Amy of House Barimen (once of Mt. Pine Monastery)

Waymaster, Healing Arts Instructor, Artist, Toymaker


Amy’s been an unobtrusive fixture of Court life for centuries. She played a part in the investigations of the Embassy attacks and their aftermath and eventually walked the Pattern. She disappeared, and on her return less than a half-day later, revealed that she had gone to the Primal Pattern, and then to a fast-time Shadow to master her powers.

After coercing Saif to walk the damaged Kolvir Pattern, Amy called much of the rest of the Family to concentrate Pattern Energy through her and the Jewel of Judgment. Saif ultimately survived, but Amy left within half-hour of the crisis’ resolution.

Twenty years later, she returned to her rooms at Castle Amber and to Court life, giving away curios like palm-sized metal tigers that move on their own, or artificial flowers that bloom when touched. Where before, she was an artist with eclectic mediums, she only works in sumi-e now, and her artwork, other than the Bleak 99 and 19, have a strong interest from Amber and the Circle’s more mystically inclined.

Amy holds the title of Crown Waymaster, and handles the maintenance and creation of Ways for the Crown. She’s around Court but remains aloof from politicking; if asked about a sensitive subject, she deflects, and if further pressed, she leaves the room. She volunteers her time teaching Pattern to new Family (although there are few takers; the Andys seek out one of their own), teaches Healing Arts at Amber’s Military Academy, has a handful of sorcerer’s apprentices that she teaches, and also instructs artists and artificers who are curious about her methods.

When not occupied by her other duties, the best place to find Amy is the Pattern Room, where she’s monitoring things and trying new ideas. Do not ask her about repairs. It will upset her.

Personal Assistant Charles Harrington, in service for 25 years. Charles was trained in a military academy, and comes from a nautical family.


Amy of House Barimen (once of Mt. Pine Monastery)

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