Game 2 Quote Log

But in order to do that I have to stick my thumb in your


You got your magic all over my shoes—Cort
You got your shoes all over my magic—Craig

Why don’t we talk to it first, then we can shoot it.—Jeremiah

I’m riding my pegasus—Cort
With rainbow tail?—Brenden

I didn’t think to tell you guys about this.—Dan
You didn’t call in your flight plan? This is ghostrider calling


Beast, which ever one of you is sentient, do you intend to attack

the city?—Cort

For those that are not bonded by form, telepathy is sort of—

You kind of owe some swapping of bodily fluids.—Brenden

I kinda want to fly circles around it.—Kyle

What was that bit of weirdness?—Jeremiah

Thank you for that distraction—Craig

I can just have him suck it all off later if that is a


Remember our conversation on how Amberites are easily


Are you guys one entity or two?—Craig

We are trying to track down a chaosian lord—Craig
It’s not mine.—Cort

It’s hard to talk around the honey!—Cort

I hope you apprehend him as soon as possible, these chaosians are

not to be trusted—Brenden (Baron twitching)
Present company excluded of course.—Craig

Can you turn into something that looks like a donut? So you fit

in a bit better—Jeremiah

Have you ever gone to the Tipsy Pig? How is that?—Jeremiah
It’s a dive.-Brenden
I was hoping you would say that—Jeremiah

Dropping food gives it energy, and this enhances the flavor of

the food. Throwing food, letting it rain down on you, and allow

it to be absorbed through your skin.—Kyle

Give him a gift certificate to Bandies!—Dan

I think it is time for us to go drinking. Hope you saved some

room, because it’s a dive!—Jeremiah

It’s a stain that will not come out no matter what you do.—Cort
Hi, I’m corporate monster, my job is to listen and record!—Cort

We all will all have some wine.—Jeremiah

I wish another fuzzy oriface..what’s the oriface?—Cort

The structural integrity of your shadow seems to be listing to

the left—Cort

You are not going to do anything to him are you? Gary is a good

We are not going to put him into a fungus shell and rape his


Why do I suddenly feel like a circus ring leader?—Craig

I barf out a Furby—Cort
Your creature of blood is bleeding—Brenden
Oh! Fix that sweety!—Cort

Yeah…don’t feed it after midnight—Jeremiah

She’s still on his (Victor’s) shoulders—Cort
On the backs of Amberites!—Kyle

I can’t sleep with you punching me! You said it would be soothing

and kind!—Jeremiah

He still hates me and I don’t know why—Cort
Probably because i have that recording, "Cort is evil Cort is

evil Cort is evil."—Dan

Faint smell of Logrus…7-11 Burrito.—Cort

Please put down the large non-sentient—Cort

My compatriots have just purchased you—Cort
Assume the position—Jeremiah
Go find a quiet place to talk to him—Dan

Can you be more specific about the sexual deviancy—Cort

Yep. I may need to go back into the shadow soon—Craig

Would you like me to shine your jewel for you?—Kyle (To Random)

When you eliminate the impossible, how ever unlikely—Brenden
You have been watching Star Trek too much—Craig

I really don’t give a damn if she’s having sex with her spawn—

Cort (About Fiona and Clement)

You think it is a spawn of Corwin mated with some sort of

shapeshifting entity?—Cort
Never masterbate in an unknown shadow!—Cort

When you all get mind fucked, I’m still going to be here.—Kyle

Saif is just a problem in every game!—Cort

Who’s Dworkin?—Shendel
He’s everyone’s grandfather—Brenden
He fucked a unicorn and really fucked some shit up—Craig
Was it at least a rainbow unicorn?—Shendel

She’s small, cute and believable.—Cort
See the handlebar mustache just kills that—Craig

I put my rat tail up his nose—Kyle
We need to get fluids out of him!—Dan
He wakes up and see’s a rat rubbing him off.—Cort
He wakes up and shrugs, and lays back down—Craig
Finish up and get out!—Brenden
That was the best hand job i’ve ever had!—Cort

Game 2 Quote Log

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