Chronicles of Andy

From Prince Delwin’s Memory Palace

Shadow Sorcery

In Defense of the Realm / Modifying a Realm
Saturday, June 7, 2014
Cort & Rodney’s
In attendance: Sand, Delwin, Amy, Meridian, Darren (sp?), Crisus

What a cock-up! The attack on Amber seemed half-assed, and was doomed to failure. Something only someone who hadn’t been to Amber ever could not have known.

Random’s funny and still the best with a needle and winging it on mixing drugs. Meridian’s pretty tough: Random’s unknown drugs in the coffee, this “Red Bull” and his dad’s necromantic sorcery boost, and then pushing himself quite far. A horse-sized injection of Random’s feel good juice, 18 hours of sleep, and something like three lumberjack’s breakfasts and he was right as rain.

From what Sand says, it seems Crisus has hold of a purer version of the Logrus, perhaps something like the way the Jewel relates to the Pattern? I have to chat with Radiance about this Horn of the Unicorn that he tried to Trump while on the Pattern, not knowing it was in the Logrus. That might do it.

There was a serious lack of coordination, Crisus and Sand spreading a bio-toxin through the Golden Circle to wipe out the Trump-blocking plants, and Amy smacking down Shadow-wide spells to kill the plants. Wasteful.
We visited the Bright Pattern. These modern Amberites are gullible and trust far too much in their static defenses and magics. Arrogant morons. It’s inaccessible by some basic shadow-geographic between Veils – I think it’s an effect of what happened to the Fire Pattern – and two statues, sorcerous, that scan for life and block certain effects. The Bright Pattern draws on and drains my Pattern Lens! If only there’s a way to get at that without being dead to walk it. Meridian’s Pure Vitae seems to very locally (an inch square) reset, reboot, purify the Pattern, but when he stopped pushing it, it overcame it rapidly. Henri, another of the new ones, mentioned he used Pure Order to blow the “necrotic fog” off of the Bright Pattern and it was a big, bad effect. Henri said the Bright Pattern doesn’t convert anything it doesn’t recognize to Pattern Energy, like the regular Patterns: it converts the soul to necrotic energy, and then the Pattern converts the rest as usual. Interesting. I have to look into this converting to Pattern Energy. That could be an interesting effect.

Darren seems to be able to manipulate Vitae (the Waves) at quite an advanced level, but entirely intuitively. Meridian thinks he needs formal training (as if he’s one to talk, the boy’s easily the worst teacher ever, and that includes prize winners like Dworkin and Oberon) and arranges something at The Colony through David, his dad. I gave Darren a Vitae Trump (Radiant’s) of me, so he has a way out.

We rambled out on a Wave, scanning for the specific Broken Pattern and Bright Pattern Imprints, and for Trump Plants.

Meridian. (sigh) The boy’s special. He thinks to Trump someone you need to be sexually attracted to him. Apparently Viktor told him so. On the other hand he has an idiot savant when it comes to Vitae and Sorcery. Intuitive. I spent the trip talking to him just to try and get in his head and understand his mental models of it. I don’t care for riding Waves and all the other stuff – using a Wave to power a spell is a lot of power, but it takes me away from Pattern and Sorcery, as would Bright Pattern actually – but the tie-ins with Sorcery are interesting: Sorcery working anywhere without adjusting for the Shadow context, sensing magic, and more. I’ve got a decent grasp of how Meridian thinks he sees it: now I need to plug through and translate it to my frame of reference to be able to work it. Once I sort through that, it’ll make my Sorcery a lot better. Meridian also does something interesting: he hangs spells in the Vitae. That took some doing, but I figured out how to use the Pattern to do something similar. It’s awesome. They’re stable, and I can rack twice as many spells as otherwise. Wow!

And Caine. Definitely need to catch up with him. He seemed to have lost it. He fakes his death, a fourth time, and nobody was buying it, was gone from Amber when stuff went down, and a shadow of himself, with the power to absorb other shadows’ powers, was hunting down other shadows of Caine – and still is, because apparently nobody cares – and Caine “was implicated” for an attack on the Chaos embassy. Since Random had to go an apologize for that, it stuck I guess. All in all, an admirable array of shortsighted stupidity, even by my siblings’ standards!

Apparently if you walk the Bright Pattern you become a typical undead zombie, but if you have a lot of sense of self, you can keep it together, become a higher order version. These are referred to as Revenants, Death Knights, or Liches. They can’t be killed by smiting them with life energy. They are resistant to direct magic. There were half a dozen of so, with different other abilities, like Shapeshifting, and included a Pattern Sorceror on a par with some of the best named Nero.

And now the biggie. We created a Sorcerous Source. Alas by accident. Unfortunately on Flora’s Shadow “Earth” and, wow, is she ever imaginative. She’s also responsible for this whole Thule debacle as apparently the first Führer was one of her lovers from Earth and she helped him and several of his cronies escape when the ur-Thule regime fell.

We found a plethora of Trump-blocking Trees and Broken Pattern Sorcerors on Flora’s Shadow Earth: tens of thousands of Broken Pattern Sorcerors. They were without the blue dwarfs, and put their Broken Pattern infused weaponry in storage – proving they’re smarter than most my family – and wide-spread throughout the shadow. They were infiltrating, using local thugs. The lower-level low-life were quite despondent as they started to realize they were unlikely to win this war. War? What were they’re selling to these people? I mean, attacking Amber this way? Lambs to the slaughter. We were nice to Flora and talked to her, and worked to try and keep her Shadow around. She gave us a “smartphone” and a list of her local contacts and, later, a Trump of her home in “upstate New York.” She’s nice. Gullible, but nice. Anyway, we went with a variation on combining the attacks on Thule and what I did in Miraway. We had Flora strengthen the Veils around this Shadow so none of the Broken Pattern Sorcerors would get away. In case of collateral damage, we worked in the middle of a local desert, the Sahara. Amy killed all the Trump-blocking plants in the shadow with one of her spells. I set up a spell to find all the Broken Pattern Implants, used Amy to provide me with power and had Meridian dump a Wave into it. Just like we did on Thule, with me playing the part of the Pattern, and instead of having sympathetic links using the spell construct I built before to seek the Broken Patterns. It was far too much power for me to hold, even with Amy backing me. I grabbed what I could, but since I didn’t have sympathetic links, only links once a target was found, I could only handle so much so fast and spilled out the rest – bigger by two orders –to Meridian sent it as a beam of Vitae straight up into space. As I held it together, somehow – but oh my fucking head! – I started to find targets and they fried. I fried them all. But without a Pattern filtering it, with Flora holding the Veils, I ended up Editing this Shadow, I imprinted an innate inimicalness for that specific Broken Pattern onto this Shadow. The Shadow is permanently infused with an inimical force against this specific Broken Pattern. And the beam of Vitae seared itself into the fabric of this Shadow: when we were done, and could stand again, looking at it, the beam had created a permanent channel of flowing sorcerous energy flowing up from the Sahara in that beam. Very cool! It’s just like at home, or the Font of Four Worlds. Flora had some fast talking to do and it got explained as something technical with benefits, and she hides it is a sorcerous thing. Still nice to have a fuel station near Ygg.

Wow, what a week. So many things. Creating Pattern Energy, hanging spells in the Pattern, Vitae, imprinting a Pattern imprint onto a Shadow so it will kill anyone with that imprint, creating a Sorcerous Power Source …



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