Delwin Barimen

Son of Oberon, emigrant to the Waves, Advisor to Sh'David, recently returned to Court.


Delwin walked the Pattern before leaving Amber, over 500 years ago. Since his return he has been observed to be a highly capable Pattern Sorceror, maintaining multiple Pattern Lenses concurrently, casting magical lashes of energy through Pattern Lenses, and walking the Pattern of the Mind very, very rapidly. He has mentioned he can create Shadow Pockets, Erase Shadows, Summon Primal Order, and Conjure up sharks.

He’s not been observed in combat or carry arms or armor, though seems to have the general ability of Amber’s Royal Family in these areas.


Delwin was a historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher, humanist, and writer, geographer, navigator, cartographer, explorer, translator, writer, soldier, ethnologist, linguist, spy, and diplomat based in Amber and various places Amber has an interest. He was known for his travels and explorations and his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures. He was a prolific and erudite author and wrote numerous books and scholarly articles about subjects including human behavior, travel, languages, culture, political science, and specifically political ethics, sexual practices, and ethnography. A characteristic feature of his writing is the copious footnotes and appendices containing remarkable and detailed observations and information. His works and letters extensively criticized Golden Circle and Shadow policies of Amber, to the detriment of his (and his sister’s) relationship with King Oberon and not a few of the nobles.

With his sister Sand, Delwin departed from Amber, 289 years before the Reign of King Random, to their mother’s home shadow. They found it damaged by interactions of Vitae and Bright Shadow, breaking the barriers between multiple shadows, infusing and mutating people. Delwin focused on the Shadows while Sand focused on the people. Delwin immersed himself in the worlds of magic, philosophy, and cosmology, devoting over thirty years of his life to attempting to commune with Reality. With his sister Sand they restored the shadow and its people and came to rule jointly and fairly.

And then he and his sister turned their attention back to Amber.

Delwin Barimen

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