian sensed his spirit was pure Vitae and he could easily hold it and manipulate it. He grabs him, I cancel the ward, and Meridian simply holds him, until he can bind him.

The rest of us check the place. I speed read scan his books and writings, and toss them into the Shadow pocket bound into my coat. Viktor found it was a little tower, a place of last resort for Yrho, abandoned by Oberon now he was no longer useful, with a few non-aggressive zombie servitors. He found some rooms that had had living, furry things stay in them (the Tir werewolves?).

8/2/2014 Session Log
In which Dworkin is recovered, Tirs are stranger than thought, and two WMDs are on the loose


Trumped to Amber. (been away 2 weeks our time)


Feed, Viktor coming in.

Talk with some of the senior military shoveling it in. They found the “spear carriers” (the blue dwarves and werewolves), seem mostly straggling and stranded. They had some magic people with them. The military is cleaning up: guarding natural transfer points and the family is redirecting traffic. So far they didn’t have to engage any of them.

Random Trumps calls me. Asks if there was something or someone over the Pattern. Above the middle, 15 degrees up from the Jewel’s level. I take a look at it: visible that wasn’t without the Jewel. Very energetic. Conical shape narrows to a point. Diminishing light, fading as if atmospheric reentry. Changes, but very slowly. Almost like strobing. Dies down some as I’m watching it.

Very Vita-esque. The strobing seems reminiscent of the direction from which Vitae waves.

I mention to Random about Dworkin, Vitae wave, Meridian and that it must have made it here. I tell Random to Trump Meridian to ask him.

I keep watching. As it dies down, I see what may be a hunched over person. I reach through the Jewel, use the Dworkin/Pattern link to extend a “Jewel Lens” at the person’s center and push it out around him to shield him from the energies. The energies intensify.

Random Trumps Meridian. Says Dworkin stayed in, felt he could leave on his own, Meridian dropped off at the outskirts of the city.

Random and I talk about what I do. Then I start pushing harder. The point moves further away from the Pattern. This seems to be a good thing, so I sit down in Random’s chair and push as hard as I can.

Sand and Radiance, with Viktor

A small camp in a scrub land. 2 person camp site. No people. An armor repair kit that seems to go with Dalt. More other equipment, less attributable, but perhaps the other guy that was in the basement. No beasts of burden, no vehicles. All imported, nothing modified or interfered with this Shadow. No sense of Pattern. Faint sense of distant past Pattern-based travel, clumsy (1 to 2 weeks).

Viktor Trumps Radiance. They catch up a bit, and Radiance brings through Viktor. Viktor manipulates probability. Finds one of Dalt’s daggers in a pile. Finds the “Caine Batman” stuff.

Viktor checks: thinks there may have been one or two others occasionally. Dalt’s 4 Trumps are Logrus backed. This is of this location after the camp is set. A rocky cliff face in likely a desert. A dark hallway. And a Trump of the basement of the Tavern they found him.

Radiance doesn’t recognize the artwork of the Trumps. The backs are very realistic, unusual for Chaos. Don’t recognize material of the Trump. Perhaps bone? Sand tastes it, likely extruded by a Shapeshifter or Conjured by an extremely specific Conjuror.

Radiance opens them as Trump Gates. Desert cliff is hot. The dark one feels like nobody’s there.

They go through: Sand as Batman Caine, Radiance as Dalt, invisible Viktor.


Been at it a while. Energy I’m buffering him from, is resurging. As it goes up, it is harder to resist and the result seems noisier and messier. It may be overlapping the point of contact. Energetic spewing some distance from the object. Will overlap. Building up is coinciding with Vitae Waves.

Going to try and surf out Dworkin, backing off when the waves start to come in, then push out hard when they fade. I get him further out and can distinguish it is a hunched over person, projecting a bubble that causes the sprays.

Then pull him out until I’m the only thing holding him up. Guide him into near the balcony, aiming for on the other side of Random. Looks much worse for the wear, looks like set on fire, run over by a car. Hunchbacked, crazy, beat up. Shaking. Drop him. “Drink!” Random brings him a White Russian.

“He got me! All’s fair!”

Ask about Fire Pattern / Broken Pattern attacker. Dworkin asks about the Oberon. I say the Tir Oberon, explain the Andys, walked off in lands beyond Tir. I start Conjuring food for Dworkin as Random plays acoustic guitar. He checks in with Andy (mental Trump!) says to Trump if need him, when they get back, says Delwin is with him. “Don’t go into the dungeon!”

Random wants to talk to Dworkin about Andy. Why does he breed like that unlike anyone else in the family?

Random and I discuss Tir and its lands outside the moon cycle. Rebma.

Sand, Radiance, and Viktor in Tir

They Trump to the dark hallway: it is in Tir! (in Amber it is daylight, though still full moon)

Radiance gets Trumped by Flora and has to go. He leaves the Trumps.

Sand and Viktor in Tir

Found the mansion of House Berez (sp?), one of the ones that were in collusion. Their rise in prominence coincided with the violence, going back the full 50 years. Early implication of them was Big Mike.

Viktor checks the house. It is in color, daytime, bit washed out, as if a sun is behind heavy clouds. No normal Tir weirdness. Parade coming on in the distance. Sees people moving about. Next room is set up. Society set up room.

Sand checks out the parade: sort of sad looking. Parade made up entirely out of sad clowns and morose looking animals. Can’t tell if they moving or performing. If performing very lackluster. If moving, they’re not carrying stuff, tent, etcetera. Heading towards the square upon which the Cathedral of the Unicorn is. Very nearby. People were going about their way. People not so much watching, but scampering along.

Viktor and Sand check and notice things don’t quite have permanence: objects, environment, people, but only background.

Go to the cathedral of the unicorn. At the entrance there is a statue of Radiance, wearing Amber’s crown. Very traditional. Bronz, enameled. Lists in honor of coronation of Radiance the First. Couple of centuries.

Sand checks Cathedral: as in Amber, but more elaborate, turned up to 11.

The statue is 20’ tall. Viktor climbs up it and chops away at it (3 cuts) to behead it (bronze!). People don’t react much.

Sand and Viktor go up to the castle. Sand Shapeshifts to a flying form and carries Viktor. When they get up, Fiona floats up from the courtyard in a green and gold sorcerous globe (sort of a demented Glinda the Good Witch, but in a Sorcerous First Strike bubble way).

She greets them (though Viktor is invisible). Says they sometimes have visitors that are invisible. Asks how they got here at this time of day. Sand says a Trump. This Fiona looks considerably more hard-bitten. She carries a sword. Sand addresses her as Princess Fiona and Fiona corrects her to: “You may address me as General!”

She says Radiance is a cheerful king but not a good one, may even face an uprising in the city. Viktor asked what happened to King Random. Fiona says Random was killed at Patternfall War and the unicorn passed up everyone and chose Radiance (in our time Radiance was born after Patternfall). Sand asks about it. Fiona says Flora was killed in the war (so war ran much longer). Sand asks her who else visited. Fiona says she could find out but that it would be dangerous to her and she declines. Sand says in another Tir Oberon still rules. Fiona says that couldn’t be, that all versions of Tir she is aware of diverged after Patternfall. (She signals Sand the cut signal to stop talking). Viktor asks and she says those Oberons must be figments of their imagination (and gives Viktor the cut signal to stop talking). Flora died falling in the Abyss grappling with Lord Sawall (one of them, Fiona doesn’t quite recall). They got into Oberon’s funeral procession. Lot of pushing and shoving. Not as bad as what happened to Brand. Brand was pinned to the edge by Caine’s arrows, Deirdre pinned underhim. The Serpent crawled up into him and he trashed off of the edge of the Abyss into it.

Sand asks how they come to exist. Fiona says she’s going to need a lot of Pattern Energy to discuss this. She fills herself with a lot of Pattern Energy. Fiona says there is a danger for someone from that place to think to closely about the subjective and temporary nature of this place. Viktor says “if the dreamer realizes it’s a dream the dream ends.” Fiona says: “Your words, not mine.”

Have Fiona check the Trump. Says the absence of style is on purpose, subterfuge.

Viktor and Sand Trump to the desert cliff.

Sand and Viktor in the Desert

They fly to the top. On top find pieces of equipment from the Thule Necrotic Sorcery. Death Energy batteries.

Sand Trumps me. Tells me about where the Trumps went, Tir, the instance aspect, where Fiona said about multiple Tirs, and I relay to Random there was a Logrus backed Trump of Tir, and the wisdom of Gerard-run family stuff. I ask Random to hang on to Dworkin (I want to know what happened to the Patterns) and go through.

Viktor Trumps Meridian and brings him through.

Sand and Delwin, Viktor, and Meridian in the Desert

I ask Meridian to read back the Vitae. He does. They were brought in by Dalt and werewolves. Batman Caine was organizing this. They have been bringing these in since the invasion failed. Another Caine guy. Metal eye, other milky, dried out. Trails necrotic energy. Dalt remembered him when he was healthier. Meridian checks: not charged since moved here. Not charged since invasion.

One of these batteries is about ¼th of Amy and my combined efforts. Dozen batteries here (probably 4 times or so my throwing weight).

Marked fissures in the canyon wall, not all go back anywhere. Next one goes straight back into a narrower, smaller cave. Nine batteries. Next one find supplies. Devices and ingredients from the Thule ritual magic tradition. The batteries were purely sorcerous. Meridian sets up to drain the necrotic energy into the Vitae. Will take about two days. In must a few hours it will be irreversible, no longer capable of storing energy. Over a year or so to work its way out.

I tell Meridian Dworkin is fine.

I Trump Caine. Says it’s Jonathan, a tech copy of himself. Talk a bit. Exchange threat info. Wants to know where this Shadow is, I pull him through. He checks with Pattern Lens. Has Sand carry him half a mile up. Sees the coast. It’s on one of the Shadow shipping lanes to Rebma. About a mile from the coast.

Meridian pulls Trump of Random, I tell him not to: he’s with Dworkin. He Trumps Fiona. Tells her about the necrotic batteries. She asks for a sample or signature. Meridian brings her through.

Meridian and Delwin in Amber

Meridian Trumps out, checking from the Vitae, start at the docks. Tells the Captain of the Guard.

In the meantime, in the desert, I do a quick test for sympathetic magic. Casings are. Magical batteries are.

I Trump to the Great Hall and casts a scan for the battery. No pings. Though there are blind spots. Personal quarters of Bleys, Fiona, Caine, Amy, Henry. Trump Dmitri for them.

Meridian finds the same and also two dead spots in the city. He goes there.

Dmitri says they are this close to declaring martial art.

I Trump Meridian to exchange info. He goes to the city. I will support Dmitri (he’s a psionic, not a mage), and check on Osric to make certain Andy didn’t mess it up.

Sand and Viktor back in Tir

Looks disused. They go check out the house. People disappear as they look at them. Content of the Shadow is different though it feels the same. Viktor tries to change content of Shadow: hard as in Amber.

At the Cathedral people are doing individually like the weirdest tai chi individually and disappearing. And a procession of monks, coming down the stairs, chanting, two dozen of them, but more in bath robes than proper monk habits. Viktor’s name is in the chanting. No statue outside the Cathedral. Decorations are much more austere. Chants have the word service in it. N.B. Viktor in his service to the Oleai had 2, 3 children. King Clement! Today the day they remember Lord Viktor’s service. Ask Viktor to service them. He tells them today they service themselves. They go to the Palace. (Clement is Fiona’s son, child/lover …). No traffic, just people appearing/disappearing. It is Lord Viktor Service Day.

They go to the Pattern Room. No guards. At the edge of the Pattern, looking at the divot, it is Clement. Clement says Sand was his general in the Great War with Chaos (not the Patternfall War, the Great War). The pond has no fish.

Sand pokes the Pattern with a Logrus tendril. There is a ripple, it runs through the Pattern and the divot is gone. Clement looks sad again. “That means our time is coming to an end.” Talks with Viktor and walks over and steps on the Pattern. He looks like he is having problems, so Viktor pushes him on the Pattern, and walks on it. Viktor pushing him. Walk for a while and Clement: “I hold you back: feel free to push me aside.” They make it to the Pattern. Viktor tells him about the Colony. Viktor shares the destination with his mind. Clement is emotional, PTSD, existential disturbed and it leaks in the contact. Mental groping. Viktor has the Pattern Teleport him to Sand. Sand sitting in an easy chair drinking a martini.

Sand and Viktor Trump back to Amber.

6/21/2014 Session Log

- After discussing a great deal of things over breakfast, for which they were joined by Radiance. They go to the Sahara, where Radiance makes a Trump watch of the area. He puts a shield over it so that it can’t be affected. He then makes Trumps of that pillar with an eye on it. He puts a bowl of lemon curd at the base as a part of the Trump.
- Meridian, Sand, and Amy go up to the Wave. Amy sets up the Pattern construct and they get going.
- Sand mines Amy for info about the Pattern Room floor. They also discuss the idea of Amy walking the Logrus. They get a ping that’s intermittent, so they stop the Wave and investigate. An older fellow with a beard and a wine glass. Sand greets him as Dworkin. Meridian considers the Destiny and discards the notion of killing him. Dworkin requests they ride him to Amber. Meridian takes him leaving Sand and Amy where they are on that Shadow.
- Meridian tries to collide Dworkin in the Wave with the Primal Pattern seconds from impact and then walks into the castle.
- Amy contacts Random to warn him Dworkin’s on the way.
- Sand Trumps Delwin to tell him Dworkin visited. They come back through to the Sahara and fill him in.
- Radiance attempts to contact both Meridian and Dworkin, but neither answer. He tries harder but nothing.
- They discuss the party Flora mentioned was going to Tir, they contact Random and go back to Amber.
- Amy leaves to go check on Osric.
- Sand arranges a meeting with Crisus via Trump.
- Delwin asks what Random thinks about the Dworkin situation.
- Radiance goes for a patrol around the castle by air. He warns Dmitri and also suggests that people might freak out because his dragon might look like a unicorn. He then goes to the courtyard and commands the bustling masses to move before pulling his dragon through.
- Sand is on her way to the cafe to meet Crisus when a giant unicornish dragon launches from the courtyard.
- Meridian puts up a magical sign saying Welcome Home Dworkin. He then flies up further and patrols.
- Delwin and Random go to investigate the Bright Pattern, along with Andy. Delwin suggests that they look at linkages from the Primal Pattern to the Fire Pattern. Random goes through his office to a Primal Pattern overlook. They discuss attunement. Random pulls up a chair and a stand for the Jewel and they look through the Jewel at the Primal Pattern. Delwin bends his will to get that in his head.
- Sand and Crisus off-screen.
- Amy finds Dmitri near Osric’s cell and she analyzes a data crystal from him of Osric’s activities. She examines the data and attempts to make sense of it.
- Crisus off-screen.
- Meridian arrives (finally) and lands in the courtyard. Nobody pays him much mind. He goes and gets lunch. Flora and a few others are there, such as Caine.
- Radiance opens a Trump to Meridian, who answers. Radiance asks where Dworkin is. Meridian is evasive. Radiance cuts contact and tells Random what Meridian told him.
- Meridian continues to the kitchens and gets lunch.
- Radiance continues his patrol.
- Sand came through to the Primal Pattern. It is super-awkward for her. Sand wonders aloud what would happen if she walked the thing. Random brings Sand a chair. They discuss Bright Pattern as Delwin works. Sand suggests using Logrus on the Bright Pattern to see what happens, she and Random discuss it. Random doesn’t think this would hurt anything they have a relationship with.
- Radiance continues patrolling as night descends. The Pattern-walking party goes to the Tir steps from Kolvir. Radiance flies over to them. Radiance trumps the dragon back to Castle Amber and tells Dmitri that he left him there.
- Dmitri leaves Amy to attend to that.
- Radiance sees lines drop from the sky. A person swings by and knocks one of the older Andies off of the staircase. Radiance engages in the fight, and saves a newbie, but the melee continues. Radiance steps up to engage the next one, but the werewolf keeps the other Amberites between them and Radiance. The older Andy is bleeding out, the younger Andy get thrown off the stairs. The werewolf jumps at Radiance and Radiance casts a spell, the werewolf dodges off the stairs and falls a good thirty feet safely, but he’s not attacking anymore… For now. Radiance shields the stairs to block it off. He gets the spell down, and the werewolf jumps, hits him, rends the armor as Radiance opens a Trump. He contacts Amy for help. She heals him, pulls through, and teleports to the stair. Amy unleashes some nasty sorcery at the werewolf, but it is resilient. It switches targets to Radiance.
- Radiance contacts Sand, explains, Andy overhears and demands to join. He pulls through.
- Amy teleports away to the dinner, grabs Meridian and teleports through.
- Meridian armors up, casts flight and goes up the stair to Tir.
- Sand comes through as Andy pins a werewolf with his bow.
- Amy teleports up to the top of the stair. Meridian joins her in moments. Meridian casts a tracking spell, but encounters weird resistance. Meridian runs off to check the Tir Pattern. Sand catches up and Amy hitches a ride with her.
- Meridian makes it down to the Pattern Room, which is deserted. Meridian returns to Andy, throws a shield up, and takes an imprint from the werewolf. Issues with that.
- Amy and Sand arrive. Amy realizes that she would kill him to remove the belt. Amy asks Andy if he wants the beast for questioning. He does. Sand reads him, and finds put more about the belt.
- Amy mind-links and gathers info, including a man in a black robe.
- Amy asks them to get Dmitri for full processing.
- Meridian forces through the gap and asks where the guests. Oberon is alive in where he got. He storms through and demands to see the King, then pushes past the guard. He heads to the throne room. The guards stop him in front of the throne room, but he overcomes/incapacitates them. The guards behind the door argue but Meridian casts an invisibility spell and goes by servant paths. As he walks through one of the sculleries, he hears that His Majesty has packed, so he goes to the stables. No horses are packed to go… His Majesty is likely gone. Meridian interrogates a servant and then flies in pursuit of His Majesty. He abandons pursuit after looking and pops back to Amber
- Delwin is working on attunement with the Jewel. When he focuses on the Pattern, he sees echoes of other places. He focuses on the other Patterns and how they interrelate. He discovers that if one Pattern were destroyed, it would destabilize the whole matrix. Osric’s overlay is not fundamental, but an overlay. Also, nothing is weird about Tir’s Pattern. He pulls out and trumps Sand, gets an update.
- Delwin explains what he found. They discuss the situation.
- Dmitri gets all the info out and gives it in a crystal to Andy.
- Sand and Radiance and Meridian leave to track the werewolf that left.
- Amy and Delwin are on the stair, discussing security.
- Sand tracks the werewolf by scent. Two blocks from the docks she loses the trail, but Meridian uses the Vitae to continue the trail. He realizes the imprint reminds him of something, but he files the thought away for later. He tracks the trail back to an inn, he circles around, but no trail leaving. Meridian gets hit by a crossbow so he abandons subtlety and enters. More bolts but he dodges them. He kills one of them as an example, but no one stops, so he and Sand kill them all.
- They break into a room in time for Radiance to block a trump gate opening, leaving three people stranded staring at a card. The werewolf springs at Sand and starts mauling her. Sand gloms onto his back and clings out of reach of his claws, and shifts into some decoy mass while buying time for Meridian to show up.
- Meridian shows up and engages the other two. He casts a vacuum on the armored one. He marshals the Pattern as a defense but does not succeed. The remaining one pulls two knives and engages. Meridian has a handy edge on this guy. Radiance appears, gets taken hostage, Meridian shields Radiance, the knife-fighter flees, Meridian pursues. The armored fighter recovers enough to get better.
- Sand morphs into mites and invades the werewolf’s body, so it starts clawing itself apart.
- Meridian chases the dagger fighter outside, and casts a darkness illusion around him. He slows down enough that Meridian takes him can take out a leg with a sword swing. He sprawls in the hallway, throws a smoke bomb. Meridian switches to Vitae, chases him, gets a really great hit in, and kills him.
- Sand shifts to electricity, and the thrashing stops as the werewolf hunkers down. She’s trying to break the belt.
- Meridian returns and engages the armored man. Meridian runs him through non-fatally (for now) and the man’s blood vaporizes. Meridian tells him to surrender or die. Meridian wears down the armored man and defeats him. After ensuring he’s not dead, Meridian pulls Amy and gets her to heal. Amy recognizes it’s Dalt’s crest.
- Radiance takes the werewolf captive in the cage.
- Amy heals Meridian and then takes custody of Dalt.
- Sand contacts Delwin to notify him that she captured the werewolf.
- They all gather in the situation room and start to compare notes.
- Radiance opens the tavern trump, the place is a mess but no one there.
- Amy starts combing through Dalt’s brain for details, after protesting.
- Delwin takes a look at the Pattern infused werewolf belt, which looks familiar. It feels like Oberon’s creation and less than a decade old.
- Meridian removes Dalt’s armor.
- Amy delves in and gets a bunch of information from Dalt, he was in collusion with the Thule invaders, by not much is there.

End state: Sand and Radiance went through one of the Trumps.
Meridian stuffing his face
Amy downloading.
Delwin supporting/peanut gallery.

Entertaining quotes from 6/7/14
At least, Sand finds them entertaining

“Maybe I should study necromancy.” Delwin
“It doesn’t make for great birthday parties.” Meridan
“Come on, who doesn’t love zombie clowns?” -GM

“I’m gonna be a princess of Amber that causes a diplomatic incident in Rebma, it won’t be the first time.”
“It’s the first time IN REBMA.” Amy

“So we have this carefully crafted effect that’s going to just take out the one target, and now she’s going to nuke the whole Shadow.” Carisus

“Two Logrus masters crafting a bio-toxin to aerosol across the Golden Circle, why would that bother Random?” Sand
‘Best to be diplomatic.” Carisus

“I never accidentally depopulate entire Shadows.” Sand

“You took over the Vitae wave and turned it around, parked it in front of Amber Castle.” Sand
“Yeah, can’t everyone do that?” Darren

“Oh, I can trump Dad, now that I know I don’t have to jack off first.” – Meridian

“You should never accidentally erase Shadows.”

“No kill like overkill.” Amy

“It was free!”
“And worth every dime.”

“Your targets seem to have not combusted so much as… burst.”

From Prince Delwin’s Memory Palace
Shadow Sorcery

In Defense of the Realm / Modifying a Realm
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Cort & Rodney’s
In attendance: Sand, Delwin, Amy, Meridian, Darren (sp?), Crisus

What a cock-up! The attack on Amber seemed half-assed, and was doomed to failure. Something only someone who hadn’t been to Amber ever could not have known.

Random’s funny and still the best with a needle and winging it on mixing drugs. Meridian’s pretty tough: Random’s unknown drugs in the coffee, this “Red Bull” and his dad’s necromantic sorcery boost, and then pushing himself quite far. A horse-sized injection of Random’s feel good juice, 18 hours of sleep, and something like three lumberjack’s breakfasts and he was right as rain.

From what Sand says, it seems Crisus has hold of a purer version of the Logrus, perhaps something like the way the Jewel relates to the Pattern? I have to chat with Radiance about this Horn of the Unicorn that he tried to Trump while on the Pattern, not knowing it was in the Logrus. That might do it.

There was a serious lack of coordination, Crisus and Sand spreading a bio-toxin through the Golden Circle to wipe out the Trump-blocking plants, and Amy smacking down Shadow-wide spells to kill the plants. Wasteful.
We visited the Bright Pattern. These modern Amberites are gullible and trust far too much in their static defenses and magics. Arrogant morons. It’s inaccessible by some basic shadow-geographic between Veils – I think it’s an effect of what happened to the Fire Pattern – and two statues, sorcerous, that scan for life and block certain effects. The Bright Pattern draws on and drains my Pattern Lens! If only there’s a way to get at that without being dead to walk it. Meridian’s Pure Vitae seems to very locally (an inch square) reset, reboot, purify the Pattern, but when he stopped pushing it, it overcame it rapidly. Henri, another of the new ones, mentioned he used Pure Order to blow the “necrotic fog” off of the Bright Pattern and it was a big, bad effect. Henri said the Bright Pattern doesn’t convert anything it doesn’t recognize to Pattern Energy, like the regular Patterns: it converts the soul to necrotic energy, and then the Pattern converts the rest as usual. Interesting. I have to look into this converting to Pattern Energy. That could be an interesting effect.

Darren seems to be able to manipulate Vitae (the Waves) at quite an advanced level, but entirely intuitively. Meridian thinks he needs formal training (as if he’s one to talk, the boy’s easily the worst teacher ever, and that includes prize winners like Dworkin and Oberon) and arranges something at The Colony through David, his dad. I gave Darren a Vitae Trump (Radiant’s) of me, so he has a way out.

We rambled out on a Wave, scanning for the specific Broken Pattern and Bright Pattern Imprints, and for Trump Plants.

Meridian. (sigh) The boy’s special. He thinks to Trump someone you need to be sexually attracted to him. Apparently Viktor told him so. On the other hand he has an idiot savant when it comes to Vitae and Sorcery. Intuitive. I spent the trip talking to him just to try and get in his head and understand his mental models of it. I don’t care for riding Waves and all the other stuff – using a Wave to power a spell is a lot of power, but it takes me away from Pattern and Sorcery, as would Bright Pattern actually – but the tie-ins with Sorcery are interesting: Sorcery working anywhere without adjusting for the Shadow context, sensing magic, and more. I’ve got a decent grasp of how Meridian thinks he sees it: now I need to plug through and translate it to my frame of reference to be able to work it. Once I sort through that, it’ll make my Sorcery a lot better. Meridian also does something interesting: he hangs spells in the Vitae. That took some doing, but I figured out how to use the Pattern to do something similar. It’s awesome. They’re stable, and I can rack twice as many spells as otherwise. Wow!

And Caine. Definitely need to catch up with him. He seemed to have lost it. He fakes his death, a fourth time, and nobody was buying it, was gone from Amber when stuff went down, and a shadow of himself, with the power to absorb other shadows’ powers, was hunting down other shadows of Caine – and still is, because apparently nobody cares – and Caine “was implicated” for an attack on the Chaos embassy. Since Random had to go an apologize for that, it stuck I guess. All in all, an admirable array of shortsighted stupidity, even by my siblings’ standards!

Apparently if you walk the Bright Pattern you become a typical undead zombie, but if you have a lot of sense of self, you can keep it together, become a higher order version. These are referred to as Revenants, Death Knights, or Liches. They can’t be killed by smiting them with life energy. They are resistant to direct magic. There were half a dozen of so, with different other abilities, like Shapeshifting, and included a Pattern Sorceror on a par with some of the best named Nero.

And now the biggie. We created a Sorcerous Source. Alas by accident. Unfortunately on Flora’s Shadow “Earth” and, wow, is she ever imaginative. She’s also responsible for this whole Thule debacle as apparently the first Führer was one of her lovers from Earth and she helped him and several of his cronies escape when the ur-Thule regime fell.

We found a plethora of Trump-blocking Trees and Broken Pattern Sorcerors on Flora’s Shadow Earth: tens of thousands of Broken Pattern Sorcerors. They were without the blue dwarfs, and put their Broken Pattern infused weaponry in storage – proving they’re smarter than most my family – and wide-spread throughout the shadow. They were infiltrating, using local thugs. The lower-level low-life were quite despondent as they started to realize they were unlikely to win this war. War? What were they’re selling to these people? I mean, attacking Amber this way? Lambs to the slaughter. We were nice to Flora and talked to her, and worked to try and keep her Shadow around. She gave us a “smartphone” and a list of her local contacts and, later, a Trump of her home in “upstate New York.” She’s nice. Gullible, but nice. Anyway, we went with a variation on combining the attacks on Thule and what I did in Miraway. We had Flora strengthen the Veils around this Shadow so none of the Broken Pattern Sorcerors would get away. In case of collateral damage, we worked in the middle of a local desert, the Sahara. Amy killed all the Trump-blocking plants in the shadow with one of her spells. I set up a spell to find all the Broken Pattern Implants, used Amy to provide me with power and had Meridian dump a Wave into it. Just like we did on Thule, with me playing the part of the Pattern, and instead of having sympathetic links using the spell construct I built before to seek the Broken Patterns. It was far too much power for me to hold, even with Amy backing me. I grabbed what I could, but since I didn’t have sympathetic links, only links once a target was found, I could only handle so much so fast and spilled out the rest – bigger by two orders –to Meridian sent it as a beam of Vitae straight up into space. As I held it together, somehow – but oh my fucking head! – I started to find targets and they fried. I fried them all. But without a Pattern filtering it, with Flora holding the Veils, I ended up Editing this Shadow, I imprinted an innate inimicalness for that specific Broken Pattern onto this Shadow. The Shadow is permanently infused with an inimical force against this specific Broken Pattern. And the beam of Vitae seared itself into the fabric of this Shadow: when we were done, and could stand again, looking at it, the beam had created a permanent channel of flowing sorcerous energy flowing up from the Sahara in that beam. Very cool! It’s just like at home, or the Font of Four Worlds. Flora had some fast talking to do and it got explained as something technical with benefits, and she hides it is a sorcerous thing. Still nice to have a fuel station near Ygg.

Wow, what a week. So many things. Creating Pattern Energy, hanging spells in the Pattern, Vitae, imprinting a Pattern imprint onto a Shadow so it will kill anyone with that imprint, creating a Sorcerous Power Source …

Amy's Journal - Road Trips

A mental journal entry during the Wave Ride:

I’ve never been a fan of road trips to begin with, but for all the metaphysical fascination that the Waves provide, being in one feels confining. Being locked away from my Pattern powers, floating in one bubble in the effervescent cosmic froth, with less than a Mount Pine’s grounds in real, solid scenery, I can’t help but feel… clipped.

It might surprise my new family, given what I’m known for, but I’ve gone for years, even centuries of subjective time without calling the Pattern (or my Broken Pattern, as was the case at the time) for support or aid. Given that, I’d thought a week or two without my powers wouldn’t bother me — but it’s one thing voluntarily abstaining from it, and an entirely different matter being unable to get it. Well, I could get it is the thing, but doing so would collapse the Wave into the Shadows “below” it, and myself and my companions would be just so much blood and guts strewn across some bizarre landscape.

Still, I feel it there, beckoning.

On the other side of it, this is the first time I’ve been up in a Wave for prolonged periods of time, and my senses are strong even without pulling up a Lens. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for study, and I’m taking full advantage of it.


I don’t know how Meridian would feel about my delicate prods, if he’s noticed them. Delwin and Sand would certainly object. It’s not that what I’m doing is dangerous… It’s just that it hasn’t yet been tried, so who knows what the second and third-order repercussions of it are.

Once again, I reiterate, it’s perfectly safe. A pity I don’t have any simulations for this environment back in New Tokyo to bear out my statement, only the rough mental models I’ve filled my brain with, and the fact that I’m not technically using the Pattern at all.

I think by the time we make it out the Chaos way, I’ll have a solid and predictive theoretical framework…

6/7/2014 - Adventure Log

- Darren had decided that he needed to step away for a moment, so stepped into the Shadow pocket. He goes to play his flute, and this time the door is locked, so he tries to put more effort into it. After some time he succeeds in exiting to a place similar to where he came in. It is grey and feels like it’s moving. He starts playing his flute again and can see the effects of his work in the air. He tries to leave — anywhere that’s not here. He pictures a Downtown, starts to play, and the fog thickens buut grows transparent, like it’s making a window. The fog starts to shape into the things he’s imagining. He tries to envision life and people fill the streets. He decides to press against the window. He envisions that the screen disappears, and it does. He tries to envision Meridian and one of the passersby adopts Meridian’s appearance. He envisions Castle Amber and begins to play. The window reappears and in the far distance is Castle Amber. He pushes through the window and steps into Castle Amber outside the gates. He stops playing, puts his flute away and walks in. He is challenged by the guards. An officer tells him Dmitri gave him special permission. Dmitri fills him in and sends him through to Amy.
- Amy pulls through Delwin, Sand, and Crisis, suggesting that they use Faerieland’s magical energy to make a stand. Delwin raises concerns about the Bright Pattern user. After discussing things, Delwin goes to a Fast Time Shadow to recoup while Amy pulls Meridian through and passes him to Delwin.
- Amy leaves Sand in charge to go to New Tokyo for a nap.
- Delwin gets a doctor to look at Meridian.
- Amy racks twelve Pattern-backed tree killing spells and gets some sleep.
- Delwin is racked and resting.
- Sand sends up animated black threads to hunt for Broken and Bright Pattern users. Next Shadow over: Nome. 2nd: 2 that die. 0. Golden Circle: None, and slows down in the High Pattern environment. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Arden, Rebma, Amber she meets resistance from Pattern.
- Crisis uses the Horn and the sample if tree that Amy found to try to find a canceling action for the Trump tree. Crisis comes up with a pest for the tree and Sand will mass produce it if Random approves it. Random agrees. They crop dust the Silver Circle and Golden Circle Shadows.
- Darren is alone with the Faerie residents. He pulls out his flute and plays a merry jig. A huge gathering forms around him. He grows to feel at one with the whole Shadow.
- Amy wakes, contacts Sand, who suggests not coming through. She contacts Crisus,.
- Crisis gets a trump from Mandir, gives a status report. Crisis warns Mandor about Sand’s being aware of the Horn’s power if not the Horn itself.
- Amy’s in Helmwind now. We contacts Random, gets permission and starts casting the spell in Amber. She goes to Rebma and casts it again. Casts in Arden. Goes to Cauldron, and after apprising Fiona, casts the spell. When she reaches Begma she tastes lemon curd, contacts Crisus and gets the update on biotoxin. She tells Sand not to go further, and returns to Faerieland.
- Delwin awakens and gets an update from Sand. Sand mentions Darren and between them they decide that Darren needs training, possibly under Meridian?
- Meridian wakes ravenously hungry but a bit fuzzy. Asks for status from Delwin. They discuss motives of the Bright Pattern user. Delwin contacts Random, Random says they’re out to Imminghoff and no major casualties.
- They discuss tactics and decide to investigate the Bright Pattern. They pick up Darren in Fallow, Meridian tells him that they should have Darren meet the shamans. They experiment on him with the Pattern. Amy then takes then to the Bright Pattern. Delwin takes notes on the Veil interactions as they come out on an Ashen Plain. They see Henry and Cassidy, ask for status, then Amy casts her Trump tree killer spell and Meridian checks from the wave if Pattern imprinted people are here. No one. Delwin gets an imprint of the Bright Pattern. Meridian has Vitae fed into it and it sends out necrotic energy.
- Meridian tries to purify/reboot the Bright Pattern to very little effect. Amy injects Abyss above it to no effect.
- They discuss the motive of the Bright Pattern user. Meridian uses psychometry to analyze the Shadow. He finds no information from a week and a half out and no useful information before.
- They leave into a Wave towards Chaos, deciding to scan for trump trees and Broken Pattern. Amy decides to follow up with Ramesh while the rest go on — promising to catch up after she finds out what he wants.
- Meridian contacts David to tell him that Darren needs a teacher, requests a shaman. David suggests that they meet at the colony.
- Amy off-screen.
- Amy returns to the Wave and they go on their way.
- They discuss the events of last season while the wave goes.
- They discuss Bright Pattern and Osric’s henchmen.
- Out to Ygg, nothing. Shadow Earth has tons of hits. Meridian stops the Wave. They apprise Random. They decide to abduct and interrogate an officer. Delwin makes him sleep, Sand trades places with him. They pull him up. Delwin reracks his spells.
- They drop down to Shadow Earth. Delwin warns Flora, and asks for support. She gives him a smart phone and a hardcopy address book of her associates.
- Amy pries very little information from the officer they abduct. The Sorcerers are in charge of it all.
- They discuss next plans.
- They bring Flora up to thicken the Veil, and then start creating a spell construct to kill the sorcerers. They teleport to the Sahara to set up, leaving Flora, by her wishes, in the warehouse. Amy casts the trump tree killing spell. They’re quickly overwhelmed by the energy, so Meridian shoots the extra energy upwards. The sorcerers’ life forces snuff out, with a few remaining, but they’re having a very bad day — having that Imprint is toxic. Flora comes through and they think through how to fix the new leyline.
- Delwin finds that the Shadow is now inimical to that Broken Pattern, but no surviving sorcerers.
- They go to Delwin’s Shadow to recoup and then return to Flora’s estate in Upstate New York. Flora explains that the “quantum event” will advance technology but will be appropriately channeled: no sorcery will come of it. The sorcerers burst rather than exploded.
- They decide to rest a day on Shadow Earth before continuing the scan.

Amy's Journal - Amber Alert

I’ve got a serious case of whiplash — mental, not physical, although after being Delwin’s Pattern-battery, I’m pretty tapped out physically too.

It all started after I returned from New Tokyo, where my assistants had compiled the paper copies of a few centuries of documents for the upload into my skull. I come back fired up and ready to trust-bust some Minor Houses and fix Amber’s economic ailments, and what do I come back to?

A shadows-spanning war.

Well, I didn’t come back to it. In fact, I think I had a hand in accelerating it, not that that matters much when your foe’s given you the ticket and you’re whistling as you sit in the line for them to call your number — what I’m saying is, we kicked off the party two days before the remnants of the Thule Armies were ready. We did this in typical Amber fashion: By abusing the laws of reality so hard that not even a Broken Pattern imprint could protect Thule’s sorcerers from being popped from a wave like so much prepubescent Shadow zit-juice.


Also, scary. I might have the personal fortitude to resist Delwin and Meridian’s combined efforts now, but what of me before I walked the Pattern? What of me before I came to Amber? The notion of this selective editing sickens me on a personal level. It sickens me more that I see it less vile than the alternatives — a gruesome war where millions die protecting a world order than benefits my family and I far more than it ever will them.

That’s why I forgive myself that miscalculation with the water planet. Besides, I never intimated that clutch-thinking was my forte. I mean, shit, I spent most my childhood meditating most the day. Even before I found the Singing Mountain, I had outlasted the sakura from first buds to the last leaf-fall — the minute that final crumbling green fell, I ate a meal so mighty it demanded atonement the rest of winter.

What I’m getting at is that I’m patient, and I feel I’m paying the price for that. Take, for example, the speed of my powers. If it came to blows, I might outlast Fiona — if I’m lucky — and precious few other relatives. Pretty much all I’ve been good for this fight is as a battery; a role I play a disturbing number of times, enough I might consider making batteries for others so I can do something interesting. Alternately, maybe I need a wand full of canned spells or something. Ugh.

And for all that I’m mostly just a sorcerous battery, it seems my powers are no longer as unique in the Family with a Logrus-user, two Vitae-users, and ANOTHER Pattern-Master that exceeds my skills (as if Fiona, as much as I like her, wasn’t enough!) hanging about.

I feel like I’ve lost my role at Court with all these new faces and bizarre capabilities.

Insecurity’s unbecoming of me. It’s best I uncover my own unique calling card — before people think they’ve got me pegged.


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