Chronicles of Andy

6/21/2014 Session Log

- After discussing a great deal of things over breakfast, for which they were joined by Radiance. They go to the Sahara, where Radiance makes a Trump watch of the area. He puts a shield over it so that it can’t be affected. He then makes Trumps of that pillar with an eye on it. He puts a bowl of lemon curd at the base as a part of the Trump.
- Meridian, Sand, and Amy go up to the Wave. Amy sets up the Pattern construct and they get going.
- Sand mines Amy for info about the Pattern Room floor. They also discuss the idea of Amy walking the Logrus. They get a ping that’s intermittent, so they stop the Wave and investigate. An older fellow with a beard and a wine glass. Sand greets him as Dworkin. Meridian considers the Destiny and discards the notion of killing him. Dworkin requests they ride him to Amber. Meridian takes him leaving Sand and Amy where they are on that Shadow.
- Meridian tries to collide Dworkin in the Wave with the Primal Pattern seconds from impact and then walks into the castle.
- Amy contacts Random to warn him Dworkin’s on the way.
- Sand Trumps Delwin to tell him Dworkin visited. They come back through to the Sahara and fill him in.
- Radiance attempts to contact both Meridian and Dworkin, but neither answer. He tries harder but nothing.
- They discuss the party Flora mentioned was going to Tir, they contact Random and go back to Amber.
- Amy leaves to go check on Osric.
- Sand arranges a meeting with Crisus via Trump.
- Delwin asks what Random thinks about the Dworkin situation.
- Radiance goes for a patrol around the castle by air. He warns Dmitri and also suggests that people might freak out because his dragon might look like a unicorn. He then goes to the courtyard and commands the bustling masses to move before pulling his dragon through.
- Sand is on her way to the cafe to meet Crisus when a giant unicornish dragon launches from the courtyard.
- Meridian puts up a magical sign saying Welcome Home Dworkin. He then flies up further and patrols.
- Delwin and Random go to investigate the Bright Pattern, along with Andy. Delwin suggests that they look at linkages from the Primal Pattern to the Fire Pattern. Random goes through his office to a Primal Pattern overlook. They discuss attunement. Random pulls up a chair and a stand for the Jewel and they look through the Jewel at the Primal Pattern. Delwin bends his will to get that in his head.
- Sand and Crisus off-screen.
- Amy finds Dmitri near Osric’s cell and she analyzes a data crystal from him of Osric’s activities. She examines the data and attempts to make sense of it.
- Crisus off-screen.
- Meridian arrives (finally) and lands in the courtyard. Nobody pays him much mind. He goes and gets lunch. Flora and a few others are there, such as Caine.
- Radiance opens a Trump to Meridian, who answers. Radiance asks where Dworkin is. Meridian is evasive. Radiance cuts contact and tells Random what Meridian told him.
- Meridian continues to the kitchens and gets lunch.
- Radiance continues his patrol.
- Sand came through to the Primal Pattern. It is super-awkward for her. Sand wonders aloud what would happen if she walked the thing. Random brings Sand a chair. They discuss Bright Pattern as Delwin works. Sand suggests using Logrus on the Bright Pattern to see what happens, she and Random discuss it. Random doesn’t think this would hurt anything they have a relationship with.
- Radiance continues patrolling as night descends. The Pattern-walking party goes to the Tir steps from Kolvir. Radiance flies over to them. Radiance trumps the dragon back to Castle Amber and tells Dmitri that he left him there.
- Dmitri leaves Amy to attend to that.
- Radiance sees lines drop from the sky. A person swings by and knocks one of the older Andies off of the staircase. Radiance engages in the fight, and saves a newbie, but the melee continues. Radiance steps up to engage the next one, but the werewolf keeps the other Amberites between them and Radiance. The older Andy is bleeding out, the younger Andy get thrown off the stairs. The werewolf jumps at Radiance and Radiance casts a spell, the werewolf dodges off the stairs and falls a good thirty feet safely, but he’s not attacking anymore… For now. Radiance shields the stairs to block it off. He gets the spell down, and the werewolf jumps, hits him, rends the armor as Radiance opens a Trump. He contacts Amy for help. She heals him, pulls through, and teleports to the stair. Amy unleashes some nasty sorcery at the werewolf, but it is resilient. It switches targets to Radiance.
- Radiance contacts Sand, explains, Andy overhears and demands to join. He pulls through.
- Amy teleports away to the dinner, grabs Meridian and teleports through.
- Meridian armors up, casts flight and goes up the stair to Tir.
- Sand comes through as Andy pins a werewolf with his bow.
- Amy teleports up to the top of the stair. Meridian joins her in moments. Meridian casts a tracking spell, but encounters weird resistance. Meridian runs off to check the Tir Pattern. Sand catches up and Amy hitches a ride with her.
- Meridian makes it down to the Pattern Room, which is deserted. Meridian returns to Andy, throws a shield up, and takes an imprint from the werewolf. Issues with that.
- Amy and Sand arrive. Amy realizes that she would kill him to remove the belt. Amy asks Andy if he wants the beast for questioning. He does. Sand reads him, and finds put more about the belt.
- Amy mind-links and gathers info, including a man in a black robe.
- Amy asks them to get Dmitri for full processing.
- Meridian forces through the gap and asks where the guests. Oberon is alive in where he got. He storms through and demands to see the King, then pushes past the guard. He heads to the throne room. The guards stop him in front of the throne room, but he overcomes/incapacitates them. The guards behind the door argue but Meridian casts an invisibility spell and goes by servant paths. As he walks through one of the sculleries, he hears that His Majesty has packed, so he goes to the stables. No horses are packed to go… His Majesty is likely gone. Meridian interrogates a servant and then flies in pursuit of His Majesty. He abandons pursuit after looking and pops back to Amber
- Delwin is working on attunement with the Jewel. When he focuses on the Pattern, he sees echoes of other places. He focuses on the other Patterns and how they interrelate. He discovers that if one Pattern were destroyed, it would destabilize the whole matrix. Osric’s overlay is not fundamental, but an overlay. Also, nothing is weird about Tir’s Pattern. He pulls out and trumps Sand, gets an update.
- Delwin explains what he found. They discuss the situation.
- Dmitri gets all the info out and gives it in a crystal to Andy.
- Sand and Radiance and Meridian leave to track the werewolf that left.
- Amy and Delwin are on the stair, discussing security.
- Sand tracks the werewolf by scent. Two blocks from the docks she loses the trail, but Meridian uses the Vitae to continue the trail. He realizes the imprint reminds him of something, but he files the thought away for later. He tracks the trail back to an inn, he circles around, but no trail leaving. Meridian gets hit by a crossbow so he abandons subtlety and enters. More bolts but he dodges them. He kills one of them as an example, but no one stops, so he and Sand kill them all.
- They break into a room in time for Radiance to block a trump gate opening, leaving three people stranded staring at a card. The werewolf springs at Sand and starts mauling her. Sand gloms onto his back and clings out of reach of his claws, and shifts into some decoy mass while buying time for Meridian to show up.
- Meridian shows up and engages the other two. He casts a vacuum on the armored one. He marshals the Pattern as a defense but does not succeed. The remaining one pulls two knives and engages. Meridian has a handy edge on this guy. Radiance appears, gets taken hostage, Meridian shields Radiance, the knife-fighter flees, Meridian pursues. The armored fighter recovers enough to get better.
- Sand morphs into mites and invades the werewolf’s body, so it starts clawing itself apart.
- Meridian chases the dagger fighter outside, and casts a darkness illusion around him. He slows down enough that Meridian takes him can take out a leg with a sword swing. He sprawls in the hallway, throws a smoke bomb. Meridian switches to Vitae, chases him, gets a really great hit in, and kills him.
- Sand shifts to electricity, and the thrashing stops as the werewolf hunkers down. She’s trying to break the belt.
- Meridian returns and engages the armored man. Meridian runs him through non-fatally (for now) and the man’s blood vaporizes. Meridian tells him to surrender or die. Meridian wears down the armored man and defeats him. After ensuring he’s not dead, Meridian pulls Amy and gets her to heal. Amy recognizes it’s Dalt’s crest.
- Radiance takes the werewolf captive in the cage.
- Amy heals Meridian and then takes custody of Dalt.
- Sand contacts Delwin to notify him that she captured the werewolf.
- They all gather in the situation room and start to compare notes.
- Radiance opens the tavern trump, the place is a mess but no one there.
- Amy starts combing through Dalt’s brain for details, after protesting.
- Delwin takes a look at the Pattern infused werewolf belt, which looks familiar. It feels like Oberon’s creation and less than a decade old.
- Meridian removes Dalt’s armor.
- Amy delves in and gets a bunch of information from Dalt, he was in collusion with the Thule invaders, by not much is there.

End state: Sand and Radiance went through one of the Trumps.
Meridian stuffing his face
Amy downloading.
Delwin supporting/peanut gallery.

Entertaining quotes from 6/7/14
At least, Sand finds them entertaining

“Maybe I should study necromancy.” Delwin
“It doesn’t make for great birthday parties.” Meridan
“Come on, who doesn’t love zombie clowns?” -GM

“I’m gonna be a princess of Amber that causes a diplomatic incident in Rebma, it won’t be the first time.”
“It’s the first time IN REBMA.” Amy

“So we have this carefully crafted effect that’s going to just take out the one target, and now she’s going to nuke the whole Shadow.” Carisus

“Two Logrus masters crafting a bio-toxin to aerosol across the Golden Circle, why would that bother Random?” Sand
‘Best to be diplomatic.” Carisus

“I never accidentally depopulate entire Shadows.” Sand

“You took over the Vitae wave and turned it around, parked it in front of Amber Castle.” Sand
“Yeah, can’t everyone do that?” Darren

“Oh, I can trump Dad, now that I know I don’t have to jack off first.” – Meridian

“You should never accidentally erase Shadows.”

“No kill like overkill.” Amy

“It was free!”
“And worth every dime.”

“Your targets seem to have not combusted so much as… burst.”

From Prince Delwin’s Memory Palace
Shadow Sorcery

In Defense of the Realm / Modifying a Realm
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Cort & Rodney’s
In attendance: Sand, Delwin, Amy, Meridian, Darren (sp?), Crisus

What a cock-up! The attack on Amber seemed half-assed, and was doomed to failure. Something only someone who hadn’t been to Amber ever could not have known.

Random’s funny and still the best with a needle and winging it on mixing drugs. Meridian’s pretty tough: Random’s unknown drugs in the coffee, this “Red Bull” and his dad’s necromantic sorcery boost, and then pushing himself quite far. A horse-sized injection of Random’s feel good juice, 18 hours of sleep, and something like three lumberjack’s breakfasts and he was right as rain.

From what Sand says, it seems Crisus has hold of a purer version of the Logrus, perhaps something like the way the Jewel relates to the Pattern? I have to chat with Radiance about this Horn of the Unicorn that he tried to Trump while on the Pattern, not knowing it was in the Logrus. That might do it.

There was a serious lack of coordination, Crisus and Sand spreading a bio-toxin through the Golden Circle to wipe out the Trump-blocking plants, and Amy smacking down Shadow-wide spells to kill the plants. Wasteful.
We visited the Bright Pattern. These modern Amberites are gullible and trust far too much in their static defenses and magics. Arrogant morons. It’s inaccessible by some basic shadow-geographic between Veils – I think it’s an effect of what happened to the Fire Pattern – and two statues, sorcerous, that scan for life and block certain effects. The Bright Pattern draws on and drains my Pattern Lens! If only there’s a way to get at that without being dead to walk it. Meridian’s Pure Vitae seems to very locally (an inch square) reset, reboot, purify the Pattern, but when he stopped pushing it, it overcame it rapidly. Henri, another of the new ones, mentioned he used Pure Order to blow the “necrotic fog” off of the Bright Pattern and it was a big, bad effect. Henri said the Bright Pattern doesn’t convert anything it doesn’t recognize to Pattern Energy, like the regular Patterns: it converts the soul to necrotic energy, and then the Pattern converts the rest as usual. Interesting. I have to look into this converting to Pattern Energy. That could be an interesting effect.

Darren seems to be able to manipulate Vitae (the Waves) at quite an advanced level, but entirely intuitively. Meridian thinks he needs formal training (as if he’s one to talk, the boy’s easily the worst teacher ever, and that includes prize winners like Dworkin and Oberon) and arranges something at The Colony through David, his dad. I gave Darren a Vitae Trump (Radiant’s) of me, so he has a way out.

We rambled out on a Wave, scanning for the specific Broken Pattern and Bright Pattern Imprints, and for Trump Plants.

Meridian. (sigh) The boy’s special. He thinks to Trump someone you need to be sexually attracted to him. Apparently Viktor told him so. On the other hand he has an idiot savant when it comes to Vitae and Sorcery. Intuitive. I spent the trip talking to him just to try and get in his head and understand his mental models of it. I don’t care for riding Waves and all the other stuff – using a Wave to power a spell is a lot of power, but it takes me away from Pattern and Sorcery, as would Bright Pattern actually – but the tie-ins with Sorcery are interesting: Sorcery working anywhere without adjusting for the Shadow context, sensing magic, and more. I’ve got a decent grasp of how Meridian thinks he sees it: now I need to plug through and translate it to my frame of reference to be able to work it. Once I sort through that, it’ll make my Sorcery a lot better. Meridian also does something interesting: he hangs spells in the Vitae. That took some doing, but I figured out how to use the Pattern to do something similar. It’s awesome. They’re stable, and I can rack twice as many spells as otherwise. Wow!

And Caine. Definitely need to catch up with him. He seemed to have lost it. He fakes his death, a fourth time, and nobody was buying it, was gone from Amber when stuff went down, and a shadow of himself, with the power to absorb other shadows’ powers, was hunting down other shadows of Caine – and still is, because apparently nobody cares – and Caine “was implicated” for an attack on the Chaos embassy. Since Random had to go an apologize for that, it stuck I guess. All in all, an admirable array of shortsighted stupidity, even by my siblings’ standards!

Apparently if you walk the Bright Pattern you become a typical undead zombie, but if you have a lot of sense of self, you can keep it together, become a higher order version. These are referred to as Revenants, Death Knights, or Liches. They can’t be killed by smiting them with life energy. They are resistant to direct magic. There were half a dozen of so, with different other abilities, like Shapeshifting, and included a Pattern Sorceror on a par with some of the best named Nero.

And now the biggie. We created a Sorcerous Source. Alas by accident. Unfortunately on Flora’s Shadow “Earth” and, wow, is she ever imaginative. She’s also responsible for this whole Thule debacle as apparently the first Führer was one of her lovers from Earth and she helped him and several of his cronies escape when the ur-Thule regime fell.

We found a plethora of Trump-blocking Trees and Broken Pattern Sorcerors on Flora’s Shadow Earth: tens of thousands of Broken Pattern Sorcerors. They were without the blue dwarfs, and put their Broken Pattern infused weaponry in storage – proving they’re smarter than most my family – and wide-spread throughout the shadow. They were infiltrating, using local thugs. The lower-level low-life were quite despondent as they started to realize they were unlikely to win this war. War? What were they’re selling to these people? I mean, attacking Amber this way? Lambs to the slaughter. We were nice to Flora and talked to her, and worked to try and keep her Shadow around. She gave us a “smartphone” and a list of her local contacts and, later, a Trump of her home in “upstate New York.” She’s nice. Gullible, but nice. Anyway, we went with a variation on combining the attacks on Thule and what I did in Miraway. We had Flora strengthen the Veils around this Shadow so none of the Broken Pattern Sorcerors would get away. In case of collateral damage, we worked in the middle of a local desert, the Sahara. Amy killed all the Trump-blocking plants in the shadow with one of her spells. I set up a spell to find all the Broken Pattern Implants, used Amy to provide me with power and had Meridian dump a Wave into it. Just like we did on Thule, with me playing the part of the Pattern, and instead of having sympathetic links using the spell construct I built before to seek the Broken Patterns. It was far too much power for me to hold, even with Amy backing me. I grabbed what I could, but since I didn’t have sympathetic links, only links once a target was found, I could only handle so much so fast and spilled out the rest – bigger by two orders –to Meridian sent it as a beam of Vitae straight up into space. As I held it together, somehow – but oh my fucking head! – I started to find targets and they fried. I fried them all. But without a Pattern filtering it, with Flora holding the Veils, I ended up Editing this Shadow, I imprinted an innate inimicalness for that specific Broken Pattern onto this Shadow. The Shadow is permanently infused with an inimical force against this specific Broken Pattern. And the beam of Vitae seared itself into the fabric of this Shadow: when we were done, and could stand again, looking at it, the beam had created a permanent channel of flowing sorcerous energy flowing up from the Sahara in that beam. Very cool! It’s just like at home, or the Font of Four Worlds. Flora had some fast talking to do and it got explained as something technical with benefits, and she hides it is a sorcerous thing. Still nice to have a fuel station near Ygg.

Wow, what a week. So many things. Creating Pattern Energy, hanging spells in the Pattern, Vitae, imprinting a Pattern imprint onto a Shadow so it will kill anyone with that imprint, creating a Sorcerous Power Source …

Amy's Journal - Road Trips

A mental journal entry during the Wave Ride:

I’ve never been a fan of road trips to begin with, but for all the metaphysical fascination that the Waves provide, being in one feels confining. Being locked away from my Pattern powers, floating in one bubble in the effervescent cosmic froth, with less than a Mount Pine’s grounds in real, solid scenery, I can’t help but feel… clipped.

It might surprise my new family, given what I’m known for, but I’ve gone for years, even centuries of subjective time without calling the Pattern (or my Broken Pattern, as was the case at the time) for support or aid. Given that, I’d thought a week or two without my powers wouldn’t bother me — but it’s one thing voluntarily abstaining from it, and an entirely different matter being unable to get it. Well, I could get it is the thing, but doing so would collapse the Wave into the Shadows “below” it, and myself and my companions would be just so much blood and guts strewn across some bizarre landscape.

Still, I feel it there, beckoning.

On the other side of it, this is the first time I’ve been up in a Wave for prolonged periods of time, and my senses are strong even without pulling up a Lens. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for study, and I’m taking full advantage of it.


I don’t know how Meridian would feel about my delicate prods, if he’s noticed them. Delwin and Sand would certainly object. It’s not that what I’m doing is dangerous… It’s just that it hasn’t yet been tried, so who knows what the second and third-order repercussions of it are.

Once again, I reiterate, it’s perfectly safe. A pity I don’t have any simulations for this environment back in New Tokyo to bear out my statement, only the rough mental models I’ve filled my brain with, and the fact that I’m not technically using the Pattern at all.

I think by the time we make it out the Chaos way, I’ll have a solid and predictive theoretical framework…

6/7/2014 - Adventure Log

- Darren had decided that he needed to step away for a moment, so stepped into the Shadow pocket. He goes to play his flute, and this time the door is locked, so he tries to put more effort into it. After some time he succeeds in exiting to a place similar to where he came in. It is grey and feels like it’s moving. He starts playing his flute again and can see the effects of his work in the air. He tries to leave — anywhere that’s not here. He pictures a Downtown, starts to play, and the fog thickens buut grows transparent, like it’s making a window. The fog starts to shape into the things he’s imagining. He tries to envision life and people fill the streets. He decides to press against the window. He envisions that the screen disappears, and it does. He tries to envision Meridian and one of the passersby adopts Meridian’s appearance. He envisions Castle Amber and begins to play. The window reappears and in the far distance is Castle Amber. He pushes through the window and steps into Castle Amber outside the gates. He stops playing, puts his flute away and walks in. He is challenged by the guards. An officer tells him Dmitri gave him special permission. Dmitri fills him in and sends him through to Amy.
- Amy pulls through Delwin, Sand, and Crisis, suggesting that they use Faerieland’s magical energy to make a stand. Delwin raises concerns about the Bright Pattern user. After discussing things, Delwin goes to a Fast Time Shadow to recoup while Amy pulls Meridian through and passes him to Delwin.
- Amy leaves Sand in charge to go to New Tokyo for a nap.
- Delwin gets a doctor to look at Meridian.
- Amy racks twelve Pattern-backed tree killing spells and gets some sleep.
- Delwin is racked and resting.
- Sand sends up animated black threads to hunt for Broken and Bright Pattern users. Next Shadow over: Nome. 2nd: 2 that die. 0. Golden Circle: None, and slows down in the High Pattern environment. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Arden, Rebma, Amber she meets resistance from Pattern.
- Crisis uses the Horn and the sample if tree that Amy found to try to find a canceling action for the Trump tree. Crisis comes up with a pest for the tree and Sand will mass produce it if Random approves it. Random agrees. They crop dust the Silver Circle and Golden Circle Shadows.
- Darren is alone with the Faerie residents. He pulls out his flute and plays a merry jig. A huge gathering forms around him. He grows to feel at one with the whole Shadow.
- Amy wakes, contacts Sand, who suggests not coming through. She contacts Crisus,.
- Crisis gets a trump from Mandir, gives a status report. Crisis warns Mandor about Sand’s being aware of the Horn’s power if not the Horn itself.
- Amy’s in Helmwind now. We contacts Random, gets permission and starts casting the spell in Amber. She goes to Rebma and casts it again. Casts in Arden. Goes to Cauldron, and after apprising Fiona, casts the spell. When she reaches Begma she tastes lemon curd, contacts Crisus and gets the update on biotoxin. She tells Sand not to go further, and returns to Faerieland.
- Delwin awakens and gets an update from Sand. Sand mentions Darren and between them they decide that Darren needs training, possibly under Meridian?
- Meridian wakes ravenously hungry but a bit fuzzy. Asks for status from Delwin. They discuss motives of the Bright Pattern user. Delwin contacts Random, Random says they’re out to Imminghoff and no major casualties.
- They discuss tactics and decide to investigate the Bright Pattern. They pick up Darren in Fallow, Meridian tells him that they should have Darren meet the shamans. They experiment on him with the Pattern. Amy then takes then to the Bright Pattern. Delwin takes notes on the Veil interactions as they come out on an Ashen Plain. They see Henry and Cassidy, ask for status, then Amy casts her Trump tree killer spell and Meridian checks from the wave if Pattern imprinted people are here. No one. Delwin gets an imprint of the Bright Pattern. Meridian has Vitae fed into it and it sends out necrotic energy.
- Meridian tries to purify/reboot the Bright Pattern to very little effect. Amy injects Abyss above it to no effect.
- They discuss the motive of the Bright Pattern user. Meridian uses psychometry to analyze the Shadow. He finds no information from a week and a half out and no useful information before.
- They leave into a Wave towards Chaos, deciding to scan for trump trees and Broken Pattern. Amy decides to follow up with Ramesh while the rest go on — promising to catch up after she finds out what he wants.
- Meridian contacts David to tell him that Darren needs a teacher, requests a shaman. David suggests that they meet at the colony.
- Amy off-screen.
- Amy returns to the Wave and they go on their way.
- They discuss the events of last season while the wave goes.
- They discuss Bright Pattern and Osric’s henchmen.
- Out to Ygg, nothing. Shadow Earth has tons of hits. Meridian stops the Wave. They apprise Random. They decide to abduct and interrogate an officer. Delwin makes him sleep, Sand trades places with him. They pull him up. Delwin reracks his spells.
- They drop down to Shadow Earth. Delwin warns Flora, and asks for support. She gives him a smart phone and a hardcopy address book of her associates.
- Amy pries very little information from the officer they abduct. The Sorcerers are in charge of it all.
- They discuss next plans.
- They bring Flora up to thicken the Veil, and then start creating a spell construct to kill the sorcerers. They teleport to the Sahara to set up, leaving Flora, by her wishes, in the warehouse. Amy casts the trump tree killing spell. They’re quickly overwhelmed by the energy, so Meridian shoots the extra energy upwards. The sorcerers’ life forces snuff out, with a few remaining, but they’re having a very bad day — having that Imprint is toxic. Flora comes through and they think through how to fix the new leyline.
- Delwin finds that the Shadow is now inimical to that Broken Pattern, but no surviving sorcerers.
- They go to Delwin’s Shadow to recoup and then return to Flora’s estate in Upstate New York. Flora explains that the “quantum event” will advance technology but will be appropriately channeled: no sorcery will come of it. The sorcerers burst rather than exploded.
- They decide to rest a day on Shadow Earth before continuing the scan.

Amy's Journal - Amber Alert

I’ve got a serious case of whiplash — mental, not physical, although after being Delwin’s Pattern-battery, I’m pretty tapped out physically too.

It all started after I returned from New Tokyo, where my assistants had compiled the paper copies of a few centuries of documents for the upload into my skull. I come back fired up and ready to trust-bust some Minor Houses and fix Amber’s economic ailments, and what do I come back to?

A shadows-spanning war.

Well, I didn’t come back to it. In fact, I think I had a hand in accelerating it, not that that matters much when your foe’s given you the ticket and you’re whistling as you sit in the line for them to call your number — what I’m saying is, we kicked off the party two days before the remnants of the Thule Armies were ready. We did this in typical Amber fashion: By abusing the laws of reality so hard that not even a Broken Pattern imprint could protect Thule’s sorcerers from being popped from a wave like so much prepubescent Shadow zit-juice.


Also, scary. I might have the personal fortitude to resist Delwin and Meridian’s combined efforts now, but what of me before I walked the Pattern? What of me before I came to Amber? The notion of this selective editing sickens me on a personal level. It sickens me more that I see it less vile than the alternatives — a gruesome war where millions die protecting a world order than benefits my family and I far more than it ever will them.

That’s why I forgive myself that miscalculation with the water planet. Besides, I never intimated that clutch-thinking was my forte. I mean, shit, I spent most my childhood meditating most the day. Even before I found the Singing Mountain, I had outlasted the sakura from first buds to the last leaf-fall — the minute that final crumbling green fell, I ate a meal so mighty it demanded atonement the rest of winter.

What I’m getting at is that I’m patient, and I feel I’m paying the price for that. Take, for example, the speed of my powers. If it came to blows, I might outlast Fiona — if I’m lucky — and precious few other relatives. Pretty much all I’ve been good for this fight is as a battery; a role I play a disturbing number of times, enough I might consider making batteries for others so I can do something interesting. Alternately, maybe I need a wand full of canned spells or something. Ugh.

And for all that I’m mostly just a sorcerous battery, it seems my powers are no longer as unique in the Family with a Logrus-user, two Vitae-users, and ANOTHER Pattern-Master that exceeds my skills (as if Fiona, as much as I like her, wasn’t enough!) hanging about.

I feel like I’ve lost my role at Court with all these new faces and bizarre capabilities.

Insecurity’s unbecoming of me. It’s best I uncover my own unique calling card — before people think they’ve got me pegged.

5/24/2014 - Session Log

5/24 Session Log
- Radiance has a dream of something calling, yearning for him, something from before his big change. He wakes and goes to the sculpting room, sculpting in clay whatever comes to mind.
- Sand goes to the library to research Vitae, finds a book on it by Fiona and reads it.
- Meridian receives a note from Dmitri saying to come see him. Dmitri wants a report. After receiving the report, he suggests that Meridian follow up on the remaining Thule Sorcerers.
- Meridian goes to breakfast as he thinks of how to properly do this.
- Radiance attempts to improve the sculpture with Vitae, but doing so disrupts his artistic flow and he loses the vision.
- Meridian goes to see Radiance. Radiance meets up with him in the spa, which is totally not awkward at all. They discuss using Trump to pull in the Broken Pattern sorcerers. They return to the dining room.
- They all discuss details, Amy objects to using untested sorcery on the scale being proposed. Amy and Sand make small talk as Meridian & Radiance discuss their potential solution to the Thule Sorcerers with Random. Random has objections, but Meridian overcomes them. Radiance mentions that his dragons were let loose during this conversation. He also brings up his dreams over the past weeks.
- Delwin talks to Random via Trump.
- Everyone discusses the plan to destroy the Thule Sorcerers by editing them from Shadow using Vitae, Sorcery, and Trump. Amy appears to think this is a terrible idea, but ends up going along when they go into the wave to cast the seek and destroy spell. AS soon as they get the spell going, the mechanism immediately gets pings, but it doesn’t overwrite the sorcerers. The team takes Trumps of the sorcerers instead and move on. Meridian reaches out into the Shadows and manually quashes anything with that specific Broken Pattern imprint, successful, but tiring. Delwin suggests that Amy, Sand and Delwin deescend from the Wave into Shadow to hunt out the missing sorcerers.
- Amy attempts to Manifest the Break on a convoy, which doesn’t do a whole lot, so she boosts it up until there are deaths in the convoy and then leaves it off. Sand flies up to scout and finds the center of the camp. She also finds a camp of short, squat blue men with beards and medieval armor in a camp a ways away from the main camp. Sand flies down to locate the trump-blocking shrubbery, navigating through sorcerous wards. She turns into a fly to reduce the obviousness of her investigation: It appears the troops are packing everything away. She bgallparks 50,000 people are in the main camp, twice to ten times that in the blue camp.
- Delwin makes the group invisible and teleports them all in. He then casts a sleep spell on the guards. The person on the radio queries the Lieutenant that just fell asleep. Amy half-assedly bluffs and ends up raising the alarm instead (as if she cares) Amy mind melds the commander as Delwin rifles through documents and stuffs them into a Shadow pocket.
- Amy’s probe discovers the “Event” referenced frequently, a mobilization that’s two days out. She digs for information on sorcerers and finds out that they went to the zeppelins (but where did they go afterwards?)
- Delwin informs Random of recent events and passes through some of the imprinted weaponry for analysis. They have the thought that the sorcerers might be at the Bright Pattern. The cannons from the airship start to train on them, but Delwin teleports them above the ship. Amy destroys the wards on the airship as Sand tries to use a Logrus Tendril to pierce in and kill the ship’s Trump-proofing plant — as she does, she’s attacked by Broken Pattern sorcerers, revealing that the Trump-plant also blocks Broken Pattern imprints from being detected by any sorcery, even those from the wave. Sand forces contact with the Broken Pattern sorcery and her Logrus Tendril, resulting in enormous explosions as the diametric forces annihilate.
- Delwin drops the zeppelins and the sorcerers die.
- Meridian and Radiance arrive on the Shadow. They all discuss next steps.
- Amy teleports to the next site noted on the map and destroys the zeppelin there. The next teleport she uses, the zeppelins have already left. She quickly checks the other camp sites indicated on this Shadow and discovers the same is true. She contacts the others and they go to another Shadow closer to Amber to catch the airships.
- Amy creates a spell for killing all vegetation within a certain area, converting their ki into Pattern energy. She racks two copies of that spell and unleashes one copy as Delwin unleashes an explosive decompression on another zeppelin. Then they Shadow Hop to Miraway.
- At Miraway, the Thule Invasion is in full force. Amy casts a broader vegetation destruction spell, then starts using abyss spells to drop airborne zeppelins from the air. Radiance and Meridian start popping the sorcerers from inside the Wave, but there’s resistance, so Delwin, using Amy as a power supply, attacks the sorcerers from the same Shadow before deciding on a better way to handle things: He detonates all Broken Pattern armaments within the entire Shadow. This drops both him and Amy for several minutes. Radiance and Meridian can easily clean up the remaining mess while Sand heals Delwin and Amy both. Meridian gets troop positions and tells Radiance to call Random (because he can’t get hard enough to make contact with Random?) They argue for a while about this, until finally Radiance puts a trump trap in Meridian’s hands which sends him straight to Random’s office.
- Meridian delivers the troop information to Random and then grabs a coffee (spiked with some other stimulant) and a pack of red bull before returning to the Wave above Miraway to gank more Thule Sorcerers.
- Things are pretty well contained on Miraway, so the group Shadow-walks to Imminghoff, the next Shadow over, a forest Shadow. Amy feels uncomfortable using her deforestation spell, so she grabs a branch from one of the Miraway anti-Trump trees, comes back, plants it, casts a growth spell on it, and beigins working out a sympathetic link between it and the other Trump trees.
- Crisus investigates the troop mobilization from Amber before getting sent back to the Embassy by Random.
- Meridian keeps killing sorcerers from the Wave, high as a kite on Red Bull and Coffee.
- Crisus gets pulled through by Radiance, and allows her connection to the Logrus to be used by Sand to create Black Tendrils.
- Amy finishes crafting her updated spell and creates a power source that slurps ki from all vegetation for power.
- Delwin remembers something about the forest and Trumps Sand to ask her to investigate his memories for him, but breaks contact as soon as he notices Crisus.
- Delwin updates Random about recent events, Amy also gets a call, so she fills him in.
- Radiance talks to Random & tells him there’s a plant in his room.
- Meridian contacts David for help, but is too wired, so Delwin takes over discussing solutions with David.
- Amy hops Shadows to a maritime Shadow. Knowing full well there’s not enough plants to support her ki-sucking spell, she casts the racked spell anyways, killing most major plant life on this Shadow. She hops to the next Shadow and begins working out a spell to use its leylines to kill the Trump-plants in it.
- David gives an energy construct to Meridian — help is also on the way.
- Delwin and Sand chat via Trump now that Crisus is no longer fused to Sand. Sand probes Delwin’s mind: Oberon had made Delwin make a Way that was impossible and damaging for both Shadows. With that information, Delwin drops into the Shadow to locate the remannt of the Way that he had made.
- Amy lets loose her spell in Faerieland, detects that there are Broken Pattern sorcerers revealed, and then jumps one Veil further.
- Delwin finds the WAy among a circle of devastated, barren land. It was modified so that small lifeforms could not travel it, but it’s been unused for ages.

4/26/2014 Adventure Log (with notes by Prince Delwin)
Die Zerstörung des Schatten Thule

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Cort & Rodney’s

In attendance: Victor, Sand, Delwin, Radiance, Meridian, Darren (sp?)

From the Notes of Prince Delwin

After the attack on Amber, my sister checked out the dragons over Kolvir. She Shapeshifted and flew over and found dozens of dragons basically roosted there, supported by an extensive operation to bring cattle up to them for feed, run by people wearing Amber livery. From time to time the dragons took long flights.

She went about setting up a home for us in Amber. As usual, she’s doing the whole good with people bit, interacting with the Andies who are sort of friendly innocent and just interested in setting up a family. She got dragged into tedious stuff from a number of minor houses asking her to look into things, checking paperwork, like tons of contracts involved in shipping. (note to self: this Amber bureaucracy has gone mad so avoid any and all official responsibilities and roles like the plague). She found that one of the houses involved in the bidding process got wiped out (the fires). She looked into what houses or people were involved in all of the contracts (one of them was one mentioned by Big Mike), another wiped out, and a whole ton more. It looked like collusion taking place with House Demose (sp?) wiped out. Before this happened, Caine would just pick who would do what (well, duh: how else would you run this rabble?): the records my sister found from 50 years ago were just Caine’s notes. 50 years ago Gerard took over because Caine made an ass of himself (be interesting to find out what he did or did not do). With the brilliance that Gerard is known for he decided that two millennia of monarchy obviously meant the best way to keep doing what Caine had been doing fine was to introduce this free market democratic bidding process. Well, with the rather predictable result that over last few decades eight minor houses that used to be involved in the process have disappeared. Gerard seemed to feel that minor houses shouldn’t be killed at all: Caine was of the opinion only our family should wipe out minor houses (note to self: time to go drinking with Caine and see what he was up to 50 years ago, because he seems to have a good, sensible head on his shoulders).

In the mean time I was back home, getting things set up to prepare for the influx of refugees from Thule. Sand Trumped me to let me know that the rest of ‘em had brought back a prisoner from the Thule forces’ forward base in Shadow. She brought me through.

Radiance had been working on getting the Trump to Thule to work and managed to tear apart the blocks and Trumped through. He Trumped Victor to let him know he did. Victor went into Radiance’s Trump-in room, and Trumped in Meridian, Sand, and me. While we were doing essential work like having lunch (the ham/cheese/jalapenos omelette on toasted sourdough that Radiance’s staff prepared was very good!) and trying to find something to say about Victor changing his colors from gray-on-gray to black-on-black-on-nightmare (it’s still better than some of the colors my apparently color-blind siblings picked). Dmitri Trumped me to let me know he “acquired” a new operator, with infiltration specialty and offered him to come along. I checked: apparently he wasn’t a spy from Dmitri, nor ablative nor sacrificial. I took him along anyway. Dmitri sent him through the Trump. In the meantime apparently our extended relevant preparations had taken longer than Radiance expected: his staff let us know he had returned and was in his Trump experimentation tower room.

We went up, introduce Darren around. Interesting story: he said for the longest time he had dreamed of Castle Amber. He used his magic flute to walk there: apparently he has music-based magic, and his flute let him walk to placed he imagines (the weird shit that some folks from Shadows go through to Walk In Shadows …).

Radiance opened the Trump to Thule: into the middle of some castle somewhere. Meridian went invisible and went through. He set of sorcerous alarms. Sand went through, melding into the floor as Meridian turned off the alarms. He was communicating about frequencies of magic and such (note to self: there’s some interesting stuff in this Vitae I need to look into). Victor went invisible and went through. Two guards shouted at each other, to go get a sorceror to figure out if it was a real alarm. Meridian and Victor went up the stairs to take out the guards, and another, local alarm went off. Victor took out the guards. Meridian tweaked the alarms to ignore them. As I’d had some time, I Enchanted my clothing to serve as armor. Radiance, Darren, and I went through as well. Part of the floor, my sister sensed a hundred people or so coming towards them down two hallways and stairs. She would bring down one set of stairs, while Meridian would take care of the other hallway. Radiance went through and found it was a nice castle that was retrofitted: sandbag machinegun nests with 8 to 12 machine guns.

Sand dropped the hallway, taking out dozens. Victor dropped amongst them, still invisible, and took out the remainder. The ones in back passed the word back for their captain. In the other hallway Meridian with great subtlety hammered a Force 6 hurricane wind down the hallway.

I was building a sympathetic magic link from the stone in the walls to the rest of the castle to get an idea of its layout. From lower hallways there came more sounds, but Radiance cast Backstage Chaos to block the sound (note: should I give my spells cool names too?). Then someone was kind enough to mention we were here looking for the Broken Pattern that the Thule forces used to infuse their weapons and Shadow shifting engines. And here I was trying to find the center of the castle! I long hand cast the spell I’d created before to track the specific Broken Pattern Thule used. It gave me a massive cacophony of responses, so I fiddled with the spell to tune down its sensitivity until I found the big one, a few thousand miles thataway. I prepared to cast a hung Gate to a mile above the Broken Pattern, figuring we’d have time to figure out something to not die while falling a mile (between Shape Shifting and Sorcery, why worry?). Unbeknownst to anyone but the ones involved, Meridian took flight, grabbed Darren, and they escaped the castle. They were starting to take small arms fire but weren’t concerned until they saw the Anti-Aircraft guns. I opened a Gate to a mile above the Broken Pattern and a massive flood of sea water (the smell and the weird-ass fishes!) hammered through. Meridian sensed the Gate opening, sensed various sorcerors reaching out with sweeping sorcerous scans. The next scan that came in he dumped raw Vitae into (note to self: Vitae is good against sorcerors). Meridian sensed me opening the Gate (note to self: Vitae is good in sensing magic, I mean, it’s like a whole sorcery toolbox).

As I had the Mold Element spell to muck with the stone of the castle, I created a stone slab, use a second Mold Element to bubble up the air and we all enter the good ship and I float it in through the Gate. Meridian worked on an air recycling spell the long way and Sand Shapeshifted the stone into perfectly clear crystal. I steer us towards the Broken Pattern at an angle.

Meridian scanned ahead and sensed sorcerous shields to protect against pressure, against scanning. He also sensed fragments of other, older magic down there, with a newer structure over it. As we got closer it turned out there was a city around it, which looked like it originally wasn’t under water. There were some bits attached to or extended from the structure: submarines likely.

Sand Shapeshifted into a shark, Radiance into a purple octopus with a light dangling above his head and they went to scout. Sand sensed periodic tickles. Radiance Trumped Victor to keep us connected and tell us. Sand sensed the tickling from two of the submarines that cast off and spread out. We think the tickling is sonar. There was no sea life there: driven off by sonar? Darren created a spell to make us look like the water around us to hide us as Radiance cast a Change of Scene, creating sources of sonar pings from everywhere. Meridian sensed it interacting with some other spell, detect, several alerts, activated some shields. I have an idea and discuss with Meridian if we can strengthen the shield bubble to separate out what is within it into a Shadow Pocket and have it ejected from this Shadow. I steered our ship outside the submarines’ pincer movement and angle around them towards the Broken Pattern. The submarines fired on something, using extra Broken Patterny weaponry. Then the submarines moved elsewhere. Lights came on on the structure, then went out again (it’s not as if they lit up much that far down).

I had another idea: use the thaumaturgic link from the Broken Pattern to its initiates to kill with magic, using Pattern to stabilize the adjacent Shadows to serve as an insulation and focus the effect within this one. Meridian thinks it could work and we cheerfully discuss the theory of it (it is so good to have someone that actually understands magic and can intelligently discuss it).

In the mean time, Sand and Radiance got to the structure over the Broken Pattern and tunneled underneath the hemispherical structure and wards (you’d figure people would learn, I mean, really, hemispherical wards?). As they went in we lost the Trump contact with Radiance. Sand and Radiance Shapeshifted to flies and went in. They found the control room, lit by flashing red lights and sirens. The cres was panicky, debugging the myriad sonar signals. Radiance shut down the false alarm spell. It cut down on their panic. Sand and Radiance made their way through the concentric layout to the inner structure over the Pattern.

In the mean time, Meridian borrowed a Trump of David from Victor and Trumped David, to ask him if he could get “the shamans” to run our idea by them. Apparently David brings in three of these Shamans and Meridian starts explaining our idea.

Sand and Radiance oozed in, burning through the inner shell, and got in. They found bored guards and solid red lights. In the inner shell was the Broken Pattern and a large plant. Apparently the source of the Trump block. Radiance cast Stay On Your Mark on the guards, trapping them in bubbles: one of them took out a walkie talkie. Sand and Radiance cut down the “plant” (3’ across, 5, 6” stem, in a big pot). While they cut down the plant, the guards ran out of air and became unconscious. The lights changed to yellow. Radiance felt the plant felt a bit like Trump. Radiance stomped on the plant and ended up with half a dozen leaves with his Trump impression on them: effectively Trump sketches of him. Radiance absorbed them, filed the Trump impressionability characteristic away for later use and reproduction so that now he could make Trump impressionable material.

With the plant gone, the Trump block was gone and Radiance Trumped Victor. He brought all of us through.

Meridian and I start the spell construction while Sand, Radiance, and Victor go clear out people from the area around us to keep us safe and Darren provides a final backstop. Sneaking around they find a control center. Radiance extruded the Trump impression material into throwing darts with Trump Tramps on it to Trump whomever it hits outside. Radiance took out all but two guards who took cover, one of them reaching for a button on the console. Victor dove into a roll and came up, cutting off the guy’s hand. He then cut the second guard in half and went back to the handless guard to kill him too.
Victor put the base on lock down from Control Center 3 to slow down their opposition.

Sand, Radiance, and Victor moved on to Control Room 5, from the communications they found out that “The Lieutenant” was trying to get into Control Room 3. Radiance opened a Trump to Control Room 3 behind them and as the lieutenant got in, he Trumped him out using a Trump Trap Dart. Victor killed two pair of opponents on the way to Control Room 5.

They get into Control Room 5, killed half a dozen, but one of them set off an alarm. Control Room 1 called in as it apparently was the only place to turn it off. Radiance Trumped Darren and brought him through. Darren used his music magic to make the alarm irritating to people, supported by Radiance casting a Change of Scene. The alarms cut off and were turned off. Then Darren changed his music and turned people to sleep. Radiance and Victor were to go on, while Sand stayed with Darren to protect him while he kept playing.

Moving on, Radiance found his Trump Trap Darts didn’t imprint when used on people that were asleep, but Victor was a good alternative, killing everyone they found as they passed through the base. Radiance sent one live opponent to Flora. Radiance and Victor killed their way into Control Room 1 and turned off air to everywhere but Engineering and Control Room 1 and 5. They went over to Control Room 2 and Victor killed everyone there (something of a theme, or is it more of a habit?). They went on to Engineering, killed everyone there (see?) and locked down all connecting doors. They went and manually overrode all the locked down doors, then Trumped Sand to update them on their progress and to let them know Darren could stop playing as everyone was dead. They all returned to the Broken Pattern room where we’d been working.

We finished building the spell and set it up just after a Vitae Wave passed. I sealed the doors to the Pattern Room and punched through the shell over it to flood everything outside the Broken Pattern room to slow down anyone coming in. I cast two Shields to block people from coming in (not hemispherical ones, thank you), and an Illusion to hide what was inside. Radiance Trumped us away before it went off.

Something Pattern-like interacted with my spell construct, overlaying it with something. I opened Pattern Lenses to check what happened. Necrotic energy infused everything my spell linked to. It changed all the Broken Pattern Initiates to Bright Pattern Initiates! I traced the influence on my spell construct back to its source, the person who did this. There was a strong trace of Bright Pattern and a departure. The rest of my Pattern Lenses scanning the Shadow showed the bases had imploded, all the people were dead. I did not find anyone alive. I scanned out to the refugee camps I knew about, and found some people alive.

We needed to get all of this now Bright Pattern infused technology taken care off. Meridian traveled us out in a Vitae Wave, speeding it up as much as possible, stopping a Veil out. I popped out and edited out the links from Thule to the Shadows around it and Meridian started to liquefy the Shadow (yep, Vitae again: it’s not just good for sorcery), stopping any Shadow Storms that result from the hurried changes. As the Shadow goes I pop the four concentration camps I found into Shadow Pockets, saving perhaps 50,000 of these “Jews.” I scanned further, finding many military bases unoccupied. I tracked the Bright Pattern departure to the Führer Bunker.

Radiance Trumped Random to tell him what’s been going on. He went back to his castle and found both of his black dragons missing. Radiance Trumped the two dragons, shielded them, and brought them back. He asked his servants who told him the dragons had “just disappeared.”

Darren went into a Shadow Pocket (his?), without disturbing the Vitae Wave, exiting the Vita Wave to the inside of the Shadow Pocket. Apparently not the way it was supposed to work: it disturbed Meridian.

According to folks, only one minion of Osric was known to have the Bright Pattern. When the change happened, she went nuts and eventually was killed by Mandor.

Meridian finished removing the former Shadow Thule, giving the Vitae a necrotic tinge that Meridian checked that it assimilated and unformatted over time.

We go back to Amber.

Amy's Journal - Fight Club!

Dear Diary,

By all Spirits and Gods I ache — what would possess me to think I’m a warrior or something? I practice the forms to cultivate virtuous ki, not to bash skulls in — I weight too little for that! Besides, he had a gun!

But then, it was pretty exhilarating. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like an even match, and let’s face it, I’ve got to go pretty far outta my weight class to face an even match. That and he had a gun! Because of the gun, and taking him alive, I decided to let myself blink about a bit in the fight — not quite fair, but then, HE HAD A GUN.

I don’t think I can stress how much I fucking hate getting shot. Even getting shot AT is no fun. The noise and the smell. Ugh. Those metal wasps piss me the hell off, and they have ever since they first made the scene in the Shadow that became New Tokyo. It was my doing that those damned things were outlawed on that Shadow. They’re a danger to the Peace!

Where was I? Sorry — blood’s still pumping and it’s hard to focus on this paperwork Gerard gave me. Kind of why I’m writing in my journal instead of being a responsible, diligent adult.

At least I’m not writing about a boy. Diary, if that happens — well, it won’t.

So yes, I shouldn’t be fighting like this. How dangerous would it be if some among my potentially-still-treacherous family realized how martially inept I actually am? The kata I learned as a child look really pretty, and they’re a great bluff, but they’re no substitute for real gritty combat experience.

I’ve got to train harder in that — preferably away from the Family.

Hey Diary. Wanna be my Tyler Durden?

4/12/2014 Session Log

- Meridian has been lost in the City for a full day now. He makes it to the dock and hits a bar. He has issues with currency, but negotiates with an urchin to show him to the castle in exchange for some materialized jewels. That gets him to the Castle. He finds a chief servant and gets guided towards a Family dining room. Caine, Gerard, and Fiona are dining. He strikes up a conversation with Gerard and also Caine. Nazis and Destiny are some of the topics.
- Radiance rings Meridian and comes through. They discuss Amber economics, and Radiance gives Meridian a set of Trumps.
- Radiance inquires as to Amy and Victor’s location. He then Trumps Amy and gives her the new Trumps (Meridian, Delwin, Sand). He then forces a Trump connection to Victor. Victor manages to deflect Radiance from coming along for the journey.
- Amy and Victor discuss battle plans. Victor observes the area, formulates a plan, and calls in Meridian. Meridian scouts and further assesses the camp. Amy and Victor go in. Victor talks their way through the bureaucracy and they begin unloading the vehicle. Meridian intercepts a sorcerous detection and blocks Amy/Victor from being detected.
- Victor chooses this time to attack the Sergeant. Meridian follows Victor’s slaughter of all nearby guards with unleashing a Category 4 hurricane. Amy takes cover and starts opening Scrying Lenses into the cabin where the Nazi Sorcerer ought to be to find him. Radiance comes through a Trump with Meridian and makes an epic light-show and soundtrack while Meridian deconstructs the sorcerous shield surrounding the place and starts to make his descent.
- Amy scries into the building, all offices, basement workshop. Inside the basement, the sorcerer is trying to cast a spell, so she sweeps a Lens through it, and then teleports behind him and hits him in the back of the head with the hilt of her katana. He drops and she kicks him repeatedly.
- Radiance creates a loud banshee wail outside.
- Victor slaughters Nazis, who are slowly growing to realize that this is not their soundtrack.
- Meridian lands at the bunker’s door, kicks it open, and tells the machinists inside to drop their weapons and leave or he will kill them. They open fire, so he destroys them.
- In the basement, Amy interrupts another casting with a kick to the sorcerer’s face.
- Radiance starts to attack the Trump blockage around the camp.
- Amy’s foe pulls a gun. She teleports behind him as he fires and then re-engages.
- Radiance triangulates the locus of the Trump block and throws up a shield around that locus.
- By sheer luck, no one in the basement is bissected by the barrier. Amy’s opponent starts casting a spell, she tries to cast her spell faster, but he beats her to casting his spell and shifts one shadow away. Amy follows him.
- Meridian reaches the basement and starts destroying the sorcerous loci he finds inside.
- Amy tackles the sorcerer and begins to grapple him as he’s casting another spell. She attempts to Shadow Walk back with him, but he’s twice her weight, and so it’s a struggle.
- Meridian destroys all the stuff in the basement that has any sense of sorcery about it, including a potted plant.
- Amy gets tired of using her muscles and engages the sorcerer in a direct contest of wills. He crumples into unconsciousness. She pulls him back into the basement just as Gerard calls her back to Amber. She disappears.
- The wind dies down. Meridian moves upstairs with the sorcerer. Radiance creates a drag queen runway from him to the middle of the bunker, collapsing it. Meridian is trapped in the building, puts up a shield, and Vitae shifts.
- Victor uses the distraction to grenade and machine gun the troops. Radiance shields up as the small arms fire starts to break up the runway.
- Victor stays cautious but continues to mop up the resistance.
- Meridian conjures a Vitae army and walks out. The Nazis suicide spectacularly. Music trails off into a pastorial theme in a minor key.
- Victor takes a moment to drink in the scene and then mercy kills the few left. Then he searches the bunker for paperwork.
- Radiance changes scene to Bambi opening, music, flowers, cavorting birds.
- Meridian wave rides to Amber with the Sorcerer as prisoner.
- Victor gathers all the paperwork… All of it. Radiance helps.
- Victor calls Gerard to get a unit of troops to secure the area and helps gather the documents: The Nazis have been here for at least 6 months and have plans for a year out. Victor starts going through the documents to understand all of it. This Shadow is about 2/3rds of the way through their system.
- Radiance unburies the slain Trump plant to examine it, and decides to Trump home with it for further study.
- Andy comes through with the support troops. They set up. Victor briefs them on the ordinance.
- Meridian arrives and talks to Gerard, takes the sorcerer to reserve barracks and begins examining him. He is imprinted with Broken Pattern.
- Radiance contacts Meridian and offers to enforce the Trump protections.
- Victor returns and spends some time writing reports and trying to find Meridian. Eventually he talks to Gerard and gives him the filtered documents and finds Meridian’s location. They decide to let Dmitri run the interrogation, while Caine questions.
- Amber is involced because the Nazis attacked the Silver Circle Shadow Texorami.
- He is Gerhad Smitz of the 4th Circle. They know of Amber, Amber is their target. Victor has a bit of a bitch off with him, it has been over 400 years since Victor’s days. They are working to bring the rule of the Master Race to the other universes. Chaos is not an immediate target. He says there are billions of them vs. a few of the royal family. They are only aware of one Broken Pattern.
- They put the sorcerer in a cage in a time sped up slow wave to break his will.
- The Broken Pattern that they’re aware of is in Thule. Meridian has the resonance patterns of the Trump Plant. Flora has a Trump
- Flora and Radiance resist, get Trumped from Random. Go to earth, track down the plant but its not close, so they find the Plant’s shadow.
- Lots of Broken Pattern movement, imprints. They follow it to large base where Plants are all over, generating trump block. Gerard wants to destroy it, but Meridian suggests isolating it instead. Victor trumps Fiona, who willingly sequesters the plants.
- Meridian and Victor return to Amber.
- Radiance works through the Thule Trump Block leaf by leaf.


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