Chronicles of Andy

Time for a Fuckin!

-Ramesh and Victor Getting ready to whore ourselves out, Ramesh

for a month, Victor for 1000 years.
-Dmitri comes back and chats with Crisus about what has been

-Dmitri and Crisus investigate second crime scene
-Ramesh researches boobs
-Dmitri talked to Random about helping out using the jewel of

judgement—Random blows him off
-Ramesh goes to the Oleai to start his one month bang program
-Dmitri and Crisus go on a dragon hunt
-Battle with the dragon! Dmitri and Crisus win! :)
-Ramesh’s bodily fluids are being drained.
-Crisus resumes some of her duties as ambassador
-Crisus sends note to Sarah saying, An agreement has been reached
-Serpent will be released

Fuck Fest in Oleai land

victor had a party well Flora did
Ramesh went to a whore world with this fleet and had a bunch of

Dan is playing with his dragon, cheap shadow cattle
THis dragon is seriously high maintenance

Caine is killed
Victor, Kyle and cort investigate.
Gerrard called in to help, he calls off Chaos tells them to go

Ramesh sets up his fleet on an industrial shadow.
Andy Trumps Ramesh and asks him to come help in Amber.
Ramesh trumps Benedict to let him know what is going on
Ramesh trumps to Amber

Crisus speaks with Random about approaching Armed Chaosian forces

approaching Amber

Victor speaks with Gerrard after his investigation. Victor

believes things were staged. Who would kill Caine, and who would

want to kill Caine again.

Crisus trumps Merlin and updates him on situation. Not an

“official” Chaosian attack
Victor talks to Crisus about the approaching Chaosians.

We prepare a welcoming party for the Chaosian invaders.
Plans are made!
Diplomacy first!
We meet with the opposing faction. Rhakal is there, and Dalt is

there too.
Diplomacy goes poorly. We sit upon the precipice of war!
Random is notified.
Andy and Gerrard are notified. Troops are brought in and ready

for a fight.
Ramesh has problems opening up his stomach, and has Malakai help

retrieve an item from Ramesh’s chaosian stomach

Corwin joins the party
Merlin Joins the party
Sh’David Galen joins the party
(too many for a group, we are going to have to break into a raid)

The conflict resolves peacefully with the Chaosians signing a

treaty for peace. 25 years of peace in exchange for the Chaosian

artifacts. Done deal. The armies depart without firing a shot.

Sh’David Galen has a formal request the next day for 20 voluteer

amberites to spend 10 centuries in Oleai land for the purpose of

Negotiations ensue.
Victor offers to go for 1000 years
Ramesh negotiates meet and greets that Flora can plan to help

populate the Oleai lands

Sense and Crushability

Crissus & Malachai return to the Chaosian Embassy; taking with them Gary, drugged with a psyche consuming poision. Malachai settles in to rework Gary’s biology and remove the toxin with the hopes of interrogating him later.

While Malachai works on 4th meal, Crissus reviews her data crystals containing the information her spells were able to gather from Gary’s rather modest accomidations. The evidence is fairly clear, he was drugged by Lt. Jenkins, who snuck in while he slept and injected him. This seems rather off task for a merchant ship’s steward and Crissus decides he warrents further investigation.

Unfortunately, before she is able to gather her darker self and do so, it becomes evident that Malachai has over-estimated his ability to manage the toxin and while not in real danger, managing the toxin is taken up all of his attention and will take and even greater amount of his time. Disapointed with herself, Crissus departs alone the locate Lt. Jenkin’s ship, the Seaspray.

The ship is in port, and it’s registration shows it is owned by a fairly uninteresting shipping agency. Bored by the academic avenue Crissus shifts into the form of a rat and sneaks on board. The exploration proves fairly quick as the Seaspray is not a large vessel, the Captain’s and most of the officers quarters are uninteresting but when Lt. Jenkin’s cabin is located it proves very interesting indeed. Sparse and almost oddly ulitarian, magic reveals several hotspots, as well as the faint signature of some power use in the air, psychic in nature, possibly Trump.

Investigating the hotspots, Crissus finds a secret compartment in the floor containing weapons, tools for the practice of sorcery and small and sundry thieving tools. The desk contains a warded drawer with several Trumps:

A blond woman

A young, dark man

An older, bald man

The Trumps are pattern based but Crissus does not recognize any of them. She records the images but leaves everything where she found it and carefully restores the wards and removes evidence of her working and presence. Intriqued, but with more questions than answers, she returns to the Embassy.

Dimitri has been working with his Dragon, setting up and warding his cave with shields and illusions. His magical “turbo-charge” has been effective in aiding the creatures flight in Amber, but has not lasted as long as he would have liked. The Dragon is, understandably, less than enthralled with his current situation, but is unwilling to back down on his committment to Dimitri.

Eventually the conversation moves to what is, and is not, allowable as prey animals. Dimitri arranges to have servants abandon cattle around the area of the cave every couple of days. Explanations were not provided but this is not nearly the strangest request the help has received from the royal family and if one of them wants to randomly seed feral cattle into the surrounding hills, it shall be so.

The dragon being settled, loosely at least, Dimitri returns to the Castle and is promptly trumped by the Chaosian Ambassador, who requests he join her at the Embassy. A request he graceously grants.

Crissus shares what she found on the Seaspray, most prominently the three trumps whom she hopes Dimitri will recognize. Sadly he does not and does point out that while the other two could possibly be distant relations, the elderly man couldn’t be family, he is simply too old and too unattractive. Arrogant as that may sound, it has the virtue of also being true and Crissus is forced to cede the point. That said, Dimitri is willing to research the images using his own sources at the Castle and promised to include the Ambassador on whatever information he reveals.

During their conversation, Crissus receives a note from House Demose requesting attendence on the Lord Stephen Demose. Given this is the house that hosts the Lady Sarah, Crissus wastes no time in answering the summons and arrives at the family’s business offices in Amber city, bringing along Dimitri out of politeness.

The office is still open, which is odd given the lateness of the hour. Both Crissus and Dimitri and greeted and taken immediately to the head office and the Lord Stephen. The usually polite greetings are exchanged, but it is clear the Lord Stephen is uncomfortable with Dimitri’s presence and Crissus politely requests Dimitri step outside. He does so and Lord Stephen relaxes, marginally, and reveals the true reason for his request.

Sarah has a message from, as he puts it, their “mutual friend”. The Serpent wishes to change his accomedations and wishes Crissus to assist it in doing so. Crissus is a bit taken aback, both by her selection and by why it feels it needs her help. The exile being largely self inflicted to protect Chaos during a point of vulnerability, the only think keeping the Serpent in the current arrangement is the political ramifications of it leaving.

Being at least somewhat all knowing, the Serpent has predicated these concerns and offered helpful suggestions. It recommends two possible paths leading to it’s legitimate release, either 1) Improve relations with Amber to such an extend that that Crown no longer sees the need for such heavy handed tactics or 2) Offer the crown a trade, the surrender of factious elements in Chaos for Amber justice.

Still somewhat reeling from the message and unsure how it might be enacted, Crissus instinctively sets up a cover for the visit, hiring the services of House Demose as logistical consultants for the Emabassy. Retrieiving Dimitri, she returns to the Embassy. She does not mention the nature of the conversation with Dimitri and he does not enquire.

The following morning Crissus sends a formal request to King Random for a private audience, and another, less formal request to the Lord of Rackall, a middle level Chaosian house Crissus has worked with in the past.

Rackall response first and after a quick transit to Chaos Crissus meets him one of the public Ways. He has information on House Gachall. They are minor, but responsible for the other Abyssian artifact recovered by the meddling Amberites. They are on the schedule as a sacrifice House but have muddied the waters by making a formal request for the return of their artifact, which is creating a diplomatic incident, at least on the Chaosian side of things.

Crissus suggests the simpliest solution is the exterminate the House given their minor status. However Lord Rackall notes that Merlin has chosen not to go this route, at least not directly.

Disapointed with the ineffectivness of formal government, Crissus travels to Mandorways and discusses less formal options.

Ramesh receives a note from his father to please meet with his mother Neetu. Given that Benedict currently has her…safe, the arrangements are extensive but eventually he is led to a wooded shadow where she is waiting for him.

Long conversations ensue, couples with constant changing of Shadows as part of an elegant security arrangment. Benedict is more concerned than Ramesh realized, and speaks as though he is ready to move to direct confrontation with Andy and his family. He notes that they have been arming recently, each with their own unique abilities and even the slightest misstep on Benedict’s part could result in a conflict that, viewed tactically, rapidly becomes unfortunate. Clearly the only way to balance the equation is to act pro-actively.

Dimitri seaches for and eventually locates Bleys. Eventually he gets around to requesting that his father create a set of Trumps for him, allowing the Dragon to move back and forth between Amber and Dimitri’s personal Shadow.

Bleys is willing, but will need to see the cave to create the works. They travel their via horseback, giving them time to catch up. Dimitri gently probes Bleys as to his feelings on the Andy’s and Benedict, but Bleys is vague on the subject and little of substance is forthcoming.

Arriving at the cave Bleys is impressed, and somewhat amused by the Dragon. The Dragon appears to feel roughly the same about Bleys, who commences to work on the Trumps.

His father ensconsed and working, Dimitri returns to the Castle and researches the Trump images provided to him by Crissus in the family library, but finds nothing of interest. He eventually creates physical sketches and shares them with his father, but he claims not to recognize them.

Crissus has her formal meeting with Random and delicately works her way to the Serpent situation. Random seems mildly surprised but warily open to discussing the possiblities. Crissus guides the conversation around the clear lack of military threat offered by Amber as a whole by Chaos, particularly given the long death of the Black Road but notes that in a more selective vein the assistance of a grateful Chaos could go far to support a monarch beseiged by unrest within his own court, and possibly his own family.

Random was interested enough to think on the matter and promised to get back to her with a first draft of a set of conditions. Satisfied that she had done what was realistic at this stage, Crissus expressed her thanks and returned to the Embassy.

At closing….

Crissus is back at the Chaosian embassy, rumiating on her conversations with Random.

Malachi has completed his processing of the toxin and Gary, and is ready to share his results.

Ramesh is travelling with his armies, shadowwalking them into new territories more amiable to a support of Benedict should it come to that.

Dimitri is with his father and Dragon.

Game Log #2

Night 1:
After sneaking in to investigate the relics, Victor is trapped for a couple hours waiting. Eventually escapes when Paddy leaves, but Caidy seems to have sensed a change as the invisible man crept by.

Day 2:
Victor, Ramesh, Crisus and Malachai (Mystery Team) meet to head towards an office building to question a potential witness to the attack on the Embassy and the escape of Lord Urgosh.

Dmetri meets with Dragon and uses it to fly to a mountain top. He is met in midair by Crisus and Malachai. A quick conversation later and they are heading back on their separate ways.

Mystery Team continues its mission and heads towards the Golden Circle LLC shipping company to question witness to Urgosh breakout. Witness is night time manager.
Baron (Foreman and owner?) is acting strange. We incapacitate him with fungus and question him to learn what he knows. Ooops. He was just fishing for info to get a heads up in deals, not actually guilty of anything.
Meet Hendricks, the witness, and learn that he saw orbs of light in the sky that then sent a lance of fire from it.

Mystery team goes towards another witness, at the Tipsy Pig. They meet the bar owner, and after some antics, they get the address for the witness named Gary. Also they learn from the innkeep that Gary is being sought by another group. Crisus leaves a blood creature behind for the barkeep to send if the people show up looking for Gary again.

Dmetri argues with his dragon. He meets with Henry and gives him a download of what all he knows about the relics. Henry advises/orders to not tell Benedict of what was found, and to tell the group to do the same, especially Ramesh.

Dmetri returns to the relic room to cast spell to get info. Paddy and Hilde trump Henry and make arrangement to each work on relics. Dmetri given the stone relic to study.

Mystery Team finds Gary at his home. Gary’s mind had previously been affected by Henry and Cadie which then gave him the desire to drink until he blacked out. Approach taken left him shaken and now unsure over what he saw.


Dmetri questions Gary through Information magic.
New lead – Mark
Mark and Gary chatted about what they had seen. Includes dancing lights and a shadowy figure. Mark is a porter at the livery on 12th.

Half a dozen lights created a spell, shadow at the epicenter then released a lance that burst from it. Shadow is a solid that was creating an occlusion. A cloud in midair was the occlusion and sorcery was done through it or from it.

Informed that Henry is also investigating. Trump to Random. Show random the found info to him. Corwyn’s pattern is the lance per the jewel. Believed to not actually be Corwyn.

Crisus trumps Corwyn. Audience out of the frame.
Corwyn denies attacks.
Corwyn suggests that Pattern is faked. Caine?
Stonewalling clearly.

Crisus trumps Fiona.
Shares info with Fiona.
Fiona adds credance to potential disguise.
Fiona/Dworkyn/Jewel all capable of disguising pattern.

Crisus trumps Mandrik(sp?)
Shares info.
Able to add credance to potential coverup.
Ask Lady Darrah about extra kids.

Crisus trumps Urgosh.
Trip into Cauldrom.
Jackal guards meet us and lead us into Castle.
Taken to see Saif.
Saif trumps Random.
Random aware of Urgosh death. Urgosh was destroyed and piecemealed.
Malachai took all of the parts of Urgosh (he believes)

Night 2 -
Crisus and Malachai dig into Urgosh’s memories and try to detangle him and his motivations.
Dmetri works on dragon research to give it flight.
Ramesh investigates Saif and finds Benedict geared up for war. Armour, gun and all.

Day 3 -
Dmetri checks on the relic. Data acquired to the beginning of its existance.
10 years ago there was a spike of activity.

Crisus’ blood creature returns with info on guy from the fleet who was pushy. Image of guy is given. Lt. Jenkins of the SeaSpray.

Dmetri asks Random to establish a cave for his dragon. Is shown a specific mountain to create a cave in.

Crisus and Malachai find Gary drugged and slmost dead in his home. Malachai takes over his body and begins to walk him towards the Castle.
Crisus finds Mark at the bar and implants a tick on his body, to tell if any poison suddenly enters his system.

Game Log #1
Introductions and Investigations

Game 1 Log

Character Introductions

Formal Reception Party.
Andy’s Victory
Public Surrender of the enemy
Minor House: Urgosh
Hildy and Freddy’s return from Abyss

Cheering throngs of citizens!

Pit diving turned up some wagons of stuff!

Random speaks to the crowd, thanks Hildy and Freddy.
Lord Urgosh trying to be dignified but sense of contrition
Lord Urgosh cries outrage for the pit diving stuff hildy and

freddy aquired. Tension mounts!

Guards establish defensive posture.

Crisus slaps Lord Urgosh.
Lord Urgosh detained, Crisus plays diplomat

Party goes on, pleasantries, and polite interactions.

Lord Urgosh escapes. Crisus trumps back to the Embassy, but Lord

Urgosh is already gone. Appears someone helped him escape.

Investigation begins to figure out where Lord Urgosh goes.
Crisus trumps King Merlin, who appeared drunk or on drugs. Merlin

said, that he didn’t have a good alibi. Curious. No diplomatic

headway was made.

Ramesh gets assigned to investigation by Andy.
Group gets together to investigate.
Group trumps to the Embassy.
Through spells, it is determined that a blast came from the air,

from far off. It was of pattern that is not like that of AMber.

Implicating Corwin.

The group investigates the objects found in Hildy and Freddy’s

Abyss dive. One stone was determined to have been a part of a

cult that worshipped Benedict. Ramesh felt warm feelings coming

from the stone, but no definitive answers to anything.

Ramesh trumped Corwin, talked to him about Lord Urgosh’s escape

and the foreign pattern magic that was found there. Not as a

threat, but as a “Hey, if you know something, let us know!”

Game ends with everyone going off to bed. Not together mind you,

but rather in their separate quarters. All investigations have

been left for the next day.


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