Chronicles of Andy

6/7/2014 - Adventure Log

- Darren had decided that he needed to step away for a moment, so stepped into the Shadow pocket. He goes to play his flute, and this time the door is locked, so he tries to put more effort into it. After some time he succeeds in exiting to a place similar to where he came in. It is grey and feels like it’s moving. He starts playing his flute again and can see the effects of his work in the air. He tries to leave — anywhere that’s not here. He pictures a Downtown, starts to play, and the fog thickens buut grows transparent, like it’s making a window. The fog starts to shape into the things he’s imagining. He tries to envision life and people fill the streets. He decides to press against the window. He envisions that the screen disappears, and it does. He tries to envision Meridian and one of the passersby adopts Meridian’s appearance. He envisions Castle Amber and begins to play. The window reappears and in the far distance is Castle Amber. He pushes through the window and steps into Castle Amber outside the gates. He stops playing, puts his flute away and walks in. He is challenged by the guards. An officer tells him Dmitri gave him special permission. Dmitri fills him in and sends him through to Amy.
- Amy pulls through Delwin, Sand, and Crisis, suggesting that they use Faerieland’s magical energy to make a stand. Delwin raises concerns about the Bright Pattern user. After discussing things, Delwin goes to a Fast Time Shadow to recoup while Amy pulls Meridian through and passes him to Delwin.
- Amy leaves Sand in charge to go to New Tokyo for a nap.
- Delwin gets a doctor to look at Meridian.
- Amy racks twelve Pattern-backed tree killing spells and gets some sleep.
- Delwin is racked and resting.
- Sand sends up animated black threads to hunt for Broken and Bright Pattern users. Next Shadow over: Nome. 2nd: 2 that die. 0. Golden Circle: None, and slows down in the High Pattern environment. 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Arden, Rebma, Amber she meets resistance from Pattern.
- Crisis uses the Horn and the sample if tree that Amy found to try to find a canceling action for the Trump tree. Crisis comes up with a pest for the tree and Sand will mass produce it if Random approves it. Random agrees. They crop dust the Silver Circle and Golden Circle Shadows.
- Darren is alone with the Faerie residents. He pulls out his flute and plays a merry jig. A huge gathering forms around him. He grows to feel at one with the whole Shadow.
- Amy wakes, contacts Sand, who suggests not coming through. She contacts Crisus,.
- Crisis gets a trump from Mandir, gives a status report. Crisis warns Mandor about Sand’s being aware of the Horn’s power if not the Horn itself.
- Amy’s in Helmwind now. We contacts Random, gets permission and starts casting the spell in Amber. She goes to Rebma and casts it again. Casts in Arden. Goes to Cauldron, and after apprising Fiona, casts the spell. When she reaches Begma she tastes lemon curd, contacts Crisus and gets the update on biotoxin. She tells Sand not to go further, and returns to Faerieland.
- Delwin awakens and gets an update from Sand. Sand mentions Darren and between them they decide that Darren needs training, possibly under Meridian?
- Meridian wakes ravenously hungry but a bit fuzzy. Asks for status from Delwin. They discuss motives of the Bright Pattern user. Delwin contacts Random, Random says they’re out to Imminghoff and no major casualties.
- They discuss tactics and decide to investigate the Bright Pattern. They pick up Darren in Fallow, Meridian tells him that they should have Darren meet the shamans. They experiment on him with the Pattern. Amy then takes then to the Bright Pattern. Delwin takes notes on the Veil interactions as they come out on an Ashen Plain. They see Henry and Cassidy, ask for status, then Amy casts her Trump tree killer spell and Meridian checks from the wave if Pattern imprinted people are here. No one. Delwin gets an imprint of the Bright Pattern. Meridian has Vitae fed into it and it sends out necrotic energy.
- Meridian tries to purify/reboot the Bright Pattern to very little effect. Amy injects Abyss above it to no effect.
- They discuss the motive of the Bright Pattern user. Meridian uses psychometry to analyze the Shadow. He finds no information from a week and a half out and no useful information before.
- They leave into a Wave towards Chaos, deciding to scan for trump trees and Broken Pattern. Amy decides to follow up with Ramesh while the rest go on — promising to catch up after she finds out what he wants.
- Meridian contacts David to tell him that Darren needs a teacher, requests a shaman. David suggests that they meet at the colony.
- Amy off-screen.
- Amy returns to the Wave and they go on their way.
- They discuss the events of last season while the wave goes.
- They discuss Bright Pattern and Osric’s henchmen.
- Out to Ygg, nothing. Shadow Earth has tons of hits. Meridian stops the Wave. They apprise Random. They decide to abduct and interrogate an officer. Delwin makes him sleep, Sand trades places with him. They pull him up. Delwin reracks his spells.
- They drop down to Shadow Earth. Delwin warns Flora, and asks for support. She gives him a smart phone and a hardcopy address book of her associates.
- Amy pries very little information from the officer they abduct. The Sorcerers are in charge of it all.
- They discuss next plans.
- They bring Flora up to thicken the Veil, and then start creating a spell construct to kill the sorcerers. They teleport to the Sahara to set up, leaving Flora, by her wishes, in the warehouse. Amy casts the trump tree killing spell. They’re quickly overwhelmed by the energy, so Meridian shoots the extra energy upwards. The sorcerers’ life forces snuff out, with a few remaining, but they’re having a very bad day — having that Imprint is toxic. Flora comes through and they think through how to fix the new leyline.
- Delwin finds that the Shadow is now inimical to that Broken Pattern, but no surviving sorcerers.
- They go to Delwin’s Shadow to recoup and then return to Flora’s estate in Upstate New York. Flora explains that the “quantum event” will advance technology but will be appropriately channeled: no sorcery will come of it. The sorcerers burst rather than exploded.
- They decide to rest a day on Shadow Earth before continuing the scan.



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