In the 200 250 years since the Helmwind Crisis, Amber has seen an era of great prosperity under King Random. The Oleai have receded into the mists of Shadow, and when faced by attack from minor Houses in Chaos, Amber’s forces have been triumphant in every battle.

The backbone of Amber’s strength in recent centuries has been the offspring of Andy Bariman, son of Julian. Andy himself has led Amber’s armies in the most recent battles against Chaos. His children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren number in the hundreds, and are involved in every aspect of life in the city, castle, and across Shadow. From the Church, to the Guard, to trading houses, Andy’s family is recognized as the face of Amber, and celebrated for the peace and wealth they have brought to so many worlds.

And yet, all is not tranquil in Castle Amber. Though it is a bustling place now, with Andy’s brood adult and juvenile, some familiar faces have been absent. Lady Fiona has not been present in almost a century. Lady Llewella increasingly stays in Rebma. Dworkin has not been seen since the Helmwind Crisis. And Lord Benedict, though not a constant presence before, has not led Amber’s armies in several recent crises.

Things are changing.

Season Two:

The Pattern is marred. Or, the description Random insists on, the floor of the Pattern room is marred. Whichever way you see it, the Kolvir Pattern can no longer be walked. Only a small number have earned a Pattern imprint in the past 50 years. Most have made special arrangements with Rebma, the kingdom below the waves. A few have ventured to the moonlit reflection in the sky, Tir-na Nog’th. Dozens of youths await a chance to walk the Pattern.

The situation in the City is stable despite many changes. With Dmitri at the head of Amber’s security operations, there have been no major incidents. There are significant new measures to verify identities of those who move large quantities or numbers of people through the Ways connecting the nearby Shadows: Customs officials are more numerous now, and often issue documents verifying the identity and permissions of individuals. There is a strong police presence in the City, as well, in response to increasing levels of certain violent crimes.

The standing military forces of the Kingdom have continued to increase, with Andy and his children overseeing maintenance of several new permanent regiments, as well as military academies. The army has had no major engagements, although there is word of new exercises to take place soon. That, or a war against Chaos, rumor has it.

Public knowledge of Yniled is still limited, but there is some awareness of the new Logrus. Its origins remain mysterious, in part due to the peculiar nature of the place. There has been no embassy in either direction, so contact is rare, and its relevance is limited, much like Corwin’s Argent.

Several Royals have returned to Court recently, from sojourns with the Oleai: Llewella decades ago, and now, Victor. Clement remains in the Waves, although he was involved in a restoration of the Shadow Helmwind around the time Llewella returned.

Sometimes things change slowly. Other times…

Chronicles of Andy is an exploration of a possible continuity from Dreaming in the Real and The Hundredth Vale.