Chronicles of Andy

2/15/2014 Session Log

- Victor receives a note from Flora. He is told to consult with Amy for further information.
- Meridian brings Victor down from the waves. They play darts along the way.
- Amy meets up with Victor and Meridian and tunnels them all from Ygg to the Forest of Arden. They then decide to go manticore hunting. They stop in Julian’s ranger camp at night, where Meridian ditches Victor & Amy to hang out with the soldiers.
- The group leaves to hunt. They reach the edge of Arden, where Meridian goes out to scout and find manticores. After finding some, Amy and Victor dismount while Meridian goes to pull. They kill three manticores and send a fourth to flight. After taking trophies they spend the night back at the ranger camp.
- The next day they pass barracks and training facilities and discuss the military buildup. As the group goes through the gates, Amy discusses with Meridian the logistics of city upkeep. They make it to the castle and get settled into their rooms.
- Amy contacts Crisus and gifts the manticore stings to her, since Amy has no real use for them. Afterwards, Amy starts sorting out her schedule and the things left undone while she was away.

Bleak 99 and Black 19

Numb fingers fumbled for the New Tokyo Trump. It took too long to activate, testament to my weakness.

I risked Saif’s life. I endangered him just as I endangered New Tokyo,
(seventeen billion dead)
just as I endangered children and musicians with my unpreparedness,
(two dead, dozen wounded)
just as I endanger the Family because I’m too weak,
(a dozen soon dead, including Random and his heir)
just as I endangered my first family at Mount Pine,
(two hundred twelve dead, sixty-two maimed)

I arrived in darkness. Panic struck. I feared I’d Trumped the Void instead, but the fear passed. Time, gravity, air, solid wood — the Void has none of these things.

I was in my skyrise apartment’s den.

I slept. My dreams (as always) were bad.


I remember little for a long time. I recover. When the Family Trumps me, I answer only for Random. Only then, I say I need a break. He asks how long. I don’t know.

Contact tapers off.

I leave New Tokyo. Guilt-stink hangs all over that Shadow now. I stand at the Void’s edge instead, although I now know that the Void touches everything; this is just a Shadow where the Void is visible to any common idiot.

At Mount Pine, I learned that all things are connected. In old age (if such descriptors can stick to the functionally immortal) I know the truth: All things touch the Void, but this implies no connection. I stare off the edge at an undeniable truth I wish nonetheless to deny. The Void just sits there, stark denial to my childhood convictions, to my lifelong struggle to prove my existence, to my power, to the lives my mistakes wrecked or ended.

I want to control it. Control it and defeat it.

The Shadow shifts around me and a peach pit falls into my hand. It’s a simple matter to grow it to where it will provide me shade from the Shadow’s pink Van Gogh sun. I sit beneath the peach tree, modified by my magic to provide peaches and blooms at once, and get to work.

The Abyss slowly yields its secrets, one by one, each revelation driving joy from my mind. Still, I rob Old Man Nothing, though it provides me no joy, no solace, no solution to my guilt. The peach tree dies many times, but each time sorcery, the stuff of my childhood, brings it back. I realize my quest is pointless, but I keep sifting, filtering, accumulating data. Years pass before my first real moment of clarity since I forced Saif onto the damaged Kolvir Pattern.

I’m killing myself. Precautions or no precautions, the Void still has me. It’s still stamping its imprint onto my being. Abyssal Initiate I might not be, but if I was, it’d only be a matter of time before the Abyss reached out and took me.

Elaborate suicide. I’m not willing to die. I abandon my research. Return to New Tokyo. No robot uprisings, viral outbreaks, zombie hordes, alien invasions, or science experiments gone awry — at least, none that the natives couldn’t handle on their own. My apartment should be dusty, but robot servants kept it perfectly clean.

“Mother?” I address the apartment’s in-built computer. “How long have I been gone?” I remind myself of Mother’s limitations: “To the day.”

“Life-signs for Mizuno Amy, Hero of the Outbreak Wars, last previously detected: 72 solar years, 3 lunar months, 7 days.”

Mizuno Amy? I thought my alias was Yamano Amy on this Shadow. Wait, wait, wait. Isn’t Mizuno Amy Sailor Mercury’s real name? Is this some kind of joke? I glare at nothing in particular, sculpting and hanging a quick-trigger sorcery.

“Awaiting orders,” Mother says cheerfully.

My stomach growls. She takes that as an answer.

“Food stores depleted. Protein packs rancid. Shall I order replacements?”

“I’ll go out. I need fresh air.”

“Air circulation systems running at 100%.” Mother’s tone is reproachful.

I leave the apartment, leave the skyrise, wander streets hardly changed in 72 years of local time. I get lost on my way to the nearest convenience store and consider Shadow molding, but no, the thought of the Great Powers make me sick to my stomach. I lose my way even worse and soon I find myself in urban ruins.

“Hey imouto, hold up.”

I pause, more curious at who would call me “little sister” than out of any sense of fear or kindness. His clothes are loose — good for hiding weapons — and his eyes have a cruel shape. He’s got a blaster trained on me. I sigh heavily.

“Imouto indeed; I bet you can’t even buy your own porn yet. Point the blaster away before I hurt you.”

“Bitch, I’ll—”

“@#$%^&.” The thug ceases being. I don’t know what I said, but I know that it is profane in a way that cussing can’t even imitate. I feel my stomach churn, my head ache, and behind it all, the Void, the end of all things, waiting.

I forget food. I hellride towards a destination unknown, but I recognize my home-Shadow when I reach it. I recognize the monastery standing before me. I recognize the ten-thousand wooden chimes of Mount Pine. The monks accept my return as a matter of course. I wonder, though, if this is all in my mind, if I made this Shadow anew because I needed it. Sometimes having more power and knowledge only complicates things.

The monastic life helps. Early morning meditation, breakfast, kata drills, lunch, artwork, dinner, evening meditation, sleep. Though I now live in the moment, artistic expression comes slowly.

“Just let it flow,” Abbot Hasuo admonishes me on my twentieth day of blank canvas. My stare’s as blank as that canvas. The last time I let it flow, a word of unmaking deleted another life from the world-tapestry. I tell him so, and he laughs: “Then paint that.”

I dip the sumi-e brush into the ink and smear it on the white paper. I smear the ink on until not a spot of white remains, just varying textures done in black. As I do it, I can feel that throbbing empty ache fade.

“I don’t like it,” I say as I regard the night’s work.

Abbot Hasuo shrugs. “I don’t either, Eimi, but this is in you. Accept it.”

The next day, I examine the black canvas. I hate it more than anything, but it’s not done. I smear more ink onto it, until that ink pools on the easel, drips off the edge, and stains the stones of my cell. I can’t accept it. The truth it reveals about me is ugly.

I smear ink on that one canvas for months. One day, I know I’m done and start a new one.

I blacken eighteen more canvasses. They linger in my cell. Somehow I can’t destroy them. Abbot Hasuo doesn’t force the issue, says destruction is inevitable, but can wait. I hate how his words echo the Void’s. I ask him to destroy them for me. He laughs. It’s not his place.

I paint the twentieth canvas while surrounded by the first nineteen, but even after a month when I set aside the brush, one tiny white speck in the upper left corner teases my eye. I loathe that dot. It looks despondent, rather than valiant, against that surrounding darkness.

A scream tears my throat and I slam the canvas into the stone wall. I break the brush. Smash the inkpot. Tear my hair and robes. Punch through the wall, liquefying every bone in my arm. Sister Murasaki regards me through the hole with mixed shock and awe. Other monks pour into my cell, looking as though they expect an attack. I’m tearing chunks from my own hair, skin, robes. Chewing my own tongue. Abbot Hasuo arrives after the first responders and sends them away. When I calm, he rests my head on his lap.

“Is she okay?” Sister Murasaki asks through the hole.

“No,” the Abbot replies. “But don’t fear her. Sister Eimi’s only a harm to herself.”

I cry. I want to call him a liar. A long list of names suggest the harm I do to others. Better that I disappear, I think, but though it’d be a moment’s work to call to the Void and let it take me, I don’t.

When I recover, the Abbot doesn’t scold. He just says, “Fix the hole. Make new tools. Start again. Do it all by hand.”

I finish repairs, make new tools, start again. It’s either that or be turned out of the Monastery, and I’m not ready to face another Shadow again, much less Amber or Chaos, where my daily decisions so often rape my morality.

I complete ninety-eight more bleak canvasses. Mostly black, but with one or two or a dozen white specks. I have a score more fits in that time, though none so bad that I punch through walls or liquefy arms.

The hundred and nineteenth canvas is a normal nighttime scene. A sunburst of relief blooms in my chest. The worst has passed. My subject matter brightens, and with it, my clarity of thought and my emotional range. Soon I’m tending a tiny peach tree bonsai in my art time as well.

“I think you’ve fixed yourself,” Abbot Hasuo says one day. “You may stay as long as you desire, but I sense that was never your purpose.”

“But what if I fail again?”

“Would it be better not to try?” he asks.

I return to my cell and pry up one of the mortared stones. My trumps are there, undamaged.

The next day, I’m in Castle Amber. Only twenty years have passed there.

The tests will start again soon. I pray I’ve prepared enough for them.

2/1/2014 Session Log

- Amy gets Dmitri’s collection of memories from other eyewitnesses & The Zesh. She goes to the Pattern room with Bleys. The hole is conical and straddles one line. Amy sweeps up the broken chunks, theorizes for a moment and then checks for metaphysical damage. This Pattern is damaged, not others. Fiona arrives and tries energy injection. The Kolvir Pattern doesn’t sink the energy she throws at it as well as Fiona says it should. Fiona asks if Radiance bits might be in the pile. Fiona and Amy work to separate the pile. Amy and Bleys discuss big scale metaphysics as Amy filters the chunks.
- Radiance learns more about his new home, Zesh history. Zesh have Sorcery & Vitae. He gets to know his body.
- Crisus checks in with Chaos to make sure that the Pattern didn’t damage it. Anomalies were noted that match Crisus’ experiences with the Horn.
- Amy & Co. analyze the information and notice anomalies in the formatting of the Logrus energy coming through the Trump. Fiona and Amy begin trying to repair the Pattern divot.
- Crisus waits 3-4 days and then goes back to Court. Things are tense. She plays aloof.
- Radiance reincarnates.
- Amy repairs the Pattern chunks, builds an apparatus to put the missing pieces into the Pattern. The Pattern rejects the chunks, turning it into lava and eventually boiling it all off. Fiona and Amy discuss making Osric walk or getting a volunteer, as they need first-hand information about what goes on there.
- Radiance returns to his castle. The servants are in shock, but recover quickly. He casts a beautification on the grounds, returns to his room, and calls his valet. Says to get rid of his wardrobe and replace it with garments that match his current costume. He contacts his mother. She discusses the current climate with him. They go through to Random’s office. Amy and Fiona show up shortly thereafter. Gerard stands close to Radiance to prevent any funny business, and knocks Radiance out when Radiance tries to cast a spell. Radiance awakens, trussed, in Random’s office. Amy is tense and quite upset. Random discusses options for Radiance’s redemption. Amy suggests that he can walk the damaged Pattern. Random tries to convince Radiance to do good deeds to repair his rep. Radiance asks about the Pattern’s state. Random says he’s that it’s being worked on. Radiance offers help. Amy says that won’t be necessary. Radiance leaves.
- Crisus hears rumors of Radiance’s return, sends out bugs to Radiance’s mansion.
- Random, Amy, and Fiona discuss the Pattern divot. They discuss also getting volunteers. Amy goes to a Court room and tries to contact Ramesh. Conversation with Crisus, Amy reveals that Radiance is alive before dissembling the point as well as she can. Crisus implies that the Horn might be used if assurances were made. Afterwards, Amy relays info to Random, asks who should be asked to volunteer. Saif? Andy’s children? Random says ask Saif first, the upset being that Random doesn’t really care if Saif lives or dies.
- Radiance and Flora return to Radiance’s castle. Flora stays close to help Radiance plan how to regain his reputation. They decide plays that are accessible to the common Citizen would be best — but also to look for opportunities to look heroic. Also, Flora gets started on philanthropy in his name. Once it’s done, he Trumps Crisus. They chat on various topics and spar about the Horn of the Unicorn. Asks if she’s dealt with the Zesh in Chaos.
- Amy contacts Saif and relays that the Crown is willing to rescind his exile if he walks the Kolvir Pattern for them. He asks if he can come through now, she says she has to check. She checks with Random, who tells her to bring him out in the Pattern Room. She Trumps Gerard and goes to the Pattern Room. Gerard attaches the caveat that if Saif comes through now, he has to walk the Pattern. Saif notes that this ’isn’t twisting my arm at all’. Saif agrees, comes through, and begins the Pattern-Walk. As soon as he hits the divot, he stops and says it’s ‘thin’ there. She calls Fiona, who has no ideas as well. Amy then calls Random, who comes through with Martin. He then starts calling other family members through, including Dmitri. Dmitri forms a psychic channel feeding the Family’s collective energy into Amy and Amy focuses the gathered energy through the Jewel of Judgment. Amy soon realizes that she’s committed to pushing as much energy through as will ‘fill’ the Pattern, and commits fully. Saif finally gets through the divot, reaches the center, and disappears. Random Trumps Henry to talk to Saif.
- In the aftermath Amy Trumps out and disappears.

1/4/2014 Session Log

- Radiance has jesters go out to Castle Amber, inviting the children of Amber to celebrate the New Year. Party will be Jester & Dragon themed.
- Crisus arrives at court. News is a party and clown dragons! Around the castle, there are more guards, seemingly mobilized. Andy and his older children are absent. Later, Crisus scouts the well-known training grounds. One of the garrisons have new wards and obfuscations. This proves to be the case for many of Amber’s military bases. One supply depot is unwarded, very busy sending out logistical supplies. Crisus goes back to the Embassy, Trumps to Parvar and requests an appointment with Mandor. She reports her findings. Mandor raises concerns about where Amber got the sorcerers to do all this and suggests sending spies. Crisus suggests that they use mercenaries from the Silver Circle so as to keep their fingers clean. They talk Jack, politics. She leaves back to the Embassy, and takes Radiance’s Trump call. He invites her to the festivities. Crisus requests a meeting with Random in the near, non-immediate future.
- Amy goes to search for a third icon of power, realizes it would take weeks and abandons the task. Amy then goes to play with the Abyss, because she figures it’s lonely.
- Dmitri works on his Osric detection net. Osric IS making magical gestures, however, Dmitri cannot see what Osric is accomplishing. Osric checks an energy gradient related to Tir na Nog, which upticks slightly. Osric then begins gathering energy. Dmitri goes to Random with this, and they discuss what to do about it.
- Crisus meets with Random. Crisus says they are considering opening the Logrus Chamber to guided tours. Crisus obliquely warns Random of Suhuy. They discuss Flora and Amy’s sojourn, logistics/mobilization of Amber’s troops. Crisus then takes Radiance’s call that was blocked by Random’s wards. Radiance tells her that the party has been moved to tomorrow. Radiance then invites her to tea in the purple room. Radiance meets her shapeshifted as a cartoon dragon. He makes small talk and then asks how things are doing in Chaos. They banter about his play. They talk about his trip to the Logrus. Crisus suggests Amy might explain cosmological restructuring to him better, and Amy is pulled into the conversation. Crisus makes her escape as Amy & Radiance banter.
- Crisus off-screen.
- Per Radiance’s request, Amy gets the jazz band from earlier to attend the party tomorrow and sends an invite to the delegates of Cauldron to attend. Radiance off-screen. Everyone is declining the invitation, saying it’s too soon. Radiance hires a bunch of child actors to play children.
- Radiance makes plans and goes to a fast-time Shadow to prepare.
- Amy goes to play with the Abyss until the party.
- Radiance finishes preparations. He hires actors to wear and stand where he tells them.
- Crisus arrives and notices no children of the royal family.
- Amy arrives and immediately puts her back to a corner.
- The Zesh, at Radiance’s request, pull Amy, Crisus, and all the guests into the Pattern Room.
- Amy is furious at this, psychically connects with the Zesh after letting it pull her through, and convinces it to walk the Pattern, where it dies.
- Radiance is about to walk the Pattern with the Unicorn Horn trump opened up to the Logrus’s energy.
- Crisus contacts Flora, who pulls through several Elders. Crisus throws a Sonic Blast at Radiance that gets soaked by a Trump ward. Seeing that this fails, Crisus grabs as many children as she can and teleports out.
- Amy throws an Abyssal defense between the observers and Radiance. This inadvertently wrecks Bleys’s sorcerous shield.
- Radiance begins disintegrating as he reaches the Pattern and gets absorbed by the Zesh. The blast is enormous, but Amy catches most of it with the Abyssal defense. What wasn’t absorbed flash-burns her skin and bruises her heavily, throwing her against the wall. Several children and two members of the jazz band are killed because Amy’s shield wasn’t wide or strong enough. In the aftermath, Bleys asks what just happened, and Amy shakily tries to explain.
- Radiance awakes disoriented among the Zesh, who are all talking rapidly.
- Dmitri, who was observing Osric’s behavior, feels when the BOOM happens. He goes to investigate and arrives in the aftermath. Amy and Bleys explain what happened and Dmitri gets to work helping the doctors. Amy pulls Crisus and the children through. Crisus offers her help, but it’s ultimately declined and she returns to the Embassy.
- Amy, hurting all over, uses her Life magic to turn up her body’s release of natural painkillers. It’s a rough thing at first, but she manages to turn down the input so that she can act, even if it’s insanely painful.
- Crisus informs Mandor of the damage to the Pattern.
- Amy and Bleys examine the blast hole in the Pattern before going to report to Random.
- Dmitri contacts Radiance and attempts to scramble his mind through the connection. Radiance slips away. After this, Dmitri contacts Random and gets pulled through. Amy shares her memories with Dmitri, who relays it to Random & Bleys. Amy, Dmitri, Bleys, Random discuss events and implications. Flora arrives, looking mournful. They all discuss next steps.
- Random contacts Crisus, who provides a psychic crystal with her memories of the event.
- Amy contacts Fiona and tells her about the pothole in the Pattern. Fiona wants to go see it immediately, but Random makes her fill in. Afterwards, Bleys, Amy & Fiona go off to inspect the Pattern. Dmitri Trumps a Zesh.
- Radiance contacts a few people and Fiona picks up. Radiance attempts to convince Fiona that he was controlled by Crisus. She suggests a full psychic scan to clear any surprises and he fakes the connection getting disrupted (somewhat badly). She provides the info of that as a crystal to Random. Amy also lets Dmitri play her memories of events for the crowd.
- Dmitri contacts the Zesh. He asks him to share its perspective. The Zesh says it cannot share impressions from that “other Zesh” (individuality showing). Dmitri shares the emotion of betrayal, which the Zesh cannot understand. They go back and forth for a while, and, in weirder words, the Zesh suggest extradition. Dmitri shares this info with Random and suggests locking down the Zesh Shadow.

End State:
- Amy, along with Flora & Bleys in Pattern Room.
- Dmitri, with Random in Random’s Study.
- Radiance, in the Zesh Shadow reorienting.
- Crisus in the Embassy awaiting further developments.

12/7/2013 Session Log

End State:
- Amy is waiting for an opening in Fiona’s schedule, meanwhile, researching a possible Third iconic artifact.
- Dmitri working on a psychic net / crystal computer.
- Crisus working on Embassy Wards.

- Dmitri takes the Broken Pattern dragons to learn how to fly in other Shadows. He checks in at Amber, meets random, who is already talking to Caine and Andy about the Zesh. Random brings Dmitri up to speed. Random asks for a non-physical entity net. Dmitri says he’ll look into it.
- The Cauldron emissaries agree to change the format of the meeting. Radiance goes to see Mother. Amy gets coffee and goes to visit Flora.
- Radiance meets his mother who congratulates him on his handling of the Cauldron Embassy. Radiance talks to his mother about the Zesh. She asks him to teach the Zesh to be more conventional. He brings up the Logrus incident and that he is concerned about repercussions. She suggests he try to repair the relationship. He then excuses himself back to his castle. She suggests that he stay in Castle Amber, and so he does.
- Amy goes in to talk to Flora. They set a date (1 week out) and then Flora excuses Amy. Amy communicates with the Zesh about individuality, Trump, Broken Pattern, Pattern, and bloodlines.
- Crisus meets Suhuy at the project site. Rachal shows up as the Lord of the castle that emerges. The feast progresses and Crisus participates, taking note of the power players. Crisus offers her family’s diplomatic skills to Rachal. She Trumps back to Amber. She sends a query about the Zesh around Castle Amber.
- Amy takes some cosmological readings and contacts Dmitri about the delta in some cosmological constants. After talking to Dmitri, she reaches for Fiona’s Trump, realizes she doesn’t have it, and contacts Random via the Seneschal in order to get it. They discuss cosmology for a bit, and then Amy requests a full set of Family Trumps.
- Dmitri gets contacted by Fiona. She asks if there’s anything going on at Court. He tells her about Amy’s findings, the Zesh, and the Horn. They go through to Random and Amy. Amy & Fiona talk shop and then go off to run experiments. Dmitri explores psychic nets.
- Crisus gives the staff of the Embassy a few days off while she rearranges its features.
- Amy & Fiona go to the Zesh Shadow and take readings. Amy suggests a fourth icon might have been erected. They go back to the lab to work out where in Shadow it could be.
- Dmitri works on the psychic net. He soon switches projects to see if he can pick up Osric’s emanations and sets up the base for his wards in a cell near to Osric’s.
- Amy and Fiona finish narrowing the location of the theoretical new icon and tunnel to a Shadow nearby. They cross a Shadow veil to Shadowstorm level disturbances. They appear in a castle courtyard. Fiona does analysis as Amy notifies Dmitri. They announce themselves to the castle guards and tell them that they will return anon. Amy tells Random and Dmitri of what occurred before leaving for the social circles of Amber Court.
- Crisus goes to court to play. Amy shows up and manages to scare the people she was attempting to reassure.
- Dmitri tells Random about his results. They discuss Radiance, Amy.

Session Log 10/26/2013

- Amy reaches the center of the Pattern and disappears.
- Radiance tries to Trump Jack again. Blocked. Radiance then walks the Pattern.
- Mandor returns to Jack and says that he’s combing through data and making sure that duplicates aren’t added. Mandor asks what Jack’s aims are. Jack details a plan to conquer Amber, watching for Mandor’s reaction. Mandor suggests a mind-link as a preferred strategy for syncing with a team. Mandor suggests Jack learn magic, since that is his weakness. Jack suggests they get a Trump of a minor sorcerer that Jack can raid.
- Radiance reaches the Pattern’s center, exhausted. Radiance tries to will himself to the Primal Pattern’s center. That doesn’t work. He plans out his next moves carefully. Radiance wills himself to the Unicorn Horn… and appears in the Logrus Chamber. Suhui is staring at Radiance with a bemused look that is fast becoming enraged. Radiance tries to psychically attack Suhui, realizes the strength of the old man’s Psyche, and Trumps out to his mother’s sitting room. He gets information about where he was and who that was from Flora. They go to Random, who is still meeting with CAine. Radiance tells Random what heppened. Random tells Radiance about the Eye and the Horn. Random suggests Radiance make Trumps of the Logrus. They then discuss dismantling the detection net. Random suggests Radiance discuss security with Caine and Flora. Radiance and Caine will meet for lunch the next day. Radiance stays over with Flora for the evening.
- Crisus gets a Trump from Rachal (off-camera)
- Amy appears before Random. They discuss her new status. She requests a family-only gathering to re-introduce herself. She then returns to her rooms to meditate on her new status.
- Mandor brings a creature named Rodrick to help Jack practice mental linking. Jack experiments with Trump-based links, discovers that he can’t take skills/memories. Jack uses Rodrick’s mind as a how-to tutorial on magical skill instead. Jack gains Magical Perception. He then sets a trap in Rodrick’s Psyche so that anyone who looks for memories of Jack will have a panic attack associated with following Jack. Jack closes the link. Jack explains to Mandor his progress and says they should do this again in a couple days.
- Crisus off-screen.
- Amy returns to Amber from experimenting with the Abyss, to meet the Cauldron delegation. They ask for a meeting tomorrow. Amy has the Seneschal schedule a meeting for 12:30 AM, out of spite towards the Cauldron delegation. She then tries to contact Radiance, and receives no answer. She has a secretary announce her entry into the family, using a template from previous family members, slightly modified for her particular circumstances.
- Mandor returns to Jack with Chewish, another Chaosian. Jack contacts Chewish mind-to-mind. Takes Magical Detection from him. Mandor offers Jack a position as 2nd in the House, or as an independent operator. Jack chooses the I.O. relationship. Spends the next few days studying psychic assault.
- Amy ventures to the edge of the Abyss and continues her experiments.
- Crisus finishes her preparations. Discusses making something with Suhui.
- Amy contacts Crisus to inform her that she (Amy) has become a member of House Barimen.
- Radiance finishes what he’s making. Meets with Caine. Talks to the Zesh and pulls one through. The others are stranded. The lone Zesh and Radiance share thoughts and the Zesh learns how to Trump.
- Amy appears before the Cauldron embassy. They begin by reviewing the Golden Circle agreement in tedious detail. snore
- Crisus receives a call from Rachal. (off-screen)
- Amy orders in an improvisational jazz group to improv around the rhythm of the Cauldron ambassador’s voice.
- The Zesh establishes contact with its stranded compatriots. Radiance tells the Zesh to create a net around Castle Amber.
- Random contacts Radiance asking what the heck he’s doing.
- Amy sees a Zesh and requests it strobe on and off as part of the show she’s making around the Cauldron High Priest’s droning speech.
- Random insists to Radiance that Radiance gather the Zesh up.
- Amy calls Radiance in to see the improv show. Radiance takes over, making the other priests get in on the reading, doing it in rounds. He makes one of the lower priests cry. Yells at the others to get them on key, says the jazz group is doing alright, then turns to Amy and asks, “Wait, what are these priests reading?”

End State:
Jack: Practicing mental invasion.
Crisus: Reshaping the Universe.
Amy & Radiance: Humiliating Cauldron’s diplomats.

Wait, when did Crisus become the cosmologist and Amy the diplomat? Weird.

Session Log 10/12/2013

- Amy, Dmitri, and Radiance go to Random, who is talking to Caine already. Radiance brings up Jack. Caine says that he may know a little about Jack and tells up to the part with the Ship Captain, where Caine lost track of him. They speculate as to Jack’s motives. Radiance suggests pulling Jack through a Trump. They relocate to Amy’s laboratory under Castle Amber. Radiance opens the Unicorn Horn trump after some resistance (despite having said they’re trying to pull through Jack.) Amy begins sinking the Logrus energy that pours through into the Flaw in her Broken Pattern. Radiance rings Jack simultaneously and Amy immediately notices the problem (diverted concentration) and alerts everyone else. Radiance closes off the connection after many different attempts. Random leaves. Radiance then attempts to open a connection to Jack with undivided attention. The Trump is blocked. Radiance then shapeshifts into Crisus’ form, goes outside the Embassy, harasses the secretary and demands that she show him the guest quarters.
- Back in Amy’s lab, Dmitri leaves (trumps out), Amy gives Gerard her Trump and tells her to contact her when everyone else gets back, then Trumps to New Tokyo for rest.
- Radiance sets out a general alert to look for Jack (to the Embassy staff), then inspects the rooms.
- Crisus is alerted to ‘her’ orders and catches Radiance. He shapeshifts into Osric, does a Wonder Woman spin, and then trumps out. Crisus gets the trump signature from outside the embassy.
- Random contacts Radiance and insists that he apologize to Crisus.
- Radiance contacts Crisus. Crisus doesn’t respond, Trumps Random instead. Issues an ultimatum to Random asking for access to the Net. Random tells her that the Net will be taken down, and requests that no lethal action be taken. She says she’ll that and amnesty for any crimes Jack may or may not have committed for amnesty for Radiance’s crime.
- Random calls off Radiance and informs him of the compromise.
- Crisus notifies Mandor of these events.
- Jack reads up on history of Amber/Chaos wars & Corwin. He tries to Shadow Walk. Fails. Requests information on how to kill Oleai. Lord Mandor visits Jack and informs him of the diplomat’s compromise and tells Jack that he can become a member of the Courts of Chaos.
- Amy contacts Radiance and asks him if it’s time for her to walk the Pattern now. She pulls him through to the laboratory, and pulls through Dmitri as well. Radiance tells the heavies to stand down at this point. Dmitri, Radiance, and Amy go down to the Pattern Room. Amy gets on the Pattern and goes.
- Dmitri and Radiance discuss whether she’s an ‘aunt’ or a ‘cousin’. They determine that, well, Amy must be a member of the Royal Family, but whose child?
- Jack is frustrated with the resources he is getting in regards to Chaos & Amber. Jack talks with Mandor and learns nothing, just gets big promises. Learns about Caine and Corwin. Discusses biological enhancement with Mandor, and then stays to wait for the memories of fights against Victor, Bleys, Andy. Mandor & Jack discuss weapons to help Jack.

End State:
Jack is practicing.
Crisus is writing papers for the amnesty deal.
Dmitri and Radiance are watching Amy walk the Pattern.

Session Log 9/28/2013

End State:
Crisus: Soup
Amy / Dmitri / Radiance: Big reveal

- Radiance travels the Waves with the Oleai. INvestigating the strange energy of the WAves. He tours the place, takes some sample items and returns home. David remains non-committal but says they might teach him about Vitae.
- Dmitri has a mesage from Bleys & Caleth. He checks in on Caleth first. Caleth tells Dmitri about Caleth’s sire and the shadowy man that Caleth’s sire had met on another Shadow, noting that somethign was odd there. Dmitri trumps Bleys. Bleys says its time to get back in the game and asks for Dmitri’s help. Dmitri comes through to Bleys’ room. Bleys wants his hand healed, so they get started on that with the use of a magical item Bleys made. Bleys triggers off the talisman while Dmitri temporarily numbs Bleys’ fears and tells Bleys he can recover from anything. The treatment succeeds. Bleys’ hand is healed. Dmitri withdraws. Goes to his messages in Castle Amber. Finn, Random, Bleys. He discards Bleys’ letter, since he’s already met with Bleys, indicates he’s willing to meet with Finn and Random. Random contacts him first and pulls him through. They discuss Osric. Dmitri offers a bevy of informational spells around the cell. Jumps back to his own Shadow to get supplies, and then sets up his spells to check Power Soruces, sorcery, technology, everything.
- Amy puts together a timeline of Embassy Bombings and discovers an anomaly in the explosions. Asks Dmitri, who says its odd, but that they already noticed it. He mentions the Trumps and trinkets related to the bombing that the Ambassador has. Amy contacts Crisus and asks for them. Gets them. The identifying signature was edited out.
- Crisus caught sight of Caine. She tells Dmitri. Amy trumps back to her quarters and teleports to Makepeace Manor. She pulls Dmitri through outside the trump wards.
- Edward talks to his spies. Checks up on things.
- Radiance trumps home and finds Jack’s planted scare mines. He contacts Crisus who pulls through and finds Broken Pattern and PAttern on the mines. Crisus finds another proximity mine in the flowerbeds. She gets the landmine out and safe, leaves it with Radiance, and then contacts Amy asking what she was thinking using those on Radiance. Amy can’t keep from laughing, but says that she sold them to Jack, and she’s not responsible for what people do with her munitions. Radiance contacts Amy on the subject. She apologizes and said she didn’t know that Jack would use the mines on Radiance. Radiance contacts Random, makes small talk. Then they talk about deeper subjects including the Unicorn Horn, Osric, and finally Jack. Radiance asks if Random needs anything, gets an evasive answer. Radiance then complains about Amy’s prank. Random tells him that anything related to Amy or Jack should be resolved with Random present, and gets Radiance’s word that he understood and will abide by that decree. Random then gives him the True Trump that Radiance had made of the Horn of the Unicorn. Finally, Radiance leaves for his Castle Amber room. He trumps his people and asks if they saw anything on the surveillance replays. They found one person moving very, very slowly.
- Amy and Dmitri are at Makepeace Manor. They meet Lord Finn in the first floor study. He (Finn) says that MAkepeace had a dream of Dmitri in an obelisk in Chaos. Amy and Dmitri both recognize that Makepeace is one of the faces on the Trumps they were just studying. Amy blurts out something that tips off that they’ve got a Trump of Makepeace.
- After they leave the house, Radiance contacts Amy and asks if she wants to walk the Pattern. She says she could make time in the evening. Then Radiance suggests to Dmitri that he help with the Horn, using Amy as a power sink. Dmitri defends Amy as the device’s creator, but Radiance is adamant that she is culpable for what she created. Amy suggests that if they’re going to use her as a power sink, they ought to do it before she walks the Pattern. Dmitri says she shouldn’t plan on doing anything before or after it for a while. Amy says that they should finish the investigation first, then. Radiance investigates the Trumps retrieved from Crisus earlier. The Trumps are trapped to notify the card’s recipients, and oh, also, the Trumps are all disguises of Caine’s.

8/17/2013 - Adventure Log

- Jack has a routine day.
- Amy experiments with deeper understanding of the broken Pattern, specifically the Void and Edge of the break.
- Crisus and Suhuy discuss, rather, Suhuy insists that she use the Horn to destroy Amber. She says the she prefers the status quo. After setting up defenses around the Horn, she returns to Amber.
- Jack gets asked to do additional, non-domestic duties. He asks Finn for grenades, but doesn’t seem to have any available. Goes to see Mr. Makepeace. They discuss how he looks like Caine, and how several of Caine’s shadows have disappeared. Makepeace sends him to Veridia to investigate an assassination of one of Caine’s Shadows. Finn returns that evening with the armaments (no grenades). They talk about Cain’s Shadows, Finn says he’ll share a list of the Cain-Shadows he knows and will contact Amy about explosives. Later that night he gets a dossier.
- Amy checks in on her zaibatsu, then begins work on a lifesize mechanical tiger before she receives a note from Finn and goes to visit Jack.
- Crisus Trumps Mandor and discusses Suhuy, the horn, politics, sabotaging Amber’s intelligence network. She warns Mandor to keep the horn away from Suhuy. After the call, she investigates the intelligence she has on the Amber intelligence network. Starts researching locations of Caine’s known Shadows. Sends off an embassy request to a God-King Shadow of Caine, then uses her network to find other Caine-Shadows. Tries to find Jack on her own.
- Amy rides her new Pattern-infused mechanical tiger to Makepeace Manor. She makes some shadow-tentacle and sparkling light and screeching proximity mines, sends them to deliver in the morning, and sets up an appointment with Random for the morning.
- Jack sends one of his men to set up the mines outside Radiance’s manor.
- Amy sees Random and asks about ordinance on Jack’s behalf. He says not in city, asks again if she’s been contacted by Osric. She requests that if Cauldron does not send its Embassy, she be told. Goes to Jack and explains. Jack asks if he can have a tiger. She tells him to provide her a technical spec and she’d be happy to provide.
- Jack researchses the dossier, then goes out hunting for them in Gothria and begins by hunting “The Shadow”. He finds out he can mute his presence using his Trump power. The Shadow stays underground, but Jack perches on a roof and lies in wait. Once night comes, Jack notices The Shadow go out to the rooftops. Jack trails him overnight in an attempt to uncover the Shadow’s hideout. Once the Shadow beds down, Jack starts looking for the entrance to The Shadow’s lair.
- Crisus visits court and finds out about Makepeace Manor, goes there and cases the place.
- Amy asks around Court, runs into Bleys and has a short conversation about family genealogy. Introduces idea that she might be related, but doesn’t want to commit to walking the Pattern without knowing for sure.
- Jack mugs a pickpocket for some small change and uses the cash to take loding. At night, he picks up the trail, stalks him into a block’s interior. After an ambush, prolonged chase, and final fight, he Shadow-Walks back with his victim to the inn room and performs the Ritual. Jack realizes he doesn’t have to kill in order to get what he needs, but that anything that he takes might not remain. He gives an alibi and patches The Shadow up, then goes back to retrieve any of his incriminating gear. Breaks into The Shadow’s lair. Walks to Horus.
- Crisus makes a bunch of insects that can recognize Caine and will die in three days.
- Amy goes to a generous Time Shadow and reads the Eyewitness accounts, has a discussion with Random about what they want out of the investigation, then contacts Crisus about the crystals. They meet, have a discussion about motives in the Embassy Bombing. Amy gets the real gcrystals and goes back to her slow-time Shadow and starts researching them.
- Edward does more investigation of Lady Gilda. Questions people about his contact being murdered, but unfruitful. He asks Amy about the security net. She directs him to Random. Edward converses with Random re: security net.
- Amy chases around theories about the Embassy Bombing, contacts Crisus, seneschal, Bleys about Corwin and his Pattern.
- Jack cruises around Horus, followed by Crisus in insect form. He spends a coupel days getting his bearings and watching his mark. He applies to work on his mark’s boat, the Horus Horizon, as a sailor. At night, he sneaks into the Captain’s chambers and knock-out gasses the Captain, then performs the Ritual. As he’s starting, Crisus shapeshifts into her own form and watches what he’s doing. Jack steals leadership, negotiation, knowledge and information-gathering, spatial awareness, navigation, naval combat. Crisus discusses briefly with him and then covers the crime-scene by blowing up and chaffing the scene. They then discuss Jack’s powers and motives. She offers him asylum in Chaos, provided that Jack no longer hunts around Amber. Jack is pulled through to Chaos and introduced to the major players. Mandor gives Jack a Trump of Crisus, and himself, and requests a Trump sitting so that they can have a Trump of him.
- Edward heads back to his base and calls Amy. They discuss the investigation and Amy thinks she might have zoomed in too close. She resolves to identify key events before, at, and after the event.

8/3/2013 - Session Log

End State:
Jack: Guarding Master Makepeace
Amy: Bored.
Crisus: Initiating herself with the Horn

- Jack receives a large crate of rum bottle sfrom Radiance. Radiance comes through with the OTHER package. Everyone in Julian’s camp gets wasted. Jack’s men prank Julian’s men and then Shadow-Walk to the slaver Shadow. Jack stops them from using the rum, puts it at a crossroads, and they go to get kegs in town (leaving the rum as a trap). In town, he trades arrows for kegs and camp food. A caravan loads up the drugged rum.
- Radiance Trumps Crisus. They converse in the Embassy. Radiance returns a button left behind at the lunch. Asks what she thought of the performance. Asks if she’s seen the Zesh recently. Crisus mentions Amy’s peculiar Pattern. They converse for a while longer, then Radiance leaves. Crisus scans the button and then disposes of it at the docks.
- Amy begins searching for a dyer’s catalyst before meeting with Jordy. She flubs the meeting, showing no sense of tact or capable dissembling, and probably manages to offend Jordy as well. After that frustrating meeting, she experiments with the void inside the Broken Pattern, and then experiments with the dyer’s catalysts. Realizing she can’t possibly handle transport of catalysts from remote Shadows, she contacts Random and fills him in on what she’s been up to. She gives the location, while Random sends her after Gary, an eyewitness to the Embassy bombings, who is in Cauldron, an adjacent Shadow. Amy leaves for Cauldron by the Ways.
- Crisus’s mother sends her to pick up Dalt. Crisus meets an encampment at the Shadow that she had shunted him to in the previous session. The mercenaries in the camp are belligerent, but after deft maneuvering, she gets brought in, albeit wearing an ineffectual sorcery bond. She converses with Dalt and locates the demon seed in him, but can’t remove it. She contacts Mandor to assist. After Mandor performs the surgery and leaves, she chats and provides the troops with Chaosian wares.
- Jack scouts around the slaver Shadow, decides there’s nothing to do, so goes back to Julian’s Camp. There are 10 dead, 50 injuries, camp’s a mess. Julian advises Jack not to allow Radiance to deliver anything more. Lord Finn hires Jack to protect a Master Makepeace, an associate of Finn’s father.
- Amy arrives in Cauldron, flaunting her ability to teleport when she uses it to admit herself into a locked down city. She apprises Random of the situation, and then considers the Priesthood and what she ought to do.
- Dalt awakens Crisus. They discuss his contract with Chaos. He says he’s interested in talking, but that his desired payment would be tutelage in the Pattern. Crisus Trumps her mother to fill her in. Suggests engaging the royal family.
- Jack arrives at the gate to the estate of Master Makepeace. He meets the Master, and mentions what protections he has planned. He then examines the entrances and perimeter and begins setting up noise traps before Finn arrives. Finn has hired a Ward sorcerer as well, who works his craft. Jack takes extra precautions and ensures that not even he could break in without being detected. They work on response tactics for a few hours.
- Amy appears before the city in Cauldron’s Temple and demands an audience. She claims to represent Amber, and claims that Amber is displeased with Cauldron’s behaviors. She tells them to send a delegation to Amber within three days’ time. After that, she returns to her rooms, and then goes out to see what’s happening in the social circles.
- Crisus makes nice in the Amber social circles.
- Amy and Crisus discuss the trade of Amy’s goods in Chaos. Exchange pleasantries. Amy takes her leave. Experiments with the Flaw some more. A servant interrupts her, asking on behalf of the Seneschal if something is wrong. She asks if she should make the Seneschal aware if she’s going to do experiments. After a brief wait, the message returns from the Seneschal that she should use a basement laboratory, and provides Amy with a key. She continues her experiments down there.
- Jack makes conversation with Master Makepeace. He keeps a high level of alertness. He gets a sense in the night of a trump call of presence, and checks up on Makepeace, who is fine.
- Amy checks on the New Tokyo zaibatsu. Talks to church recorders. Talks to the Heralds’ guild. No progress on the first, dead ends on the other two.
- Crisus gets a message from Chaos saying Merlin is absent. She comes through to Merlin surrounded by Logrus tendrils with the Horn. They discuss other candidates for subduing the Horn, but generate no ideas. Finally, Crisus contacts Merlin and gets him to pull away. She then makes contact with and attempts to initiate herself with the Horn.
- Jack talks to a messenger asking Lord Finn to inspect the Wards. He reveals in conversation with Lord Finn that he has an affinity for Trump. Finn sends to Castle Amber for a consultant.
- Amy is that consultant. She makes several suggestions for how to improve the wards around the premises, provides a trump-dampening blue crystal, and leaves her contact information in case of further questions.


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